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Heineken True Profile App

Look what came in the mailer a few days ago!


Oh wow someone seems to know that my workload all week’s been driving me cray cray & I’m in need of a quick remedy! People need to stop spoiling me incessantly. Shall we unwrap this already & see what lies beneath?


Time to embrace the brand new Heineken Club Bottle, perfect for avid party creatures like you & me! So lucky to have my hands on it! Designed by artist Matt Moore, famous for his digital abstract work, its bold graphic aesthetics & vector lines come to life only under UV light, how cool is that? This bottle is designed for the night, & like you, it surprises with a secret profile that not many can see.


Are you ready to discover your true profile? Because I am. The Heineken True Profile App is LIVE! A total of 19 profiles, ranging from Style Guru & Social Addict & I Heart Me, let’s check out the facebook app HERE to find out who you really are!


I could be an Instagrammer for I just can’t get enough of taking photos & sharing them with the world. Then again, I’m a lot of other things too. Enough of the suspense, I shall let the Heineken True Profile tell me who I am!


You know how nobody does parties quite like Heineken, their approach is simply A-MAA-ZING! Eye candies aplenty & Heineken haven for a guaranteed good time.


Give yourself a chance to win tickets to this invite-only Heineken Revelation Party!


Let’s get it started & head on to
to find out more!

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