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For the first time ever, I’m excited & nervous all at the same time because I’m really no there just for vacation, but to tweak my looks in the hope of fixing my flaws to look like a better version of myself. This is considered a big step in my life, as the thought of travelling out of the country to get nip tuck done gives me butterflies in my stomach.

I’m really thankful that to have found JW Plastic Surgery Clinic & I’m certain I’d be in safe hands because they’ve been very helpful in attending to all my queries. Thank you so much Agnes from Incite Communications for approaching me & quoting me a promotional rate, this is really the best early birthday gift ever.

At some point of your life, there’s bound to be something you’re unhappy with & wanting to fix. And I’m the sort who’d correct thigs when I’m not satisfied instead of sulking & hating on others. In the blogging world where face matters, I literally need to have my best face forward 24/7, which also explains why I’m not slacking when it comes to improving my complexion.

A lot of my friends have told me there’s no need for me to undergo such drastic procedure, but every girl has their insecurities. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Don’t be fooled by my makeup skills & good camera angles! Yes I’ve got prominent features but I’ve got an equal amount of flaws too all very well-hidden with concealer & contour powder.

Beauty doesn’t last forever & if I can do something to preserve my youth, you bet I will. You see life isn’t a bed of roses, like in my case I was blessed with naturally high eyelids but also without eyeliner, they’re a lil’ on the droopy side. Also the area under my eyes are hollow, making me look tired all the time even when I’m not. People are forever asking me if I’m tired & it’s time to put an end to that.

beforephotoshop  afterphotoshop

Never thought I’d say this but yes I’m secretly self-conscious about my bulbous nose tip, that’s also the reason why you don’t see me smiling with teeth for the cameras. Hence, I always come across as arrogant, but now you know the real reason why! Rest assured after I have a much slimmer nose, you’d be seeing so much smiling with teeth selfies you’d tell me to stop.

It’s sad that people find me intimidating because of the way I look. Oh well, it’s human nature, people are so quick to judge. Please make me look more feminine & I’d forever be indebted to you.

Having addressed all these problems to JW Plastic Surgery Clinic, they recommended levator muscle lift for my upper eyes & tip plasty to achieve smaller-looking nose. Also a full-face graft to eradicate all the hollowness on my face.

Check out JW Plastic Surgery Clinic‘s facebook page HERE.


Goodbye old face, there’s no more turning back. I’m ready for the new you.


The journey to seeking perfection used to be such a long & winding one, but things have changed drastically. I wasn’t born with a nice V-shape chin, but I’ve spent half a lifetime editing my face over photoshop to know I look better with it. Never been more thankful for having ASTIQUE CLINIC as part of my recent years in helping me look the way I do today.

A few weeks back I went to visit my favourite Dr. Matthew Yap, who is also very dashing by the way, to get some touch-ups done. Yes it’s been a long time, but my left jaw is in need of some jabs! In case you’re wondering, I do not have a symmetrical face like most people. So technically, my left profile is not identical to my right profile. So I’ve been told my left’s on the masculine side & my right’s the feminine side.


Alright less talk & let’s get started! Getting my chin & jaw numbed. Pain is the last thing on my mind, because my doctor is really good at what he does & I trust him with all my life!

CIMG0272b  CIMG0271b

Numbing cream was removed 15 minutes later & I sat patiently while waiting for Dr. Matthew Yap.


The areas to be injected were then marked out to ensure precision. Botox was only performed to my left jaw because I was looking forward to having a more feminine left profile.


Done with Botox under 30 minutes, how quick was that! However, with Botox you don’t see immediate results, but your face shape would gradually look slimmer in a couple of weeks.

Moving on, it’s time to touch up on the chin fillers!

CIMG0286b  CIMG0294b

And I was done with both procedures in less than 45 minutes with no bruising whatsoever. Perfect for the busy ladies on the go who needs a quick fix during lunch breaks!

Just leave everyone else wondering why you look better than yesterday. Because you know best that Botox & Fillers are every woman’s best kept secrets!


Two weeks later, here’s how the Botox settles & I’m loving how it looks! Everyday feels picture-perfect now, thank you so much Dr. Matthew YapASTIQUE CLINIC!




ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Please call 6732 3801 to make an appointment!

Dinner at Enotecca L’Operetta afterwards!




Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! May your day be filled with love & joy!


Sell Online. Create Your Online Store Today.

How many of you are looking to start up your personal online store, but cast that idea aside because you’re simply not HTML-savvy & you feel that it just takes up too much work? Yes I have plenty of products available for sale & I need to reach out to a huge pool of customers. But where do I start?

blackchaindressresize greysparkledressresize

floralfantasymaxiresize  blackfaithdressresize

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Yes hiring someone to get your online store done may be the best solution, but it’s not going to come cheap. Guess what guys? I recently got introduced to this e-commerce platform- Shopify & if you’re looking to create your online store, you’d be thrilled I’m actually sharing this with you!

Firstly, set up an account with Shopify at simply by filling in your details!


Once that’s done, you’d be directed to the dashboard. You’re one step closer to launching your online store because right here you get to customize & manage your store.


It’s now time to shop for a theme by clicking on Themes, the range is extensive, ranging from free to paid ones.


