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Are you the type who gets all stressed out when it comes to getting gifts for your loved ones? Plenty of times, you wreck your brains, asking yourself umpteen times ‘WHAT SHOULD I GET?’ Shopping around town can be quite a hassle & because your eyes have gone cuckoo from all that browsing, you end up getting something that comes across as insincere.

Let’s put an end to situations as such! This Valentine’s Day let’s do something a lil’ different. I’ve taken gazillion pictures with the lover & I’m planning on giving him a nice surprise for this special day. I’m so done with generic gifts which can be grabbed off the shelves readily.


Recently, I was introduced to this cool site – Paint Me Real. Out of curiosity, I submitted a picture of mine & was waiting to see the outcome before I decided to proceed with my second order.

It took about 2-4 weeks for the order to be processed, painted & delivered to my doorstep.

Let’s take a look at the original photo first.


And now the painted version. SO IMPRESSED I GOT IT FRAMED! Placing it on my living room wall for sure!


Can you picture your other half’s surprise when he sees a picture of the both of you translated into oil painting? It’s definitely a thoughtful gift & something different in a good way. Roses will wither & die but this wouldn’t! I can’t wait to see the look on the boy’s face when our couple portrait arrives!

Here’s how it works!

Step 1 – Upload Picture


Step 2 – Choose Canvas Size & Add-Ons


Step 3 – Fill in Shipping & Billing Information


Step 4 – Choose a Shipping Mode


Easy peasy isn’t it? Specially for my readers, quote VdayS10 for 10% discount. Please order paintings by 30th Jan 2014 to have your paintings sent to your special loved ones by Valentine’s Day.

Check out Paint Me Real today!

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