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Touch Em Up Roots with Essensuals Bugis

Back at Essensuals Bugis to get a touch-up on those gross-looking roots, seriously it’s insane how fast it grows. Being the perfectionist that I am, the black kills the whole look. I like it 100% platinum blonde, thank goodness my stylist Isabelle has been nothing but patient towards me!



I ain’t gonna lie, sometimes I’m so hesitant to do a touch-up because the toning part can be extremely unbearable. Yes that despite my high threshold for pain. I usually can’t go any longer than 10 minutes. Sometimes I salute myself for the pain I put myself through for vanity’s sake.



This is always followed by my highly raved Japanese Hair Spa Treatment to tame out all the frizz & leaving my hair incredibly smooth like it was never damaged.



Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King). Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment!

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