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With Chinese New Year, everywhere is jam packed with people rushing to get their festive goodies and new clothes. This is the time to pig out on all that unhealthy pineapple tarts & whatnots (the list goes on). I am definitely a sucker for all these yummy snacks, so can you picture how delighted I was when I was shopping at CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL & spotted all these interesting Chinese New Year snacks? Needless to say, I had to stock up. Thank goodness for my beautiful babe Sheena, I could barely manage on my own!



The sight of food always gets me distracted, but really we’re here to check out the CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL FUKUBUKURO BAG (LUCKY BAG). I was immediately drawn to it because I simply love the colour red, duh! And now, it’s time to take a selfie or two!




300 MALL FUKUBUKURO BAGS will be sold during this event at a price of $21.40 with a minimum spend of $58. The contents in the FUKUBUKURO BAG will be randomized & is guaranteed 3x the bag’s value. I had such a tough time picking & even tried to take a peek in each bag! Really like how this reminds me of Christmas gift exchange sessions & the whole suspense of what’s in the chosen bag!



Aside from that, CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL will also be featuring their first ever TENANT FUKUBUKURO BAG. I had the privilege to check out one store’s very own FUKUBUKURO BAG & like the former, it’s also guaranteed 3x the bag’s value with different contents. Purchase a TENANT FUKUBUKURO BAG & you’d be entitled to a GOLDEN FUKUBUKURO BAG SCRATCHCARD TICKET of your choice. Each ticket has a unique serial number & there are ONLY 12 LUCKY GOLDEN FUKUBUKURO BAG WINNING TICKET. Ready to hear some of the PRIZES that’d be given out? LED TVTRAVEL VOUCHERS & SURFACE PRO LAPTOP! I WANT!!


Without further ado, let’s take a look at the FUKUBUKURO BAG SELECTION from SKYROOM!






This store is so full of quirky items I feel right at home instantly! Ranging from accessories to apparels to lifestyle, it’s truly a shopping haven right here. No wonder I turned the store into my very own playground, it really unleashed the kid in me!

Of course it doesn’t all just end here! To reward shoppers even more ($28,000 WORTH OF CASH VOUCHERS), there will be a FUKUBUKURO GAME on Facebook. Click HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CLARKEQUAYCENTRAL to start playing! The user will be given 1 CHANCE PER DAY to open a bag. You’d be entitled to 2 more additional chances for every invitation to a Facebook friend. PRIZES include cash vouchers from MISS EMPIRE, BIOSKIN, BLISSHOUSE THEME RESTAURANT & more.

Look at Sheena & I all engrossed in the game, hoping to win BIG.


Head on down to CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL & indulge in their CHINESE NEW YEAR festivities! It’d go on all through Feb & ENDS MARCH 8TH!

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