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It’s a universal truth that all women are obsessed with fashion & playing dress-up. Any guesses on how many pieces of apparels I own in my wardrobe? An astronomical figure, I guiltily confess!

What I notice throughout the years of my ever-changing fashion sense & style, there is a constant thing amidst my chameleon tendencies. My soft spot for beautiful jewelry.


Everyone knows I love accessorizing. When it comes to sparkly fine jewelry, I know I absolutely cannot resist.

There is a reason for the eternal fascination women have with diamonds. The moment a woman puts on her jewelry, it makes her feel special & she exudes a kind of elegance. This is why I believe, every woman should own a piece of jewelry that brings out her charm.

When it comes to jewelry, what is my preference?


What you see on me is a Xanna Reis Prima Swarovski Jewelry Set in Scarlet Red, isn’t it glamorous?


This exquisite red jewelry set made with platinum plating & Swarovski Crystals is from Xanna Reis, an online jewelry & accessories store boasting of the finest selections in town.

Not only is it perfect for the Chinese New Year occasion, red is a colour that I love to wear again & again because it flatters my fair complexion so well!

I am all ready to impress this Chinese New Year, are you?


Another very exquisite piece of accessory that is upcoming on Xanna Reis is this exotic Gothic Mystic Black Jewel Necklace, which I’m so smitten with. Very honored to be the one giving you a sneak preview!


This is THE necklace to glam up any classic or simple dresses you might find too boring to wear on its own, it’s gonna bring you so many compliments!


Ladies, you might wish to LIKE their facebook page HERE to be the first to know as they will have many more pretty designs coming up!

Fine quality jewelry at affordable prices is hard to come by these days, so my readers can now be thankful for Xanna Reis!

Happy jewelry hunting at !

Very, very limited stocks for the designs I’m wearing 🙂

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