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I’ve been waiting to share this personal post with you all for the longest time. I know some of you have been wondering why my chest area looks a lot  more well-endowed in my recent pictures. And no it’s not the works of a wonder bra. If you’ve followed me long enough, you’d be able to tell from my old pictures I wasn’t blessed in that area. It never really did bother me in the past, I used to be quite the tomboy growing up. But now that I’m at my mid-twenties, I want to fill up my fitted clothes (evening gowns in particular) better to feel more feminine & confident about myself.

This is not some rushed decision that I have decided overnight due to societal pressures or anything of that sort, I’ve really thought about it for a long time, I just wasn’t ready in the past but I am now.

I took the step to go for my first breast augmentation surgery five months ago with DR. EDWARD FOO at TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC. Prior to getting this procedure done, I’ve done a lot of research, read countless forums & consulted a lot of doctors. In all honesty, I was feeling scared because even though I had a high tolerance for pain, I wasn’t sure what sort of discomfort I was going to experience after the surgery.





I went to check out TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC for the first time & I was quite blown away by the the view from the VIP waiting area. Plus, the clinic looked very inviting & I felt right at home. I was introduced to their medical director- DR. CHOW YUEN HO. After having a quick chat with him, he referred me to the surgeon DR. EDWARD FOO. It was all very interesting to me playing with the different sized silicone implants, after all I needed to test out just how hardy they were. I squeezed it, threw in against the wall, & no leakage at all. So far so good! I wouldn’t deny, it was really a lot of fun!



Back to serious talk, DR. EDWARD FOO spoke to me about the difference between the tear-drop implants & the round implants. No doubt the tear-drop implants would have a more natural finish, but I’ve read too many horror stories online of the implants moving after a couple of months, resulting in lopsided breasts. I decided to avoid all that drama (better to save the trouble from getting a revision done) & went along with round implants instead. Since I was also lacking in the chest department, I felt a round-implant would be more beneficial for me.


I addressed my concerns to DR. EDWARD FOO.

1) I wasn’t looking to have a very drastic change, I  just wanted a natural-looking size that’s best fit my body proportion.

2) I wanted the best hidden scar possible.

And you thought all you had to decide on was the type of implants. Apparently, ROUND IMPLANTS come in 3 different types (MODERATE/MODERATE PLUS/HIGH PROFILE) & in 2 different textures (SMOOTH & TEXTURED). Decisions decisions!



Since I was so clueless, I changed into their ‘sizer top & tried out the different implants to get a clearer idea of what size I desire. After much consideration, I decided that I would go along with MENTOR 250CC SMOOTH MODERATE PLUS BREAST IMPLANTS to achieve natural-looking cleavage. And my choice of incision was above the muscle via the nipple areola. MENTOR is AMERICAN-MADE & one of the most reputable breast implants brands around, and it’s also comforting to know that they are part of JOHNSON & JOHNSON. Of course if you chose to go ahead with this incision method, the risk of capsular contraction is higher since no muscles coat over the implants.

DR. EDWARD FOO was very honest in telling me the pros and cons for the various incision methods & not once, did he try to hard sell me at all. Incidentally, DR. EDWARD FOO is one of the most prolific breast implants surgeons in Singapore, which explains his great bed side manners & honest approach.

I went for about 5 consultations before picking out a date for my BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY.


Last few shots of my bare face & of course, my non-existent bosoms (yes flatter than you can imagine).




I could barely sleep the night before, I was excited & nervous at the same time. I had questions in my head like : Would I feel like a different person after having boobs? What if I’m unsatisfied with the size? But believe me, all these thoughts would be gone with the wind as soon as the local anesthesia & mild sedation kicked in. The next thing I knew, I woke up to BOOBS 2 hours later. SAY WHAT? I was still in disbelief despite my drowsy state. OH MY GOODNESS, I SUDDENLY HAVE BOOBS & I LOVE IT!


