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Had the time to visit AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre last week & took my bubbly godmother in for some skin rejuvenation therapy! She’s got relatively good skin but lacking that radiance & glow. There’s only so much skincare can help, but with the aid of laser, nothing’s quite impossible.

AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre has a wide array of treatments to target different individuals with different skin types. Upon consulting Dr Malini, my godmother was recommended the Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment to achieve that desired effect.


Numbing cream was first applied for additional comfort. Of course, the neck was not neglected. I know how some of you associate beauty with pain, but if it could be a painless process with equally amazing results, I say go for it!

CIMG4581b  CIMG4580b

Next up, let’s see Dr Malini work her magic! I can’t wait to see the results!

CIMG4583b  CIMG4590b

Some slight redness forms during the process depending on how your skin reacts to the laser but it goes away shortly after. I was incredibly in awe of how smooth my godmother’s skin felt immediately & needless to say, she was extremely happy too! Thank you so much Dr Malini!

From fatigued to fantastic-looking skin in under 30 minutes, can I say I’m sold? A week has gone by & her skin is more radiant than ever. Definitely need to try out this treatment for myself the next time I visit!

CIMG4594b  CIMG4592b

To find out more about the Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment, call AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre at 6220 5969.

AesCure Aesthetic & Laser Centre is located at 72 Amoy Street.

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