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Remember the last time I spoke about Freia Medical Aesthetics so fondly? It’s been a couple of months now & I’ve gone back for even more rejuvenating treatments seeking for skin perfection with Dr Harold Ma.

Comparing how my skin from my first visit to how it is today, I’m extremely happy I could roll out of bed not looking like a mess in front of the mirror. Funny how in the past, I’d neglect my skin & rely on makeup to erase my flaws temporarily. Today as my age increases each year, I want skin that’s dewy & clear without the assistance of face paint. Yeah aging sucks!

If you haven’t already known, my enlarged pores have been the bane of my existence & I would do anything & everything to get rid of them. I’ve tried so many treatments targeted at this problem area but the effects are just temporary until Freia Medical Aesthetics came along.

before     after

One of my highly-raved treatments at Freia Medical Aesthetics would be the combination of the Medlite Laser Toning & the Hydra Facial. My pores have definitely shrunk & it has definitely made makeup application a whole lot easier. Not forgetting the fact that my skin is now radiant all week long despite my never-ending late nights & poor diet. I know that’s not an excuse, but really this is one miraculous treatment. Even hollywood celebs swear by it!

I can’t thank Dr Harold Ma enough for giving me the complexion I’ve always dreamed of. He’s been nothing but patient throughout the whole time despite my train of questions. I was having doubts about the laser at first, thinking it might dehydrate my skin but clearly I was wrong. Yes I am one fussy girl to please but Dr Harold Ma has left me grinning from ear to ear. My naked face can now see the light without a tinge of fear.

My experience with Freia Medical Aesthetics is such an amazing one & I wake up to better skin each day. Because I’m such a strong believer in this treatment, I have discussed with Dr Harold Ma to let my readers have a feel of the treatment.

I would like to share this procedure with all my readers & via , we have created a special deal for interested parties to enjoy. Do email & quote ‘Agri Velt’s Secrets to Great Skin’ to check out this special deal!

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