I must say, my new boobs felt extremely firm & they were really high up right after. I felt a really heavy weight on my chest & it took me a while to get used to. My chest area just felt tight for about a week. Other than that, I didn’t experience any pain at all because my implants were placed above muscle hence simple movement was not a problem. I had no bruising at all too! I was even able to shower one day after surgery with waterproof dressing over my areolas.

I even took it a step further by not touching raw food/seafood for a month in case my wound got itchy.

Of course, there were some instructions given by my surgeon that I had to abide by to ensure good recovery.

1) No lifting of heavy stuff or exercising for a month.

2) Take my prescribed antibiotics daily to avoid infection.

3) Sleeping in a straight position to ensure implants are in place.

I’ve heard how some people lose nipple sensation after breast augmentation surgery, but in my case, they feel more sensitive than ever. Phew!

I am really happy with my current cup size & can’t ask for anything more. I’m so glad to have chosen TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC to get my BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY done. I am really satisfied with my current cup size & can’t ask for anything more. Even friends of mine have commented that they look really natural. Thank you DR. CHOW YUEN HODR. EDWARD FOO for being so patient with me throughout the whole journey!

In my next post, look out for my post surgery pictures! But meanwhile, here’s a mini preview & in these shots I’m only wearing nipple tapes! The pushed up effect in a fitted dress is pretty damn impressive yes?




To get in touch with TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC, visit & check out their facebook page at .


If you’re a die-hard Japanese foodie like myself (to the extent of thrice a week), you need to listen up! How many times do you look through your credit card bills and feel the heart pain? The amount I spend on Japanese dining at the end of every month can literally buy me a holiday getaway. Gahh!

Can someone come up with something already to keep my tummy happy minus the hefty price tag I have to pay? And no, I cannot cut down on Japanese food obsession. That would turn me suicidal. But guess what? Seems like my prayers are being answered! A dear friend of mine recently introduced me to JAPAPON & I’m now hooked to it because it’s so easy to use & it’s really beneficial for my thinning wallet.



So basically, JAPAPON is a coined word of JAPAN + COUPON. It is a joint purchase website that deals with PREMIUM COUPON for most JAPANESE-RELATED MERCHANDISE & SERVICES. So if you’ve noticed, JAPAPON’S logo is in red & white. To show my love for it, I’m all dressed & feeling pretty in the same colour scheme. I LOVE YOU JAPAPON!


Of course, you might not be a glutton like me. But you could be a shopaholic or a beauty enthusiast or even a wanderlust lover too. Trust me, JAPAPON covers every aspect of your interests. No way on earth would I miss out on 50% DISCOUNT COUPON at my favorite restaurant!


Here’s a couple of coupons that might appeal to you all! Since my number one love is food, I’d be showing you all the food-related coupons! Yes I’m biased like that. Don’t forget to browse the site for even more amazing deals!











What are you waiting for? Start your journey with JAPAPON right HERE & follow them on their facebook page HERE!


Hope all of you are having a great mid-week & stay tuned to my next post on TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC which will be live tomorrow!


Back to get my roots touched up with my favorite stylist –KEVIN KOOL. It’s so nerve-wrecking because of the rate that my hair grows. Too fast too soon & ugly roots emerge way too quickly. Ugh. But I should stop complaining since every time I’m here, my stylist showers my hair with ultimate care. You’d think with the heavy bleaching done over the years, my hair would be in a terrible state. In fact, my hair is really stating to restore to its original healthy state & I’ve never been happier!


I absolutely love the ANTI-FRIZZ MILK TREATMENT specially customized to treat my unruly hair & leaving it silky smooth all month long!


No more unmanageable mornings with ugly bed hair or having a world war with my comb in smoothing out all those tangles. Hurray!




Pretty hair, I like! This also happens to be one of my favorite blowout from my stylist. Dang girl! Think the pictures can do the talking better than yours truly.




To make an appointment with my stylist, drop him a whatsapp at 9729 7081. Quote ‘AGRI’ to get 20% OFF ALL HAIR SERVICES! It’s time to get those hair looking A-MAA-ZING for this Valentine’s day!

