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Bali is always a good idea – be it with your girls or your loved ones. I would never say no to a chillax weekend – pool time is THE BEST you’d see why later. So much love for GARUDA INDONESIA for flying me over in style. Your plush seats made me so well-rested & ready to explore the city!

Also, a big shout-out to FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON BALI for hosting me throughout my vacation. I’ve always stayed around Seminyak area, so it was nice to check out KUTA for a change!



Alright I’d spare you from all the grandmother ramblings, let’s check in to FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON BALI already! PS, if you’re a foodie like me, you’d be happy to know there’s plenty of cute little eateries nearby. I especially loved the local fare here, it was SO GOOD! We also had a great time checking out the many hair salons & spas all within walking distance!

Isn’t the decor of the main lobby incredibly inviting? The hanging lamps from the ceiling ME LIKE! Just couldn’t resist taking countless pictures here, oops! Greedy me just had to have a double-scoop gelato, very-much needed for this hot climate. Thank you Awang!



Wasted no time in basking under the sun. What I really love about this hotel is the fact that I can literally jump into the lagoon pool from my balcony! The start of my BALI vacation looks promising already!




There’s a couple of room options, but if you’re looking to stay here, I highly recommend the direct pool access ones!




Not usually the type who wakes up early enough to enjoy breakfast, but the spread here is just simply amazing. Never mind if I need to sacrifice my sleep! As the saying goes – a happy meal leads to a happy mood all day! That’s me – my mood is highly determined by my tummy’s level of satisfaction!



Managed to squeeze in yet another pool time pre-flight! Yes there’s a rooftop pool too & it’s as beautiful up here! If only this vacation didn’t have to end so soon…


Thank you so much once again FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON BALI for your kindest hospitality. I had a splashing good time! Oh well, all good things must come to an end. Till next time, Bali!


Hello from SEOUL everyone! I’m seriously having so much fun here exploring new places & pigging out obviously! Anyway, before I start on this lengthy post, I’m going to spam some pictures of yours truly just in case you’ve forgotten me! It’s been one helluva hectic month jet-setting all over, obviously this is going to take a toll on my skin. Despite treating my face with facial masks on a daily basis, it’s simply not enough to keep it at its tip top condition.


Back in SINGAPORE, I have BIOSKIN to pamper my skin with tender loving care, but being away for a month long, it’s inevitable to have some clogged pores & uneven skin-tone. Also the cold weather here has left my skin a tad dry, hence the need to seek professional help for a quick fix.


With so many clinics all around SEOUL, it really is a tough decision to pick one. I finally decided to check out RENEWME SKIN CLINIC because my Korean girlfriend highly recommended it. Judging by the way her skin looks, I’m pretty convinced this clinic would do wonders for my face too! I’ve always wanted to try out this PRP DERMASHINE which is also known as the VAMPIRE FACIAL. Don’t worry you’d get to see a gory image of me afterwards. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Singapore but rising fast in popularity all over Korea and The States. Since I’m here, why not give this a shot right?


Because good things are meant to be shared, let this vainpot be your guinea pig! Please allow me to share with you my experience and you’d be able to see how effective this treatment is. Not to worry, I’d be more than happy to answer your queries over email. Don’t be shy to drop me a love mail at !

Liaising with RENEWME SKIN CLINIC was a breeze. Even though it’s highly popular with the locals, their consultants are able to converse in excellent English/Mandarin. Here’s a big shout-out to SAEMMUL (their English consultant) for being so patient with my 101 questions & taking great care of me during my stay! Anyhow, I was able to make an appointment with the clinic on short notice. Definitely very impressed with their level of efficiency.


Recently, RENEWME SKIN CLINIC started this VIP Pickup Service. They’re able to pick you up from your hotel & send you to the clinic. Lucky me! Not being able to converse in Korean makes it really difficult, this service saves me from the hassle of explaining to the taxi driver my destination. Plus, it really does make you feel like royalty.




Upon arrival at the clinic, I was greeted by friendly nurses who made me feel right at home. The clinic is furnished very simple yet elegant looking -just the way I like it.



