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2014 flew by a lil’ too quickly but I’m now more than ready to take on a brand new year. Many apologies for the lack of updates as I’ve been jetsetting a lil’ too much for the whole of last year (all in the name of love). I’d like to get out of my comfort zone & be back in serious business this year.

With that, I’m so thankful to still have DATSUMO LABO in my life! Thanks for taking care of all my hair issues all these while, from top to bottom. If you’ve had unsightly hair concerns & you’re looking for a painless yet effective solution, DATSUMO LABO is the place to go.


I’m loving the ORCHARD CENTRAL branch, it literally screams right at home. So spacious I could sit here all day on the comfy couch & sip their in-house tea upon completion of treatment.


Today I just got done with my underarms & full legs hair removal. And I must say I did notice the hair growth on those worked on areas is way slower than before & also getting a lot fairer! Hurray! Soon I can bid the razor goodbye forever!


Quote ‘AGRI VELT’ for special promotions!

Visit DATSUMO LABO ORCHARD CENTRAL to rid all unwanted body hair. It’s located at 181 ORCHARD ROAD, #04-16, ORCHARD CENTRAL. To make an appointment, call 6884 6482 and quote ‘AGRI VELT’ for special promotions!

Dinner at JUMBO DEMPSEY afterwards.




Hello all you glorious seafood, it’s been a while & I’ve missed you so much!

Stay tuned to my next post on my thigh slimming experience with BEAUTY EXPRESS! Meanwhile, have a good weekend ahead!

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