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As you all know, I’ve gotten myself into the lash extensions craze. Who doesn’t love waking up to fuller looking lashes? I must tell you one thing though, once you’ve started, there’s no going back. Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to lashes. I’ve previously gotten them done with Grace, it’s a pity she’s gone overseas. I’m not a good girl in my drunken stupor, those itchy hands of mine yanked off my precious lashes & they now look like a major shipwreck.




Recently, a dear friend of mine, COCO offered to get my lashes done for me & the timing has never been more perfect than this! So here I am at BROWTISAN, her newly-opened shop at DELFI ORCHARD which specializes in lashes & brows services. She’s been in this line for over 20 years, hence I have absolute faith that she’d give me beautiful-looking lashes!


Here’s COCO all professional at work with her amplifying glasses. There’s a variety of lengths to choose from, depending on whether you prefer natural-looking lashes or dramatic-looking ones. In one hour, I’d be waking up to doll-like lashes!



Check out the amazing work she’s done for my lashes! No more eyeliner & mascara needed, perfect for the lazy bum in me! It’s done so meticulously strand-by-strand I can’t detect any trace of glue. Plus, it’s weightless & turned out even better than I expected. Friends of mine even commented they’re extremely natural-looking even they had no idea they were extensions! Thank you so much COCO! I’m definitely trying out bottom lash extensions on my next visit!


Let your eyes speak a language of its own with BROWTISAN’S eyelash extensions customization this holiday season. You’d be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

BROWTISAN is located at DELFI ORCHARD #03-17. Please call 6235 2355 to make an appointment! Have a good week ahead everyone!

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