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First Visit to RHQ

Many still find itĀ bizarre that I have so much love towards my lil’ fur balls. Seriously, I’ve looked in the mirror umpteen times but I just can’t detect that anti-pet look? Don’t be fooled by my tough exterior, you have no idea how much I dote on my precious ones & no, I definitely don’t practice favoritism towards them!



Being the only child can be lonesome at times, but having the company of these fur balls make coming home at night such a joy. They’re perhaps the reason why I’m still a child at heart despite being way over my teenage years.




With 19 Syrian Hamsters & 1 Guinea Pig handled under control, I knew I was ready to embrace a cutesy lil’ bunny! Okay truth is, I was randomly surfing sites online & saw countless cute pictures of bunnies! I just couldn’t resist, I want one too that I can proudly call mine.




Through Naomi’s recommendation, I decided to check out RHQ Rabbit Headquarters – home to winning Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex & Lionhead! She got herself a lop which she named Cotton & it’s mad cute! My heart however was caught in between the Netherland Dwarf & Mini Rex. Sigh the problem of having a big heart!



The minute I got to RHQ Rabbit Headquarters, I knew I didn’t make the wrong decision! You could tell at once how dedicated to bunnies everyone here was. This place was filled with cute bunnies overload, I really didn’t mind spending a whole day there playing with each & everyone of them! Dylan was so patient in providing me with information on the different breeds. I can be such a fussy person at times, especially when it comes to getting a pet.



Don’t they look like knights in shining armour? It’s almost impossible to pick especially when both of them do not struggle to my touch! Okay black beauties, it’s time to catch my heart!


Whoever sets my heart beating at a faster rate will be my new baby!


Alas, the Black Otter Netherland Dwarf stole my heart! Alright, it’s time for me to shop for the best supplies & cage for him. RHQ Rabbit Headquarters is a one-stop rabbit service, ranging from boarding & grooming to photography & bunny sit! Let’s get the cage assembled & your final grooming done my lil’ bunny, I want to take you home right now for an adventure unlike any other!




Thank you Naomi for introducing me to this awesome haven, the team at RHQ Rabbit Headquarters is extremely organized & professional. I don’t have to worry one bit should I send my bunny for boarding next time! I felt like I’ve taken in so much valuable information on the Netherland Dwarf 101.


I’ve read stories on how people encountered unethical bunny breeders, selling them when they’re still young babies just to hit sales target & hence these bunnies become easily prone to illnesses or in weak health. How irresponsible! But with RHQ Rabbit Headquarters, my mind is at ease for they have an extremely strict policy on rabbits to be sold only when they’re independent on their own. This is the right way to go!



RHQ Rabbit Headquarters is located at 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2 (Under Ericsson Pet Farm). They’re open only on weekends from 11.00am – 6.30pm. Stay tuned to my next post on bringing my Netherland Dwarf home! Watch me shower my precious one with tender loving care!

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