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As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve got such a horrendous diet (strictly all meat all day everyday). How is it I don’t put on weight? In all honesty, the weighing scale has never gone cuckoo all these years, my weight has always remained at the range of 42kg-44kg. Damn I hate that girl, she eats like a pig & she doesn’t exercise (trust me I get this a lot). Before you start hating on the fact that I don’t seem to put on weight despite all that eating, you need to know I have real problems too, only they’re very well-concealed.



For the love of oily food, I sacrifice my precious body. For somebody with such a skinny frame, I do have the worst case of stretch marks & trust me, it’s quite the horror. Alas, sobbing gets me nowhere & problems like these (for stretch marks), working out in the gym wouldn’t be of any help. I’ve even started splurging on creams to lighten my stretch marks for two years now but nothing has worked so far. I eventually decided to let the professionals take over & see what they can do for me!

I’ve undergone three treatments at BEAUTY EXPRESS so far & the results are starting to show. You really need to have patience when it comes to slimming treatments, you can’t go for one session & expect a miracle to happen instantly. It’s all about diligence, baby!


Ready for the moment of truth? From afar, it really doesn’t look like anything but my friends were absolutely right about me not having a thigh gap. Check out the closeup girls! Lo & behold, these stretch marks belong to yours truly!



Seeing is believing! In fact, it looks even worse in person. To think I had to live with that since my teenage years! So now you know why I can’t be running around the beaches in nice bikini bottoms! It’s not that I don’t love the beaches, it’s just that with stretch marks like these, I can’t help but to feel conscious about my body. Every girl has her insecurities & this is mine.

All that aside, the treatment is absolutely safe & has no downtime. The therapists at BEAUTY EXPRESS are very skillful & you can definitely leave your worries behind.



Aside from noticing that my thigh area is now firmer, the use of light therapy during the slimming treatment also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks. Plus I can assure you this treatment is 100% painless, in fact it’s so comfortable I often end up falling into a deep sleep. Really looking forward to complete my course of 10 sessions to achieve a more defined body contour!


BEAUTY EXPRESS is located at 1 GOLDHILL PLAZA, #01-29. They’ve another branch located at 80 MARINE PARADE ROAD, PARKWAY PARADE SHOPPING CENTRE, #05-19/25. To make an appointment, please call 6734 8998. Specially for my readers, quote ‘AGRI VELT’ for THIGH SLIMMING FIRST TRIAL at $38!

Have a good mid-week everyone & stay tuned to my next post!

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