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AirAsia Takes Me To Bandung

Woke up feeling incredibly excited despite the obvious zombie-looking eyes which of course I decided to mask with oversized sunnies. Yes I was anticipating this much-deserved break so much I survived with 3-hours of sleep!

Picture volcano trekking & tea plantations. We’re about to find out if I’d crumble in another land altogether, friends of mine are alarmed by the fact that I’m giving nature a chance considering the fact that I was so against it in the past. Seriously Agri?



I’m ready for you now Bandung, of course not without my awesome girlfriend Estelle Kiora. Let’s see if bubbly personality goes hand in hand with this serious split personality me? Don’t flake on me now my dear, you know we’re about to have a roller-coaster ride, just me & you, together forever.



Helloo AirAsia take us to wonderland right now! Oh what a perfect timing to escape the haze! I’ve flown with AirAsia a couple of times & it’s a hot favourite with my me & my friends since it’s got uber cheap deals to many destinations. Who doesnt’ love red hot deals?


PS, have you heard about the Red Carpet Service? With just a top up of $55.00 online, you’d get to enjoy a swift check-in process at a dedicated counter check in, a 2 hour access to the Skyview Premium Lounge at Terminal 1, priority boarding + priority check-in baggage & tagging. This is absolutely perfect for Estelle & I. Beat the queue & travel in VIP style, hurray!




Girls would always be girls. What’s a plane ride without camwhoring & itsy bitsy chats about boys?



Not a hungry monster anymore now that I have my inflight meal! So glad I pre-booked my Indonesian Fried Rice with Chicken Satay online because I wouldn’t be suffering in agony should I take a whiff of my neighbour’s inflight meal. I’m sure you know how it feels to be food-deprived!

A quick tip? Always pre-book your meals, they’re a lot more affordable online than purchasing on the spot! Plus, there’s quite a bit of selection, so pick whatever your tummy desires!

Airplane food is the bomb, the fried rice was so rich in flavour I helped myself to big mouthfuls each time! And the chicken satay was so succulent I actually resorted to stealing Estelle’s portion. I’m the most ultimate greedy pig you can ever find in the universe. 




Thank you & AirAsia for making this trip possible & one of the best I’ve had to date! Stay tuned to my next post on the attractions we visited!



It was literally the best of times, I’ve never seen such beauty in my life & I wouldn’t mind staying there for awhile. Don’t forget to check out AirAsia for awesome flight deals & plan your next holiday destination!

Invitation to Carlo Rino Showroom

The perfect way to start my day – comfort food for the growling tummy. A lil’ Gyu-Tan & Sunagimo at Ippudo Tao before my tummy starts to protest! A hungry person is not to be trifled with, haven’t you heard?




And it just gets better, look where I spent my afternoon! The combination of tea + macarons is enough to make me filled with joy. No this ain’t a cafe, but I promise you it’s something even better.


Thanks for inviting me Carlo Rino , I’m more than delighted to enter an ultimate bag galore. Please don’t murder me should I mess up your shelves because this reminds me of candy land so much & I’d very much love to play mix + match! Oh my goodness I feel like a kid all over again, getting incredibly excited over multiple bags! Special thanks to Hazel too for her kind hospitality, I literally felt like a princess!



I’d never imagine I would actually be a Carlo Rino type of girl at heart, the designs are very on trend & extremely vibrant too, perfect to kill any form of Monday blues.

The range here is so extensive even I am spoilt for choice? Please don’t ask me which is my favourite, because my heart is such a big one it can accommodate as much as it feels like! Let’s check out Carlo Rino’s Poise Poish Collection shall we?





I used to love bags in basic colours in the past, then as my hair got lighter throughout the years, I felt my bags should be a reflection of my bold personality too! I’m totally embracing more colours these days since they’re a lot more fun to play around with. You could keep your outfit basic & jazz up the look with these cute babies!


From day bags to clutches, the variety is endless. Depending on your mood for the day or the event you’re headed to, there’s a quirky piece of even a classy piece for the unique you. When it comes to bags, I’m more of a practical person. I can never fit anything of mine into clutches no matter how pretty I find it, yes I know I’m missing out. I like a bag where I can stuff all my essentials in & Carlo Rino certainly does not disappoint me in that department.


