Agri Velt | Expression of Style


Decided it was okay to be totally narcissistic since I have alluring eyes right now. Yes I have my moments too okay? Who says I’m cold like an ice queen 24/7!

Thank you Makiyo’s for sending me Barbie Lenses enough to last me a lifetime! You’re way too awesome!


The selection over at Makiyo’s is so extensive you can literally go insane, but in a good way though. I particularly love the Super Barbie Range, it’s so damn beautiful! I look like a character fresh out of the comic book upon wearing them!

Here’s some pictures of me wearing a couple of the Super Barbie lenses, not too sure which models I took since I literally wiped out the entire store. Not exaggerating at all.




Check out Makiyo’s & play a lil’ dress up for your eyes! Quote “Agri Velt” to receive $1 off the bill now!! 🙂 

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