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Just a week ago I received an email from The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist to try out their wide array of services. What a good way to kickstart my 2014! Prior to this, I’ve seen the other girls emerging from this one-stop beauty parlor with beautiful dolly lashes & well-sculpted brows. I can now stop being green with envy!

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Nowadays, it’s really not a difficult task to fake that ‘natural beauty’. The existence of eyebrow embroidery, eyelash extensions/perms, eyeliner & lips embroidery make getting ready in the mornings so much faster & it doesn’t even matter if I snooze my alarm twice. It seriously makes a huge difference & it looks nowhere near gaudy.

Checked out The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist for the first time. Lavishly decorated in velvet & gold, just being there made me feel like royalty. I LOVE. Thank you Sara for being such a good host to us! Excited to get my eyelash perm done since I want to skip the whole ‘curl & mascara’ routine before heading out each day.

x Check out my lashes before the Eyelash Perm x




I also decided to give the Lips Embroidery Enhancement a shot too! I’ve been obsessed with lipsticks for almost a decade now & you know how over-using it makes your lips a tad darker upon removing makeup. And that’s a sight I don’t enjoy looking at the moment I wake up. Baby pink lips come to me! I’m also looking to achieve a fuller-looking set of lips!

Here I am without a trace of lipstick/lipgloss ready to get my lips enhanced!



Initially, I was concerned about pain but my mind was at ease as soon as the numbing cream took effect. In fact, I was in dreamland throughout the whole process. Seriously no discomfort at all! It might look red for now, but in a couple of days the skin would flake off & it’d fade into a nice pink. Meanwhile, let me enjoy my pouty lips while it lasts!


x Lips Embroidery Enhancement x

Nano Lips Embroidery Enhancement $1288 (2 sessions)

Lips Embroidery Enhancement $888 (2 sessions)


Lips Embroidery Enhancement is most suited for dark coloured lips, uneven lips shape or for those who desire for pinkish lips. I was told to avoid hot drinks for 2 weeks after treatment for lips to recover fully. Alright Agri, no more lipstick smears or the need for lipsticks/glosses! Who’s a happy girl now?




Also, take a look at my newly-permed lashes. So kawaii! I am so in love with them! No need for eyelash curler anymore, I’m one step closer to waking up like a natural beauty!




x Eyelash Perm x

Korean Eyelash Perm $68

Japanese Eyelash Perm $48





I’m definitely in for Eyebrow Embroidery the next time round! It’s one of their signatures here. If you haven’t already known, Irene Teo is one of the pioneers in the eyebrow/eyeliner/lips enhancement industry. Clients from all over the world fly in to Singapore to get their brows done! Now that’s legendary.

Can’t wait to get a brow revival done on my sometimes unruly brows & at the same time hoping that my luck would be incredibly awesome in 2014! Yes I’m a firm believer of Feng Shui. Please work your magic hands on me Irene!


x The Prestige New Opening Launch Special x
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The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist is located at Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, #03-08, Singapore 228210.
Call 6733 3369/6733 3379 for any enquiries/appointments.

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