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The Heineken Revelation Party

With the Heineken Revelation Party at Mink to kickstart my crazy weekend, I knew I was in for an exciting ride! Bumped into so many familiar faces at the event & was having such fun I decided to forgo my Cinderella idea & headed home only when the sun rose. That’s what Heineken does to you!



Yes it’s official! The Heineken Bottle has arrived in Singapore BIGGER & BOLDER this time round! It has a secret design visible only under UV light, it comes in so handy in clubs & definitely makes real good conversation starter!

IMG_4959b  DSC09864b

Also, there was this body/face UV paint station which we literally hogged because it was incredibly fun!




Lastly, I’ve found out my True Profile.




Spot on like a bull’s eye! Have you discovered yours? Check it out at ! Thank you Heineken for giving me one of the most ultimate night! Your very existence has made my life much more complete!

Touch Em Up Roots with Essensuals Bugis

Back at Essensuals Bugis to get a touch-up on those gross-looking roots, seriously it’s insane how fast it grows. Being the perfectionist that I am, the black kills the whole look. I like it 100% platinum blonde, thank goodness my stylist Isabelle has been nothing but patient towards me!



I ain’t gonna lie, sometimes I’m so hesitant to do a touch-up because the toning part can be extremely unbearable. Yes that despite my high threshold for pain. I usually can’t go any longer than 10 minutes. Sometimes I salute myself for the pain I put myself through for vanity’s sake.



This is always followed by my highly raved Japanese Hair Spa Treatment to tame out all the frizz & leaving my hair incredibly smooth like it was never damaged.



Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King). Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment!

Furla Candy Brissima Show

Can’t believe these pictures slipped my mind, see what multiple memory sticks do to you? It was such a colourful affair at the Furla Candy Brissima Show at Paragon sometime back. Never imagined myself to be the Furla sorta girl, but now I’m a proud owner of the Candy Cookie. It’s so incredibly cute & it fits everything from my camera to my wallet. It’s THAT roomy.





With activities packed to the brim that day, I was lethargic beyond words. Thank goodness I didn’t yawn in anyone’s faces, that would have been beyond rude. But nonetheless, it’s always great to catch up with my beautiful girls & take a gazillion pictures for memory’s sake!





It was a total joy to be surrounded by so many colourful things & people! Can you imagine there was a time where I wore only black/white/grey & nothing else? I’ve since broken free from the dark times & transported into a life filled with rainbows.





Here I am with my trusty girl way back from school who literally does everything from planting to building a house. Too bad guys she’s taken & I’m hearing wedding bells! Yikes everyone around me is getting married, would it ever be my turn?





Thank you Furla for your awesome Candy Cookie bag, I love it like it’s my one true love. Hardy, durable & definitely very lightweight, perfect for the petite me!





Alright, it’s time to get back to work. My schedule for the day is looking very promising, big yay to zero monday blues!

you knock me off my feet

Some snippets of the week before.

Late breakkie at Robertson Quay, reason being I’ve kinda swung back to my old habits & am not that much of an early riser at the moment.



Dinner at Cocotte with my sweetie-pie, oh my this place is so amazing! I didn’t realize how caught up I’ve been at work these days I barely have the time to sit down for a proper meal with my girls other than Rah Rah who has turned herself into a resident in my humble abode.


DSC02791b   DSC05285b


It’s time to dedicate a day a week for proper dining with my loved ones. Work can wait since my tummy doesn’t exactly have the best temper. If you thought this was food overload, think again! I’m like a monster when it comes to food & I’d wipe your plates clean, provided it’s solely meat.





So stuffed at the end of it all there was no way we could budge. Despite a bulging tummy, it didn’t stop me from getting dessert. Sometimes I wonder why I need to eat THAT much.

DSC02804b   IMG_4167b

There was also the impromptu visit to Universal Studios. We literally covered the entire place from day to night. Man was I proud of myself for waking up earlier than expected & battling it out with the sun despite  having a terrible heat rash. Good job Agri!


Yes this literally felt like a kid’s excursion. Because for some rides, our belongings had to be stowed in lockers, I almost burst out in tears when our pennies combined wasn’t enough for an ice-cream I was craving for badly. It’s fun to never grow up & feel like you’re twelve forever albeit for a day. If only dreams could last forever!



Seriously dead beat at the end of it all I should have just gone home to pass out. But hunger got in the way!



And so despite all that exhaustion, my feet took me here. So good I’m probably never going to eat anywhere else for a week!