Beautiful clutches aplenty, how about one in a shade of coral? Maybe I ought to learn to carry lesser things so that I can complete my outfit better at night. Big bags & that little black dress do not quite go hand in hand!


Now look at this! So perfect for daytime errands & kills all your Monday blues. The strap is also sturdy enough just in case you need to stuff your entire house inside. No I’m not exaggerating, because I’m really the sort who needs to have EVERYTHING in my bag.


This studded clutch bag I’d definitely love to carry for a night time for an edgier look or even fora night out with the girls. I love how it’s in a beautiful maroon shade, a colour that doesn’t exist in my shelves currently.


Alas, the sweetie pie in me emerges with this Pastel Pink Chain Bow Bag! The placement of the ribbon makes it so adorably cute I want to use this bag on a first date. It comes in an assortment of colours (yellow/black/hot pink), now I really don’t know how to pick!


Look what Carlo Rino surprised me with at the end of my window shopping experience? Goodness, you guys are too sweet I want to hug all of you so bad! Seems like you’ve been observing my likes very closely & gave me the bag I’ve been eyeing the whole time! Thank you so much Carlo Rino, I had an awesome time & can’t wait to be back here again!

I’d be doing an outfit post with my chosen bag pretty soon, look out for that girls!

Carlo Rino is located at all BHG, Isetan, Metro & OG Department Stores, Jurong Point #02-30Northpoint #01-11 Takashimaya Level 2.

First Visit to RHQ

Many still find it bizarre that I have so much love towards my lil’ fur balls. Seriously, I’ve looked in the mirror umpteen times but I just can’t detect that anti-pet look? Don’t be fooled by my tough exterior, you have no idea how much I dote on my precious ones & no, I definitely don’t practice favoritism towards them!



Being the only child can be lonesome at times, but having the company of these fur balls make coming home at night such a joy. They’re perhaps the reason why I’m still a child at heart despite being way over my teenage years.




With 19 Syrian Hamsters & 1 Guinea Pig handled under control, I knew I was ready to embrace a cutesy lil’ bunny! Okay truth is, I was randomly surfing sites online & saw countless cute pictures of bunnies! I just couldn’t resist, I want one too that I can proudly call mine.




Through Naomi’s recommendation, I decided to check out RHQ Rabbit Headquarters – home to winning Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex & Lionhead! She got herself a lop which she named Cotton & it’s mad cute! My heart however was caught in between the Netherland Dwarf & Mini Rex. Sigh the problem of having a big heart!



The minute I got to RHQ Rabbit Headquarters, I knew I didn’t make the wrong decision! You could tell at once how dedicated to bunnies everyone here was. This place was filled with cute bunnies overload, I really didn’t mind spending a whole day there playing with each & everyone of them! Dylan was so patient in providing me with information on the different breeds. I can be such a fussy person at times, especially when it comes to getting a pet.



Don’t they look like knights in shining armour? It’s almost impossible to pick especially when both of them do not struggle to my touch! Okay black beauties, it’s time to catch my heart!


Whoever sets my heart beating at a faster rate will be my new baby!


Alas, the Black Otter Netherland Dwarf stole my heart! Alright, it’s time for me to shop for the best supplies & cage for him. RHQ Rabbit Headquarters is a one-stop rabbit service, ranging from boarding & grooming to photography & bunny sit! Let’s get the cage assembled & your final grooming done my lil’ bunny, I want to take you home right now for an adventure unlike any other!




Thank you Naomi for introducing me to this awesome haven, the team at RHQ Rabbit Headquarters is extremely organized & professional. I don’t have to worry one bit should I send my bunny for boarding next time! I felt like I’ve taken in so much valuable information on the Netherland Dwarf 101.


I’ve read stories on how people encountered unethical bunny breeders, selling them when they’re still young babies just to hit sales target & hence these bunnies become easily prone to illnesses or in weak health. How irresponsible! But with RHQ Rabbit Headquarters, my mind is at ease for they have an extremely strict policy on rabbits to be sold only when they’re independent on their own. This is the right way to go!



RHQ Rabbit Headquarters is located at 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2 (Under Ericsson Pet Farm). They’re open only on weekends from 11.00am – 6.30pm. Stay tuned to my next post on bringing my Netherland Dwarf home! Watch me shower my precious one with tender loving care!

