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Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

Lucky for me to have been blessed with naturally long lashes but being the vain girl that I am, I was not contented. Month after month, I put my lashes through eyelash perms causing them to be brittle. And when it comes to removal of eye-makeup, I can be overly violent, or sometimes plain lazy to get them squeaky clean. Triple kill! You see, being born with nice lashes was a good gift from above, but without proper care, all good things won’t last forever.

Yes, my eyelashes have reached the stage where it falls off easily with a slight tug & it’s getting thinner as the day goes by. Tried out a couple of eyelash tonics from drugstores hoping to regain nice lashes again, but I was disappointed time & time again. Eyelash extensions was not an option I’d consider since I’d heard too much horror stories about it.

Just a month ago, I got my hands on the Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment. Thank you Apex Pharma Marketing & Absolute PR! Having heard countless amazing reviews about it, I needed to try it out for myself to see if it’s as miraculous as it speaks.


First week of usage, I saw no difference & was so close to chucking it aside but decided to give it another week anyway since the application was very easy & didn’t feel clumpy one bit.

I started to apply it even more religiously both day & night. Can I please say this was the decision I’ve ever made? Two weeks into it, my top lashes looked fuller! No longer as sparse as before & the lower lashes definitely looked longer. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING, I’M NOT DREAMING.


Let me share with you my secret to having even nicer lashes with mascara on. Prior to applying your mascara, apply a coat of Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment to act as a primer & your lashes would look instantly thicker & fuller. Try it to believe it! Plus, this also acts as a primer to protect your precious lashes!


All hope’s not lost girls! If you’re constantly abusing your lashes especially if you’re a fan of sticking on falsies, give this product a shot & bid thinning lashes goodbye!


Foltene Pharma Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment retails for S$38 & is avaiable at all SASA, Robinsons, BHG & What HE Wants outlets. Call 6741 5400 to find out the exact locations!

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