Can’t resist a mirror selfie before seeing the doctor!



I had really wanted to get fat graft done for the second time, but unfortunately I’m an unsuitable candidate this time round. I’m definitely gonna start eating more so that I’d gain enough thigh fats! After assessing my skin condition, the doctor said the PRP DERMASHINE would be beneficial for me! DR. HA JI HYUN also recommended that I did SHURINK ULTRAFORMER III for FACE LIFTING/TIGHTENING & EXCEL-V LASER to ERADICATE PIGMENTATION. Yes I know it’s a sad truth, but as we age, our skin loses its elasticity & it might cause our cheeks to sag. I don’t know about you, but for me , I’m all for getting it fixed at its early stage.


Time to remove all my makeup & get ready for numbing cream! Pretty excited to not have to go under the knife and exit the clinic with a youthful look!




I would be lying if I said it’s completely painless. Thank goodness I had their powerful numbing cream on for one hour. Men have no idea what we go through for beauty’s sake! Oh well, no pain no gain right?


The EXCEL-V LASER was completely painless, but I forgot to get a picture taken since this light treatment was overly bright! It was the definitely the most comfortable amongst the three!


SHURINK is the latest upgraded HIFU TREATMENT suitable for patients who are looking to get NON-SURGICAL LIFTING done & desire an OVERALL SKIN IMPROVEMENT. I’d rate the pain factor as 2/10. You’d feel some sensation on certain areas, just like tiny ant bites. As for me, it was mainly the jaw area that felt a bit sore during the process but the soreness goes away quickly too. I would say it’s a similar feeling to getting JAW BOTOX done.



In summary, PRP DERMASHINE is HYALURONIC ACID SOLUTION mixed together with PLATELET RICH PLASMA from your own blood. It’s then INJECTED BACK TO YOUR FACE to STIMULATE COLLAGEN PRODUCTION & CORRECT YOUR SKIN FLAWS (enlarged pores/dull skin/rough skin texture).

Pain-factor wise, this was a 5/10 but still bearable. I felt more pain towards the cheeks area maybe because my skin is slightly thinner than most people. Just don’t think about the pain, think about how your skin will look all dewy afterwards!



Alright, so here is how my skin looks up-close. I know this sight is extremely terrifying ( all that raised bumps from the intensive injections) , but of course this is just temporary. But I did however notice my skin looks more PLUMPED & LIFTED immediately! Wow!




The nurse did a SOOTHING MASK, LIGHT THERAPY & a CYROCELL TREATMENT to soothe my skin. Definitely not feeling sore anymore at this point! Also, it really depends on individual, some people take a slightly longer time to recover. Mine lasted around 3 hours, that’s why I was hibernating in the clinic!


Thank you RENEWME SKIN CLINIC for giving me an after-care kit. I was told to mask religiously for 5 days afterwards to aid the healing process. For best results, avoid alcohol consumption for a week & apply sunblock. Okay I sort of cheated and drank on the third day (don’t kill me), I was pretty paranoid but thank goodness skin was still looking good!


Four days after, this is how my skin looks (taken with my Iphone 6). Oh my goodness, never thought I’d be able to wake up to skin looking like that? Even my loved ones are pretty surprised by the results. It’s still me but I look and feel younger & definitely more refreshed! In fact, the doctor did mention, your skin will keep looking better day by day after doing the PRP DERMASHINE & SHURINK. Now I know why Kim Kardashian swears by this! I’m definitely more confident to head out without makeup these days! But if you really must put on make-up, you’d notice it glides on like a dream.



Thank you so much RENEWME SKIN CLINIC! I can’t wait to be back!

For more information on RENEWME SKIN CLINIC, check out their website at . You may also add SAEMMUL -my English consultant regarding treatment/price enquiries on KAKAOTALK/WECHATrenewmeskin. Don’t forget to quote ‘AGRI’ for special promotions!