Bye Bye Hair with Datsumo Labo

What bugs you the most? My hair grows at such a rapid rate it is almost horrifying. Thank goodness for Datsumo Labo, which takes care of my hairy issues. It’s always an enjoyable process here with the friendly therapists & the fact that the treatment is quick & pain-free. Let’s take a look at my second visit!



This time round, I’m getting my upper leg & full arm hair removed.


DSC06606c    IMG_0512c

What I like about Datsumo Labo is the fact that other than ensuring a hair-free result, the machine also has whitening effect. With each visit, you’d start to see an improvement in your skin texture, depending on the area you cover. My legs are definitely getting fairer, it used to be full of unsightly scars but it’s getting faint! I heard some customers still go back despite their completion of treatments to maintain that fair look. I totally foresee myself doing that in the near future!



PS, did you know Datsumo Labo’s second branch is now open? I’d probably book myself an appointment there the next time to check it out!  


Tanjong Pagar Branch

6538 3053

1 Tras Link #02-02


Orchard Branch

6836 2140

International Building #01-13


Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Datsumo Labo is getting so increasingly popular it’s even hard for me to secure an appointment! My suggestion to you is to fix your next appointment date on the day you head down for treatment. Quote ‘Agri Velt’ to get a 10% off your hair removal plan!

Here’s some good news for you girls! Datsumo Labo is having a limited time campaign! Full body hair removal 15 areas monthly cost S$199 only till 30th June! Don’t miss out on this! Check out Datsumo Labo HERE.

Heineken True Profile App

Look what came in the mailer a few days ago!


Oh wow someone seems to know that my workload all week’s been driving me cray cray & I’m in need of a quick remedy! People need to stop spoiling me incessantly. Shall we unwrap this already & see what lies beneath?


Time to embrace the brand new Heineken Club Bottle, perfect for avid party creatures like you & me! So lucky to have my hands on it! Designed by artist Matt Moore, famous for his digital abstract work, its bold graphic aesthetics & vector lines come to life only under UV light, how cool is that? This bottle is designed for the night, & like you, it surprises with a secret profile that not many can see.


Are you ready to discover your true profile? Because I am. The Heineken True Profile App is LIVE! A total of 19 profiles, ranging from Style Guru & Social Addict & I Heart Me, let’s check out the facebook app HERE to find out who you really are!


I could be an Instagrammer for I just can’t get enough of taking photos & sharing them with the world. Then again, I’m a lot of other things too. Enough of the suspense, I shall let the Heineken True Profile tell me who I am!


You know how nobody does parties quite like Heineken, their approach is simply A-MAA-ZING! Eye candies aplenty & Heineken haven for a guaranteed good time.


Give yourself a chance to win tickets to this invite-only Heineken Revelation Party!


Let’s get it started & head on to
to find out more!

Brilliant Skin with Estetica

My busy schedule might lead me to my grave at this rate I’m going, picture intensive 6am call times & I’m expected to look my best all through the day.

I couldn’t even afford a lil’ me time for myself & here comes the horror bit. My face’s moisture levels has hit rock bottom & my body’s feeling so tense due to my serious lack of sleep. SOS! I still want to look impeccably good under any condition!



Now that the busy period is clear for a day, this is a sign that I should spoil myself silly. Estetica here I come! Frankly, I’m quite excited since it’d been awhile since I did a proper facial.

I’ve grown so accustomed to quick fixes like peels & lasers. Those work like magic if you want results in 15 minutes max & don’t mind the heftier price tag, but today I just want to lie back & relax while my face is being pampered with all the goodness by the therapist’s nimble fingers.




Upon consultation, we’ve come to realize my skin was at a dehydrated state & what I wanted to achieve was restoring that radiance & moisture that’s clearly disappeared. With the huge selection of treatments available here, let’s leave it to the professionals to analyze your current skin condition & specially assign the most suited treatment to target the problem area.

I was about to undergo Estetica’s signature 3D Skin Tech Brillage Radiance Facial – clinically proven to fix skin problems like mine (enlarged pores, dehydrated skin) & also to awaken dull skin. Let’s get started & see if this facial gives the exceptional results like it promised!

