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you knock me off my feet

Some snippets of the week before.

Late breakkie at Robertson Quay, reason being I’ve kinda swung back to my old habits & am not that much of an early riser at the moment.



Dinner at Cocotte with my sweetie-pie, oh my this place is so amazing! I didn’t realize how caught up I’ve been at work these days I barely have the time to sit down for a proper meal with my girls other than Rah Rah who has turned herself into a resident in my humble abode.


DSC02791b   DSC05285b


It’s time to dedicate a day a week for proper dining with my loved ones. Work can wait since my tummy doesn’t exactly have the best temper. If you thought this was food overload, think again! I’m like a monster when it comes to food & I’d wipe your plates clean, provided it’s solely meat.





So stuffed at the end of it all there was no way we could budge. Despite a bulging tummy, it didn’t stop me from getting dessert. Sometimes I wonder why I need to eat THAT much.

DSC02804b   IMG_4167b

There was also the impromptu visit to Universal Studios. We literally covered the entire place from day to night. Man was I proud of myself for waking up earlier than expected & battling it out with the sun despite  having a terrible heat rash. Good job Agri!


Yes this literally felt like a kid’s excursion. Because for some rides, our belongings had to be stowed in lockers, I almost burst out in tears when our pennies combined wasn’t enough for an ice-cream I was craving for badly. It’s fun to never grow up & feel like you’re twelve forever albeit for a day. If only dreams could last forever!



Seriously dead beat at the end of it all I should have just gone home to pass out. But hunger got in the way!



And so despite all that exhaustion, my feet took me here. So good I’m probably never going to eat anywhere else for a week!



Alright, enough of food already, it’s time to get back to work. I’d better work my ass off before the weekend hits me like a hurricane!

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