Alright, enough of food already, it’s time to get back to work. I’d better work my ass off before the weekend hits me like a hurricane!

Estetica Vitalift A+ Brillage Mask Review

My late nights are back, oh yikes & I thought I could bid them goodbye altogether since I’ve stopped partying for quite a bit.

Welcome to the real world, some things are just impossible to shake off & I have the sudden urge to hunt. Beware people, there’s a predator on the loose! Time to be more diligent in keeping my skin in tip top condition!


I’ve always been obsessed with face masks, you should totally check out my fridge. I have a corner dedicated specially for them. Masks are essentials before an event or a girl’s night out!

When it comes to masks, I’ve possibly tried out most of the stuff that’s available in the market. Today, I’m about to share with you the VITALIFT A+ Brillage Mask from Estetica that I’ve been using for a month now religiously & the results are pretty spectacular. You’d see why!


Let’s put on some Bossanova & apply that mask on! Think you can see the texture of this mask is kinda different from the types that are available everywhere. It’s not paper & definitely feels like heaven. Doesn’t it look like such a good fit for me?

esteticamask2  esteticamask1

This is how my skin looks thirty minutes later. I’ve always had problems with enlarged pores on my left cheek area & I feel that this mask was extremely effective in shrinking them. With each subsequent use, my skin is getting better week by week. This Bio-Cellulose Mask is like a god-sent gift to me, I can’t get away from the mirror now that the reflection I see is ultimate radiance & luminosity! Yes this girl is vain.


Applying makeup will be a breeze now that my skin’s just received a home luxurious treatment without the exorbitant price tag. Dewy skin, please stay with me forever! When it comes to caring for my skin, a little goes a long way. This I can assure you! 


Here’s the good news girls, Estetica will be having its New E-Shop Launch. Get 33% Discount on all regular-priced products when you spend above $100! PLUS, receive a complimentary limited edition est.lab make-up pouch!

make-up pouch

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That’s not all girls because all good things come in pairs! Estetica will also be extending their promo to the Vitalift A+ Brillage Face Mask which I highly rave about! It’s now only $10.00 (limited to 1 purchase per customer). What a steal for the incredible result it gives!

Click to access!

AirAsia Takes Me To Bandung Part Deux

Our Bandung trip was so press-packed with activities which made feel extremely productive! I’m the sort who likes to waste no time upon reaching a destination especially when I’m abroad. The rule I live by? Spend all day exploring all the attractions & sleep like a baby at the end of it all.



Happy faces aplenty, trust me, we were not feeling fatigued one bit. The only thing growling was perhaps my tummy, oh well what’s new? It’s always nice to travel with someone who’s got high energy & as enthusiastic as you when it comes to taking photos. Everyone say hello to our very awesome tour-guide Beng Beng!



Beng Beng kept us so entertained on board it was the first time ever we were not sleeping during a bus ride. I’m usually the sort who doze off during history classes, but his presentation was so interesting I was actually listening intently for once!





Got extremely excited upon seeing horses on the streets, I almost wanted to abandon my tour & play with the horses instead. I really wonder how some of my friends deal with my ridiculous thoughts all the time? But Beng Beng reassured me that I will get to play with one before the day ended.





Here we are at our first destination – Floating Market Lembang. Weather here is so amazing you can have nice hair all day & your makeup wouldn’t run, I promise you. A cardigan/jacket is definitely necessary, it wouldn’t be good to catch a chill.





Of course, the glutton in me had to emerge eventually. Just when everyone was doing their toilet rounds, I was sneaking off by myself to get some food.





Being here totally transformed us into overgrown kids & at one point, we were attempting to have a cotton candy battle. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with reliving your childhood days!





Oh what a bummer my period had to strike just when I was about to try out the flying fox! It seemed like a lot of fun & everyone wanted to go over & over again. Bleah!





This was actually a set-up for a wedding proposal & we had no idea & started making this our photoshoot corner! We were wondering for the longest time why this man was giving us the dagger stare from afar? Oops!


Doesn’t Estelle look incredibly adorable in pink? Prior to this trip, I had no clue she actually embraced bright colours! Welcome to the club my dear, I can officially call you my sister now!





I’m turning into another person altogether here & I’m loving this transformation. Let me sit by the lake all day & bask in the sunshine while I have my afternoon nap! 





Thank you so much AirAsia for making this trip happen! This ain’t the end of it, stay tuned to my third post on Bandung coming soon!