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Comparing my skin to how it was in the past, it has really gone a long way. The constant battle with acne, uneven skin tone & acne scarring. I’m glad all that has gone under control with the many treatments I put my skin through to regain the skin I have today.

A lot of love goes out to Beauti Instinct for treating my skin for over a year now. Mainly because I see results & everyone around me is able to witness it for themselves.

Today I’m back here to do the Silk Peel Dermalinfusion Therapy. A lil’ too much makeup for the past week + not so proper cleansing have led to the formation of dead skin cells + enlarged pores particularly over my cheek area again. Please give me back revitalized & smooth skin once again!

CIMG4244closeup  CIMG4245closeup

Basically, the treatment uses diamond tips to gently exfoliate & lift off dead & dulling skin cells. Even better than microdermabrasion!

silkpeel1  silkpeel2

Of course, greedy me decided to do a Skin Rejuvenation Treatment too! You know how I am, constantly seeking for perfection when it comes to my skin. This is very effective in improving skin elasticity & in giving me that even skin tone. Rest assured, it’s painless! All you feel is a warm sensation throughout the process.

laser1  laser2

What I really like about these two treatments combined is that fact that there’s no downtime & you see INSTANT RESULTS! Seeing is always believing, take a look at this! Skin looks clarified already & squeaky clean! Need I explain how baby-smooth it feels?

aftertreatmentfullface  closeupafter

Thank you Beauti Instinct for never once disappointing me & giving me even better skin with every visit. Specially for my readers, quote ‘AV’ & enjoy a promotional offer of $79.00 (U.P $379.00) for Skin Rejuvenation Treatment & $69.00 (U.P $359.00) for a Silk Peel Therapy. This exclusive promotion is valid for 3 weeks only.

Five days have gone by & this is how my skin looks with just sunblock & a lil’ loose powder!

CIMG3804b  CIMG3804c

Hurry along! Make that appointment at 6733 9149! Beauti Instinct is located at 545 Orchard Road, #03-14/03-39, Far East Shopping Centre.

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