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Triple O’s Made-to-Order Freshness

Too much good talk about Triple O Burgers it’d be such a shame if I don’t sink my teeth into one of these monstrous Canadian Burgers now available on our sunny shores. It’s time to be the pig that I am! Off we go to a burger-o-licious feast!

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My initial thoughts upon reaching Triple O’s was : WHERE ARE THOSE BURGERS? You know how when you enter most fast-food restaurants, you see rows of burgers assembled right behind the counter? Not here! The concept here is MADE ON THE SPOT. This ensures your order is done is total freshness. But not to worry, waiting time ain’t that long. The kitchen works real fast with high efficiency! What’s a short wait for out of this world burgers & side dishes to spoil your tummies?




When it comes to burgers, i like it served HOT! The greedy pig can’t settle for just a Chicken Supreme & added an additional Bacon Cheese Burger to go along with. Serious gluttony behaviour! We also had the Freshly Cut Fries & Sweet Potato Fries which had a nice crisp & INCREDIBLY TASTY!

The Bacon Cheese Burger was served in an interesting manner! It was presented with a pickle to further enhance the taste. With a combination of all my favourite things all in one serving – Beef Patty + Bacon +Cheese + Buttery Buns, I’m certainly sold! Too damn good I won’t even offer you a pinch of my burger, that’s how possessive I get when it comes to mouthwatering food.

CIMG5051b  CIMG5050b


CIMG5053b  CIMG5068b

The Chicken Supreme was equally appetizing! And I have only two words to describe the burger – JUICY & TASTY. I could feel the succulent texture of the chicken upon a huge bite. And the flavour burst in my mouth was just so rich I had to proceed with another bite. It was unlike any other burgers I’ve tried! Have you ever devoured a burger & felt ecstatic? Today I did!




Get your burger cravings satisfied now because Triple O’s operates till 5am daily! Hell yeah! Perfect excuse to spoil ourselves silly!

Triple O’s is located at 400 Orchard Road, Orchard Towers, #01-29C.

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  1. Zoe says:

    Ohh that’s so mouth watering! I’m ‘na try this some time. Thanks for sharing! Great post btw.

    xoxo Zoe

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