After all the browsing, I’ve decided to go along with this sleek-looking theme for a start – React. Isn’t it amazing that they also give you a preview on how your site will look on your mobile?


In addition to that, you can customize your online store further! Yes all this can be done without a web designer, you can go as creative as you like.



Next up, start adding products to your store by clicking ‘Products’ on your dashboard & you can fill in specific descriptions (size/price/material). Here’s how mine looks!



Click on Settings & head on to ‘Checkout’ to choose your preferred mode of payment. You can link up your Paypal & even enable Bank/ATM Transfer. How convenient is that!



The best part about Shopify is the ‘Email Templates’ section. Click on Settings followed by Notifications to get here. Honestly, how time consuming & confusing is it to manually email your customers one by one to update them on the status of their orders? When you’re dealing with bulk orders, you can really say Shopify is god-sent! I can now bid that problem goodbye, because Shopify has installed this feature where it automatically sends order confirmations to customers who have made payment.


Let me show you a preview of my online store!





Setting up an online store is not as mind-boggling as I thought it’d be & it can definitely be done within your budget, thank you so much Shopify for making my neat-looking online store a dream come true!

Wait up for the good news everyone! I promised a lot more giveaways for you guys in 2014 & here I am with another one. Shopify will be giving away 5 sets of 3-month Starter-Kit Trial exclusively to my readers. Experience for yourself how fast & easy it really is to get your online store ready for launch with Shopify!

Here’s how you can participate:

Email your Name, Contact Number & Shop Name to .

– Include a short description on why you want to set up an online store & what you plan on selling.

*Contest is open to Singapore Residents only & winners will be notified via phone or email.*

Head on down to to find out more!


Fun afternoon over at The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist Opening. Was delighted to have caught up with so many familiar faces over champagne & sinful cakes, although truth is I was hogging the cake platter from start till end.





Congratulations Sara on your opening, may your business prosper! My dear friends & I are already avid supporters of The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist’s impeccable services! If you haven’t already known, I’ve previously gotten a lip embroidery done with them & I can’t explain the joy of waking each day to pinkish-looking lips. No lipstick required.




Check out their page HERE.

Please bear with me, there’s gonna be a gazillion pictures. Because when it comes to camwhoring, nobody does it better than us girls!




Looking to get your eyebrow embroidery done in this new year? Then you ought to know that The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist is the 1st in Asia to specialize in MEN Eyebrows & Feng Shui Eyebrows. Time to change your luck for the better if you’re a firm believer of Feng Shui like yours truly!




The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist is located at 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #03-08. Call 6733 3369/6733 3379 to make an appointment.


Remember to quote ‘Agri’ for 15% off services!

Dinner at En Japanese Dining Bar afterwards.





The sashimi was so fresh I was grinning from ear to ear, my favourite’s got to be the Aka Yagara (Red Trumpet Fish), it’s a MUST TRY!



This is serious Japanese food overload. Usually it’s unforgivable to be eating this way especially on a weekday, but only because my friend’s back in town & is really in the mood to eat like there’s no tomorrow.





Ending it off with extremely yummy garlic rice! Oh boy now I’ve got to think of ways to lose the bulging tummy!


New hair for Chinese New Year, yes despite it being such a festive time, I should be doing a full-head red ain’t it? But I’ve had my fair share of red hair drama I am now traumatized. There’s no way I want to look washed out without the aid of makeup. Back at Hair Visuals again to revamp my look!




Decided to leave it to Kevin what hair colour’s better for me since he’s the expert! I did mention I’d love to go a lil’ lighter though. All I had to do was sit back, relax & literally eat like a pig.




Trimmed off all the split ends too for healthier hair growth! Considering all the trauma my hair has gone through over the years, I’d say it’s pretty hardy only because I haven’t been slacking when it comes to hair treatments. Good job!

CIMG0927b  CIMG0964b

CIMG0922b  CIMG0943b

Doesn’t this ash-toned colour give off such a sweet vibe, boy do I love it so much! Thank you Kevin for giving me the beautiful hair I desire. I can go on & on, but pictures don’t deceive.


Of course, there’s an element of surprise beneath it all. Check out the beautiful highlights! The colour is simply divine only because Kevin customized it specially for me.



Kevin’s very dedicated in giving my hair the attention it needed, hence I’ve never been happier to leave it under his care. If you’re looking for a stylist who goes the extra mile to put a smile upon your face, Kevin’s the one. Don’t forget to LIKE Hair Visuals facebook page HERE.

CIMG0967b  CIMG0976b

CIMG0972b  CIMG0958b

Salon Le Point is located at 1 Cuscaden Road, #01-07/08, Regent Hotel. Call 6835 0880 to make an appointment & remember to request for Kevin as your preferred stylist!

Dinner afterwards at Lolla.





Literally one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. Served in the most unlikely combination, every dish was a delightful surprise. I still can’t get over how good the Sea Urchin Pudding was!




Another must-try is the Tuna Belly ‘Chutoro’ Tartare, so good I ordered it twice!




Portions here are pretty small though, if you’re looking to keep your tummies full, unfortunately you’d be disappointed. But really, it was such a gastronomical experience you have to try it once!