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Invitation to Carlo Rino Showroom

The perfect way to start my day – comfort food for the growling tummy. A lil’ Gyu-Tan & Sunagimo at Ippudo Tao before my tummy starts to protest! A hungry person is not to be trifled with, haven’t you heard?




And it just gets better, look where I spent my afternoon! The combination of tea + macarons is enough to make me filled with joy. No this ain’t a cafe, but I promise you it’s something even better.


Thanks for inviting me Carlo Rino , I’m more than delighted to enter an ultimate bag galore. Please don’t murder me should I mess up your shelves because this reminds me of candy land so much & I’d very much love to play mix + match! Oh my goodness I feel like a kid all over again, getting incredibly excited over multiple bags! Special thanks to Hazel too for her kind hospitality, I literally felt like a princess!



I’d never imagine I would actually be a Carlo Rino type of girl at heart, the designs are very on trend & extremely vibrant too, perfect to kill any form of Monday blues.

The range here is so extensive even I am spoilt for choice? Please don’t ask me which is my favourite, because my heart is such a big one it can accommodate as much as it feels like! Let’s check out Carlo Rino’s Poise Poish Collection shall we?





I used to love bags in basic colours in the past, then as my hair got lighter throughout the years, I felt my bags should be a reflection of my bold personality too! I’m totally embracing more colours these days since they’re a lot more fun to play around with. You could keep your outfit basic & jazz up the look with these cute babies!


From day bags to clutches, the variety is endless. Depending on your mood for the day or the event you’re headed to, there’s a quirky piece of even a classy piece for the unique you. When it comes to bags, I’m more of a practical person. I can never fit anything of mine into clutches no matter how pretty I find it, yes I know I’m missing out. I like a bag where I can stuff all my essentials in & Carlo Rino certainly does not disappoint me in that department.


Beautiful clutches aplenty, how about one in a shade of coral? Maybe I ought to learn to carry lesser things so that I can complete my outfit better at night. Big bags & that little black dress do not quite go hand in hand!


Now look at this! So perfect for daytime errands & kills all your Monday blues. The strap is also sturdy enough just in case you need to stuff your entire house inside. No I’m not exaggerating, because I’m really the sort who needs to have EVERYTHING in my bag.


This studded clutch bag I’d definitely love to carry for a night time for an edgier look or even fora night out with the girls. I love how it’s in a beautiful maroon shade, a colour that doesn’t exist in my shelves currently.


Alas, the sweetie pie in me emerges with this Pastel Pink Chain Bow Bag! The placement of the ribbon makes it so adorably cute I want to use this bag on a first date. It comes in an assortment of colours (yellow/black/hot pink), now I really don’t know how to pick!


Look what Carlo Rino surprised me with at the end of my window shopping experience? Goodness, you guys are too sweet I want to hug all of you so bad! Seems like you’ve been observing my likes very closely & gave me the bag I’ve been eyeing the whole time! Thank you so much Carlo Rino, I had an awesome time & can’t wait to be back here again!

I’d be doing an outfit post with my chosen bag pretty soon, look out for that girls!

Carlo Rino is located at all BHG, Isetan, Metro & OG Department Stores, Jurong Point #02-30Northpoint #01-11 Takashimaya Level 2.

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