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Missing my Korean hunny so much! Someone’s having the time of her life in Korea right not, boohoo. Can’t wait till she’s back in 2 weeks. Looking at all these pictures is just making me miss my blonde hair even more.



Dolce Tokyo here we come! We’re a lil’ green-tea obsessed especially after all that drinking! Never challenge my babe, she seriously drinks like a man.

CIMG0380b  CIMG0389b

CIMG0382b  CIMG0388b

One of my favourite pastime includes making the people I love eat as much as me – possibly five times a day! Pretty evil I know.



You know you’ve been hanging out too much with someone too much when your camera is filled with each other’s photos, oops! Truth is, despite meeting twice a day, we still can’t get enough. I love this woman so much!

CIMG0415b  CIMG0417b


By the way, have I also mentioned that I’m so thrilled to be sponsored by Milly’s ? I’ve seen how my girlfriends get such intricately-designed nails that makes me green with envy.

Well, envy no more Agri, for you are also about to have perfect-looking nails 365 days a year. Thank you so much Milly’s !

CIMG0514b  CIMG0505b

CIMG0530c  CIMG0510b

Took quite a while to come up with this design + colour scheme, yes me & my fickle mind. Chole was very patient throughout it all & came up with this design for me eventually. I’m really the sort who can’t sit still for long & ended up falling asleep.

Picture my happiness when I woke up to pretty pastel-coloured nails! MAD LOVE!!


Chole’s drawing skills – simply out the world. You have to look for her if you go to Milly’s ! A one-stop beauty station, Milly’s specialize in hair extension & eyelash extensions too aside from nail affairs.

Check out their facebook page HERE.

CIMG0543b  CIMG0532b

Milly’s is located at Far East Plaza #03-131 & Bugis Village Extension, Level 2 at Bom Bom Street, No. 3/4/5.

Call 6737 6723 (FEP Branch) or 6338 4137 (BUGIS Branch) to make an appointment NOW.


Back to Beauti Instinct again sooner than I thought. A lil’ congestion happening on the left side of my face only because my itchy fingers! Attempted my own extraction methods & regretted afterwards. NEVER AGAIN. With the year-end coming, I need to make sure my skin is in tip top condition. Better fix it quick before the situation goes out of hand!





I was recommended the Dead Sea Mineral Treatment to clear away the debris on my face, particularly over my left side. If you haven’t already known, I’ve pretty much tried everything on the menu here, so it’s totally refreshing to try out something new! So excited to see the outcome!

deadseasolution1  deadseasolution2

The whole treatment felt really cooling in a minty sort of way & my face felt extremely matte afterwards. You don’t get the Vitamin C type of glow, but instead you can feel that your face is free from impurities, kind of like a velvety finish!

Needless to say, makeup application afterwards was such a breeze & I partied all night through & still came home with a matte-looking face (not a sign of grease) which I love!

CIMG6101b  CIMG6103b

deadseamask2  deadseamask1

I really recommend this treatment if you’re constantly having acne-prone skin especially when your period’s nearing & you’re looking to keep overly oily skin at bay. Check out my velvety-looking skin, it simply screams soft & smooth!





Specially for my readers, quote ‘AV’ & bring a friend with you to get 2 treatments for the price of 1. This exclusive promotion is valid for 3 weeks ONLY!

Call 6733 9149 to make an appointment! Beauti Instinct is located at 545 Orchard Road, #03-14/03-39, Far East Shopping Centre.

CIMG5510b  CIMG5509b

A lil’ sunblock & loose powder & I’m ready to enjoy my Saturday with BUFFET at Orchard Hotel!





This girl is SERIOUSLY A PIG, she can’t stop eating.




No matter how full I am, I’d always make room for desserts!




Have a good weekend everyone!

DRX Luncheon X Vanity Vault

Went for DRx Luncheon over at Il Cielo sometime back. Everyone around me had such perfect-looking skin I’m glad I spent a lil’ extra time on my makeup to create a flawless canvas!


CIMG3481b   CIMG3480b

I had such a good feast over lunch (food overload) & had an awesome time interacting with the doctors & the other beautiful bloggers!




Midway through lunch, I started meddling with Naomi’s hair. I’d probably not go pink ever in life, but that’s how I’d look with pink hair! Instantly felt like a doll! 

CIMG3415b  CIMG3436b

CIMG3447b  CIMG3430b

Delicious tiramisu to end off the wholesome lunch, thank you Dr Tan for even giving me your portion. Yes I’m so greedy like that preying on people’s dessert! So beyond control. Whatever happened to table manners?




Thank you once again DRx for having me & thank you Naomi for taking me! I had such a great time in the company of all the beautiful ladies!

On a side note, my babe Mel has just launched VANITY VAULT & it’s overloaded with the hottest accessories of the season!



Here I’m wearing the Robyn Necklace which is a true reflection of my bold style. It has become quite the necessity in my everyday outfit choice! Too obsessed with the neon embellishments, you know how I love all things neon!

Check out VANITY VAULT here TODAY!


Checked out Nail Alcove for the first time & I love how cozy the place left. Tucked away in a hidden corner along Chinatown, this new kid on the block was definitely one of my treasure finds! Check out my fresh out-of-the-oven nails, MAJOR LOVE.




Nail Alcove is located at 59 Temple Street. Call 6226 6278 to make an appointment!



