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Japanese Hair Spa at Essensuals Bugis

Back at Essensuals Bugis where it feels like home to get yet another Japanese Hair Spa Treatment done to revive & nourish my excessively bleached hair. Blonde ain’t easy to maintain, firstly you have to deal with the fact that the moment the black roots emerge, it’s time to touch up! Big bummer I tell you especially if your hair grows at a rapid rate like mine.

Secondly, you can’t escape the toning process to achieve that right shade of blonde which could be extremely unbearable. Hello hair, I’m starting to love you I’m gonna give you a break!



Alas the frizz is banished completely. I really like how it creates this airy feel despite how thick my hair is & it’s ridiculously smooth I want to caress it all day long! Don’t you just love my luscious curls?



Tried out this loose bun too, styled by my beautiful stylist Isabel. I felt like a lady in a split second!



Decided on having my hair down ultimately, me & my fickle mind! Despite my tough exterior, sometimes I can be quite a girl at heart!

CIMG1124b  CIMG1128b'

In a span of two weeks, I’ve gone from Barbie Blonde to Light Ash Blonde. I’ve even gotten my extensions removed! Way to go Agri! Anything that doesn’t require any bleaching at the moment keeps me grinning from ear to ear. It’s pretty drastic considering the fact that I’ve lived with the Barbie Blonde for more than a year now & how it made my skin looked so porcelain fair sans makeup! 

CIMG1139b  CIMG1145b

Yes I’ve the habit of wearing my eye masks for my salon visits, never mind the weird stares! Extremely effective in getting rid all signs of fatigue right after. Thank you Princess D for keeping me company!

CIMG1149b  CIMG1153b

CIMG1154b  CIMG1155b

Alright guys, enough of the suspense already! If this isn’t quite the big change, I don’t know what is! It’s so demure I can’t even recognize the reflection in the mirror. I meant it in a good way though!


I can’t thank you enough Isabel for reassuring me I wouldn’t dislike this colour & grow to love it! You know how I can be such a stubborn-headed creature & when I say no, I’m dead serious.


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CIMG1158b  CIMG1157c

Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King). Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment!

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