Sorry this took so long for me to update! I’ve been travelling so much I have totally neglected this humble space of mine. But thank you for still visiting this blog of mine, I’m really appreciative of that. Let me get my life back in control (I promise it won’t take too long) & I’d be back in action. Okay less rants & here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for!




The most epic HONG KONG trip EVER with my beautiful babes, what was supposed to be a 3 days 2 nights birthday celebration ended up being an almost 2-weeks affair! Can you believe we extended thrice, yeah burnt our pockets along the way too! Seriously, I’ve never had such a crazy trip before where I lost my phone twice (thank god a stranger retrieved it) & my girlfriend lost her entire bag (passport +wallet + camera)! In our drunken state, we continued to party harder. We never had a sober day throughout it all & I’m glad I’m in the company of all my loved ones every single day.





With barely any sleep, we boarded the plane at the most unearthly hour. Upon reaching HONG KONG, there was no time for nap even, our schedule was packed to the max. My buddy was literally the best for letting me & my girls put up at his place, can’t thank him enough for flying over too for my birthday celebration. He’s known me long enough to tolerate all my nonsense. I know we are a lot of drama put together, so thank you so much for always closing one eye towards my bad behavior!



















!Thank you so much for the surprise K! YOU ARE THE BEST!! 2 rounds of champagne trains & countless amount of illusion shots later, I think  we were all up on the table dancing the hell out!
















Look at that amount of alcohol, it feels like everyone was out to kill me. From the KTV to LEVELS to PLAY to TAZ to DRAGON-I to MAGNUM and back at FOUR SEASONS, I wasn’t spared either. Everyday was a drinking marathon. Actually we took a lot of videos on this trip, but don’t think it’s quite suitable to be posted here, oops! Whatever happened in HONG KONG stays in my phone, lock & sealed.


Can’t believe we drew the curtains, popped even more champagnes, blasted our music & had our very own mini party till 9 in the morning. Seriously we’re a bunch of crazies!


















Thank you so much NAOMI DIRTYBUNNY, REIEE RIRIKO, SUSAN HUBBY & MELMEL for flying over just to celebrate my special day with me! I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH!! We have to do it all over again & I promise this time round I wouldn’t be so drama, oops! Yes you become a maniac with that amount of alcohol in your body! This trip wouldn’t have happened without you girls!

Partied so hard everyone had bruises everywhere, friends back in Singapore thought we were involved in some form of violent cat fight. OH THE DAMAGE I DO TO PEOPLE! So I’d spare you the gruesome images!


Honestly, I went on this trip not searching for anything, but sometimes life surprises you in the most magical way. Thank you for such a memorable birthday week my beloved TONKATSU! Anyway, I’d try to fill this space with more travel posts as soon as I’m done clearing all my advertorials. Have a good week ahead everyone!


Today I’m about to share with you the final post on my plastic surgery series. I’m gonna warn you in advance, this post will be super image-heavy!

During my recovery period, I had to deal with a lot of comments saying : Oh your old look was better, you looked much sweeter in the past. Now your facial expressions are more restricted, you can’t seem to smile as sweetly as before. Chill guys, it was barely a month back then. Obviously my face was really tight from all that fat graft & the doctor also advised against smiling widely for at least a month if I want to achieve fantastic results for my rhinoplasty procedure. Here’s a recap on what I got done – SUB-INCISION EYEBROW LIFT+ OPEN RHINOPLASTY + FULL-FACE FAT GRAFT.






As time goes by, I started getting a lot of positive feedback from my family & friends telling me I look a lot younger. Two months have gone by now & most of the swelling have subsided by now. My face is settling really well & it’s no longer as puffy as before. As for my final nose result, it’d still take a few months more & I seriously can’t wait for that. But currently, it’s already looking so good I can’t be happier. Really glad to have chosen JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA to get my surgeries done, the doctors were really attentive in listening to my concerns & really understood what I was looking to achieve. Everyone there took such good care of me, it really helped in my speedy recovery.