All that aside, I’d never forget the day I indulged myself in so much rich food at Imperial Treasure & brought Reiee along. We ate so much it was only natural we went into food coma mode!





But it was all worth it because I had one of the best hairy crabs ever. Okay I actually had two, oops!





Can’t wait for the weekend to arrive, I need my break!

Triple O’s Made-to-Order Freshness

Too much good talk about Triple O Burgers it’d be such a shame if I don’t sink my teeth into one of these monstrous Canadian Burgers now available on our sunny shores. It’s time to be the pig that I am! Off we go to a burger-o-licious feast!

Do check out Triple O’s facebook page HERE.




My initial thoughts upon reaching Triple O’s was : WHERE ARE THOSE BURGERS? You know how when you enter most fast-food restaurants, you see rows of burgers assembled right behind the counter? Not here! The concept here is MADE ON THE SPOT. This ensures your order is done is total freshness. But not to worry, waiting time ain’t that long. The kitchen works real fast with high efficiency! What’s a short wait for out of this world burgers & side dishes to spoil your tummies?




When it comes to burgers, i like it served HOT! The greedy pig can’t settle for just a Chicken Supreme & added an additional Bacon Cheese Burger to go along with. Serious gluttony behaviour! We also had the Freshly Cut Fries & Sweet Potato Fries which had a nice crisp & INCREDIBLY TASTY!

The Bacon Cheese Burger was served in an interesting manner! It was presented with a pickle to further enhance the taste. With a combination of all my favourite things all in one serving – Beef Patty + Bacon +Cheese + Buttery Buns, I’m certainly sold! Too damn good I won’t even offer you a pinch of my burger, that’s how possessive I get when it comes to mouthwatering food.

CIMG5051b  CIMG5050b


CIMG5053b  CIMG5068b

The Chicken Supreme was equally appetizing! And I have only two words to describe the burger – JUICY & TASTY. I could feel the succulent texture of the chicken upon a huge bite. And the flavour burst in my mouth was just so rich I had to proceed with another bite. It was unlike any other burgers I’ve tried! Have you ever devoured a burger & felt ecstatic? Today I did!




Get your burger cravings satisfied now because Triple O’s operates till 5am daily! Hell yeah! Perfect excuse to spoil ourselves silly!

Triple O’s is located at 400 Orchard Road, Orchard Towers, #01-29C.

Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

Lucky for me to have been blessed with naturally long lashes but being the vain girl that I am, I was not contented. Month after month, I put my lashes through eyelash perms causing them to be brittle. And when it comes to removal of eye-makeup, I can be overly violent, or sometimes plain lazy to get them squeaky clean. Triple kill! You see, being born with nice lashes was a good gift from above, but without proper care, all good things won’t last forever.

Yes, my eyelashes have reached the stage where it falls off easily with a slight tug & it’s getting thinner as the day goes by. Tried out a couple of eyelash tonics from drugstores hoping to regain nice lashes again, but I was disappointed time & time again. Eyelash extensions was not an option I’d consider since I’d heard too much horror stories about it.

Just a month ago, I got my hands on the Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment. Thank you Apex Pharma Marketing & Absolute PR! Having heard countless amazing reviews about it, I needed to try it out for myself to see if it’s as miraculous as it speaks.


First week of usage, I saw no difference & was so close to chucking it aside but decided to give it another week anyway since the application was very easy & didn’t feel clumpy one bit.

I started to apply it even more religiously both day & night. Can I please say this was the decision I’ve ever made? Two weeks into it, my top lashes looked fuller! No longer as sparse as before & the lower lashes definitely looked longer. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING, I’M NOT DREAMING.


Let me share with you my secret to having even nicer lashes with mascara on. Prior to applying your mascara, apply a coat of Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment to act as a primer & your lashes would look instantly thicker & fuller. Try it to believe it! Plus, this also acts as a primer to protect your precious lashes!


All hope’s not lost girls! If you’re constantly abusing your lashes especially if you’re a fan of sticking on falsies, give this product a shot & bid thinning lashes goodbye!


Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment retails for S$38 & is avaiable at all SASA, Robinsons, BHG & What HE Wants outlets. Call 6741 5400 to find out the exact locations!

AesCure Aesthetic & Laser

Had the time to visit AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre last week & took my bubbly godmother in for some skin rejuvenation therapy! She’s got relatively good skin but lacking that radiance & glow. There’s only so much skincare can help, but with the aid of laser, nothing’s quite impossible.

AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre has a wide array of treatments to target different individuals with different skin types. Upon consulting Dr Malini, my godmother was recommended the Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment to achieve that desired effect.


Numbing cream was first applied for additional comfort. Of course, the neck was not neglected. I know how some of you associate beauty with pain, but if it could be a painless process with equally amazing results, I say go for it!

CIMG4581b  CIMG4580b

Next up, let’s see Dr Malini work her magic! I can’t wait to see the results!

CIMG4583b  CIMG4590b

Some slight redness forms during the process depending on how your skin reacts to the laser but it goes away shortly after. I was incredibly in awe of how smooth my godmother’s skin felt immediately & needless to say, she was extremely happy too! Thank you so much Dr Malini!

From fatigued to fantastic-looking skin in under 30 minutes, can I say I’m sold? A week has gone by & her skin is more radiant than ever. Definitely need to try out this treatment for myself the next time I visit!

CIMG4594b  CIMG4592b

To find out more about the Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment, call AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre at 6220 5969.

AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre is located at 72 Amoy Street.