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The journey to seeking perfection used to be such a long & winding one, but things have changed drastically. I wasn’t born with a nice V-shape chin, but I’ve spent half a lifetime editing my face over photoshop to know I look better with it. Never been more thankful for having ASTIQUE CLINIC as part of my recent years in helping me look the way I do today.

A few weeks back I went to visit my favourite Dr. Matthew Yap, who is also very dashing by the way, to get some touch-ups done. Yes it’s been a long time, but my left jaw is in need of some jabs! In case you’re wondering, I do not have a symmetrical face like most people. So technically, my left profile is not identical to my right profile. So I’ve been told my left’s on the masculine side & my right’s the feminine side.


Alright less talk & let’s get started! Getting my chin & jaw numbed. Pain is the last thing on my mind, because my doctor is really good at what he does & I trust him with all my life!

CIMG0272b  CIMG0271b

Numbing cream was removed 15 minutes later & I sat patiently while waiting for Dr. Matthew Yap.


The areas to be injected were then marked out to ensure precision. Botox was only performed to my left jaw because I was looking forward to having a more feminine left profile.


Done with Botox under 30 minutes, how quick was that! However, with Botox you don’t see immediate results, but your face shape would gradually look slimmer in a couple of weeks.

Moving on, it’s time to touch up on the chin fillers!

CIMG0286b  CIMG0294b

And I was done with both procedures in less than 45 minutes with no bruising whatsoever. Perfect for the busy ladies on the go who needs a quick fix during lunch breaks!

Just leave everyone else wondering why you look better than yesterday. Because you know best that Botox & Fillers are every woman’s best kept secrets!


Two weeks later, here’s how the Botox settles & I’m loving how it looks! Everyday feels picture-perfect now, thank you so much Dr. Matthew YapASTIQUE CLINIC!




ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Please call 6732 3801 to make an appointment!

Dinner at Enotecca L’Operetta afterwards!




Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! May your day be filled with love & joy!

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