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Dine Away with Tien Garden

Snippets of the past weeks. Sorry I haven’t been too active on this space as of late, my schedule’s been jam packed with shoots & the AFF. If you’d like real time updates, do follow me on instagram @agrivelt .


Anyhow, I came across this cute online store selling some quirky accessories. I’m wearing their Birdy Necklace & they took notice of it & made me this incredibly adorable collage! Thanks Clairine & Gabriella, you girls are so sweet! Check out Electicco today!

IMG_9962c  IMG_9948b


If you haven’t already known, I’m open to shoot for blogshops these days, it’s a whole new experience altogether. You can drop me an enquiry at ! Okay back to the topic, I really emjoy shooting for TagStyle. I feel like Barbie wearing all the pretty clothes!

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures on set. The lady boss is a real sweetie pie she gets me my daily dose of latte before I suntan in her apparels.




Then there’s the 7-course dinner at Tien Garden with Estelle & Esther. For the first time ever, I was the first to arrive & because my tummy was growling so bad, I had the Black Pepper Venison Meat all to myself. Totally oblivious to everyone’s arrival afterwards since I kept myself busy licking my platter clean.


The Almond Coffee Pork Ribs comes up next. Honestly, I’m not quite into pork ribs, but after giving this dish a chance, I was sold. It was unlike any other pork rib dish I’ve tried. The meat was very succulent & rich in flavour. What a surprise! This is one dish I highly recommend. It was so good we had it wiped out within minutes!



Even though I strike off veggies completely, I incorporate plenty of tofu into my diet. Who dare says I’m full of toxins now? This Braised Bean Curd With Minced Pork definitely didn’t disappoint. I even drenched the gravy all over my rice.


Oh my goodness, every dish just keeps getting better! I’ve always had a big heart & appetite, so it’s impossible for me to settle for one favourite. Let’s see how the Sauteed Prawn with Pumpkin Sauce fares!

The only thing that I’m unhappy about is that serving size might be a lil’ too small for someone like me. I eat quite a substantial amount, & now that my platter’s clean, I sit here yearning for more. Oh why do you torture me this way? Yikes my gluttony behaviour is starting to emerge.


Here comes the highlight of the dinner! Hello Tien Garden Special Salted Egg Crab, where have you been all my life?



My first attempt at prying open the crab, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever done it before in life. Usually my lover would do the dirty for me, but since today I’m all alone, I’ve decided to get the work done! I’m such a newbie at this, even Estelle kept a distance for fear of things flying towards her direction!



Om Nom Nom Nom, please don’t drool on your keyboards while you watch us eat! 



Next up, we have the Specialty Preserved Eggs With Spinach. I had the other girls wiping out this dish for me since I refuse to befriend the greens. According to them, it was pretty good & it’s such a shame I missed out!


Last dish for the night – Tien Garden Braised Seafood Bee Hoon. Wow Tien Garden, you have truly impressed me with your culinary skills. Seems like this won’t be my one & only visit. As the saying goes, if one restaurant is splendid enough, it doesn’t matter where it is, because I will travel across the sea to get a piece of it.


Thank you Erik & Sharon for the invite & being such gracious hosts. I know I’m not one customer easy to please but everything today has gone beyond my expectations! 



Tien Garden is located at 351 Changi Road, Lor Marzuki. Quote ‘Agri Velt’ for a 5% discount off your total bill. Please call 9388 5398 to make a reservation!

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