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Sorry the past week’s been so topsy turvy, with birthdays every weekend, my body & soul needs to take a serious break (yes I’m friends with way too many alcoholics).

I’ve neglected this space again (not proud of it), but I promise I’d get back on track fast. Please bear with me as I go back to my hermit days & churn out blog posts after posts. Allow me to party the last time for my birthday this weekend pretty please?


Alright today I’m here to make you salivate all over your keyboards. I am totally evil.


La Maison Fatien is one of the partner restaurants for World Gourmet Summit 2014 & lucky me got to have a taste! Took my babes along with me to indulge in this food tasting!


Duck Rillettes with Truffle Potato & Crispy Beetroot

Possibly one of the more interesting starters I’ve had in a long time & yes totally guilty that I stole an extra portion.


Of course, hungry me couldn’t resist munching on some bread while waiting for my next dish.


Brown Butter Scallops With Jerusalem Artichokes Puree, Asparagus, Sevruga Caviar, Parma & Capers Jus

With all that goodness, there’s no hate but even more love. Caviar is always a good idea & the scallop’s done to perfection, yummy!


Shellfish Consomme With Porcini Ravioli, Poached Maine Lobster & Oyster Fritter

A tad too salty for me & sadly, I’m not quite an oyster fan because often it gives me the runs, but the lobster was four thumbs up!


Wagyu Beef With Foie Gras, Roquefort Polenta, Baby Vegetables, Madeira Jus & Spinach Chips

Ultimate food orgasm where meat melts in your mouth, best consumed in rare. I wiped out my platter within minutes & I’m left wanting for more.


Textures of Banana With Chocolate Soil & Praline

Must try, I repeat MUST TRY. Even though I was very skeptical at the start because I really hate eating bananas. At the end of it all, I am bananas over it!


In my opinion, this place is totally worth visiting with your loved ones for a memorable evening of wine & dine.

La Maison Fatien is located at 76 Duxton Road.

Please call 6220 3822 for reservations. Quote ‘AgriVIP’ during the period from now till 5th April 2014 for 15% discount off the above menu.

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