DSC00015b  DSC00017b

DSC00024b  DSC00020b

Just lying on Estetica’s ergonomic friendly treatment beds made me feel like royalty. Designed to enable each customer to adjust the preferred height & angles for the area around the back & knee regions, this is perfect for the fatigued souls like myself.

No more stiff beds that I feel uncomfortable lying on & no more standard pillows that give me a stiff neck after. I am now in a perfectly relaxed posture I’m more than ready to be pampered like a queen. Estetica cares so much for the comfort of its customer! Oh my goodness, I’m falling in love with this place already!


I used to have so much hate for any extraction process, I’d skip this process altogether due to the pain & fear of scarring. But today I decided maybe it’s time to do the full monty & clear the accumulated dirt so that I can have an extremely smooth canvas.

To my surprise, it didn’t hurt one bit & upon extracting on one area, a cold cotton pad is immediately placed over which I felt was very hygienic! This apparently was very effective in soothing the area & would diminish any redness. I wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with a tomato-red face post-facial & everyone can just keep on guessing why I’m looking so incredibly radiant.

DSC00037c  DSC00044b

A serum is then applied together with a machine so that you can be ensured your skin is receiving all things good. Don’t be alarmed by the device, it’s zero pain & has a cooling sensation over your skin.

DSC00056b  DSC00053b

Next comes everyone’s favourite part! Face acupressure, neck & shoulder massage time! As the therapist knead my knots away skilfully, I fell into a deep therapeutic sleep. You have no idea how much I enjoy getting my temples massaged!


Lastly, the treatment is completed with a VitaLift A+ Brillage Mask which is on par with my favourite CO2 Mask. Hence, I decided to take home a pack to review. Stay tuned to my post on that!


Results don’t lie. I actually look like I have make-up on right after my facial, when I’ve had none. You can see for yourself!


Just take a look at my skin! Wow it takes only one half hour to achieve crystal-clear & almost porcelain-like. Don’t be astounded by how good the effect is, because you’re about to get some lovely skin too since I love this treatment so much!


Specially for my readers, Estetica is offering their 3D Skin Tech Brillage Radiance Facial at only $33 (U.P $168). Valid for customers above 21 years old only. You can access this special deal HERE.

Cast away your dullness & shine like a star. Let’s treat all the problem areas & you can thank me later! Estetica has 8 outlets located conveniently throughout the island. Check out to find out more or join their Facebook page HERE for regular updates & promotions!

Japanese Hair Spa Treatment at Essensuals Bugis

My hair condition’s starting to turn a lil’ frizzy at the moment with the harsh treatment I put it through, 7 days of straightening iron all for the sake of beauty! Someone needs to confiscate that tool from me!

Plus, I have the horrible habit of tying my hair when it’s semi-wet! My hair is naturally wavy & thick like a lion’s mane, when it starts to get unruly, I know it’s time to make an appointment with Essensuals Bugis! I ain’t the type to roll out of bed with gorgeous-looking hair unlike some lucky girls!



Happy to be reunited with my stylist, Isabel again for my monthly Japanese Hair Spa Treatment. Don’t ask why I haven’t gotten my roots touched up, the pain is just something I wouldn’t want to experience ever again even though I’ve bleached & toned my hair countless times! I’m seriously contemplating taking a break & going with light brown hair for a while, should I?



Loving how fast this treatment takes in exchange for gorgeous-looking hair! There’s a few types of treatments available at Essensuals Bugis, but so far this Japanese Hair Spa Treatment works like magic for my damaged hair. It gives you hair an airy feel too instead of weighing it down. You know how some treatments provide you with extremely silky touch but has a flat finish, that’s not what I’m looking for. What I want is healthy-looking hair with good movement & the Japanese Hair Spa Treatment gives that desired effect!



Caring for your hair is a neccessity & Essensuals Bugis knows just how to cater the right treatments for your hair type! Thank you Essensuals Bugis for keeping my hair with a feather-like texture! I can’t stop obsessing about how silky smooth it feels right now!

If someone like me who puts her hair through so much turbulence can still have frizz-free hair at the end of it, so can you! Here’s the good news people, Essensuals Bugis is extending their promotion due to overwhelming response! All hair treatments are now at 50% off till June 30th 2013.



Time for you to rescue & revive that hair and give it the lavish treatment it deserves! Beautiful hair should be everyone’s reality. Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment. Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King).