Have a good week ahead everyone! Stay tuned to my next post on JAPAPON!


As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve got such a horrendous diet (strictly all meat all day everyday). How is it I don’t put on weight? In all honesty, the weighing scale has never gone cuckoo all these years, my weight has always remained at the range of 42kg-44kg. Damn I hate that girl, she eats like a pig & she doesn’t exercise (trust me I get this a lot). Before you start hating on the fact that I don’t seem to put on weight despite all that eating, you need to know I have real problems too, only they’re very well-concealed.



For the love of oily food, I sacrifice my precious body. For somebody with such a skinny frame, I do have the worst case of stretch marks & trust me, it’s quite the horror. Alas, sobbing gets me nowhere & problems like these (for stretch marks), working out in the gym wouldn’t be of any help. I’ve even started splurging on creams to lighten my stretch marks for two years now but nothing has worked so far. I eventually decided to let the professionals take over & see what they can do for me!

I’ve undergone three treatments at BEAUTY EXPRESS so far & the results are starting to show. You really need to have patience when it comes to slimming treatments, you can’t go for one session & expect a miracle to happen instantly. It’s all about diligence, baby!


Ready for the moment of truth? From afar, it really doesn’t look like anything but my friends were absolutely right about me not having a thigh gap. Check out the closeup girls! Lo & behold, these stretch marks belong to yours truly!



Seeing is believing! In fact, it looks even worse in person. To think I had to live with that since my teenage years! So now you know why I can’t be running around the beaches in nice bikini bottoms! It’s not that I don’t love the beaches, it’s just that with stretch marks like these, I can’t help but to feel conscious about my body. Every girl has her insecurities & this is mine.

All that aside, the treatment is absolutely safe & has no downtime. The therapists at BEAUTY EXPRESS are very skillful & you can definitely leave your worries behind.



Aside from noticing that my thigh area is now firmer, the use of light therapy during the slimming treatment also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks. Plus I can assure you this treatment is 100% painless, in fact it’s so comfortable I often end up falling into a deep sleep. Really looking forward to complete my course of 10 sessions to achieve a more defined body contour!


BEAUTY EXPRESS is located at 1 GOLDHILL PLAZA, #01-29. They’ve another branch located at 80 MARINE PARADE ROAD, PARKWAY PARADE SHOPPING CENTRE, #05-19/25. To make an appointment, please call 6734 8998. Specially for my readers, quote ‘AGRI VELT’ for THIGH SLIMMING FIRST TRIAL at $38!

Have a good mid-week everyone & stay tuned to my next post!


2014 flew by a lil’ too quickly but I’m now more than ready to take on a brand new year. Many apologies for the lack of updates as I’ve been jetsetting a lil’ too much for the whole of last year (all in the name of love). I’d like to get out of my comfort zone & be back in serious business this year.

With that, I’m so thankful to still have DATSUMO LABO in my life! Thanks for taking care of all my hair issues all these while, from top to bottom. If you’ve had unsightly hair concerns & you’re looking for a painless yet effective solution, DATSUMO LABO is the place to go.


I’m loving the ORCHARD CENTRAL branch, it literally screams right at home. So spacious I could sit here all day on the comfy couch & sip their in-house tea upon completion of treatment.


Today I just got done with my underarms & full legs hair removal. And I must say I did notice the hair growth on those worked on areas is way slower than before & also getting a lot fairer! Hurray! Soon I can bid the razor goodbye forever!


Quote ‘AGRI VELT’ for special promotions!

Visit DATSUMO LABO ORCHARD CENTRAL to rid all unwanted body hair. It’s located at 181 ORCHARD ROAD, #04-16, ORCHARD CENTRAL. To make an appointment, call 6884 6482 and quote ‘AGRI VELT’ for special promotions!

Dinner at JUMBO DEMPSEY afterwards.




Hello all you glorious seafood, it’s been a while & I’ve missed you so much!

Stay tuned to my next post on my thigh slimming experience with BEAUTY EXPRESS! Meanwhile, have a good weekend ahead!