You can tell by this time my face is starting to look a lot more natural & I’m pretty much back to my crazy self. No more tightness & hurray to seeing such a smaller-looking nose & straight nose bridge! If I’m already satisfied at this point, I cannot imagine how much better it’d look when it finally settles. I’m no longer self-conscious about taking frontal shots anymore now that the bulbous nose has bid me goodbye.

Watch the last part of my plastic surgery journey video series! You can see how swollen my face & nose were at the start but it’s all good now & I’m feeling more beautiful than ever. Thank you so much JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA!







Alright now, the weekend’s almost here but I’m not about to let my hair down & party. Time to get more productive before flying off to Korea in a week! Yes I’m missing it already!


 Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! I’ve attached the video too for your viewing pleasure, but I must warn you, my swollen eyes might just throw you off, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Having a nasty allergic reaction to a medication on the day of my OPEN RHINOPLASTY + FAT GRAFTING SURGERY makes me look incredibly groggy. Oh boy it’s so ugly I can’t believe I’m putting this up for the whole world to see.



1) DETTOL ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES to wipe off dried blood below the nose.

2) BIFESTA CLEANSING WIPES for your face because your wound & stitches cannot come into contact with water.

3) BIORE POWDER SHEETS to wipe your body since you won’t be able to shower for a couple of days after fat grafting.

 4) COTTON BUDS to apply medication on your wounds & stitches.


Prior to surgery, I had to fast 6 hours before. You have no idea how difficult it was looking at everyone else eating all that scrumptious food especially if you’re a hungry monster like me. I was almost dying from all that hunger & was so close to punching  the next person who waves an egg bread at me.

I’ve already addressed why I wanted to get an OPEN RHINOPLASTY done – TO RID MY BULBOUS NOSE TIP, ACHIEVE A STRAIGHT + HIGH NOSE BRIDGE & HAVE A SMALLER-LOOKING NOSE overall for a more proportionate canvas. And also, FAT GRAFTING to MAKE ME LOOK MUCH YOUNGER THAN MY ACTUAL AGE.

Here DR.SEUL has just made his markings on my face to inject the fats. I looked like an animal on the loose!

CIMG8276b  CIMG8278b

My face looked really full after surgery & the sight of having no wrinkles/fine lines was really mind-blowing.It takes a while to process, but yes Agri you have successfully turned back time. Thank you so much DR. SEUL, I’ve never been happier to look the way I do now & I’m willing to eat like a dinosaur more so from now for the fats to last longer. And my side profile looks so good now because I have a smaller-looking nose without any hump & my bridge is restored with cartilage. Also, frontal shots are not a problem now that my bulbous nose is non-existent. Thank you so much DR.SUH!


I have people telling me ‘Oh I prefer your old look’, but really there’s a thing called downtime & during recovery period with all that swelling, it’s really not the final look. For nose surgery, it takes about a year before you see the final result. Besides I have so much faith in JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA to sculpt a better-looking me.

Honestly speaking, I felt no pain at all during & after the surgery. The only thing I felt was MASSIVE HUNGER. Let’s take a look at how I look right after. Lo & behold, what a sight!


As usual, after surgery, I was hitting the streets in search of some comfort food (pumpkin porridge spam), yes with that huge cast over my nose.




Dinner round two because I’m really a hungry monster in my past life.




1) Sleep with your head elevated for a month so that the fats remain intact

2) Try not to smile/laugh for a month because your nose tip might droop & your face will hurt from all the fat grafting. (SUPER HARD TO DO BECAUSE REIEE & I LAUGH ALL THE TIME)

3) No wearing of sunglasses/spectacles for a month or it might create a dent on your nose bridge.


You’d have to return to the clinic almost daily to get your stitches cleaned by the nurses & I’m not complaining, because JW PLASTIC SURGERY KOREA provides complimentary hair wash + manicure service! TOO GOOD!

My daily diet everyday consists of pumpkin soup & juice thrice a day for 14 days. It helped to de-swell one day at a time. Being super ambitious on the 3rd day & trying to gobble a drumstick. Mission failed, my upper lip was still feeling tense & I have to resort to peeling it piece by piece.




Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of ‘depression’ after surgery upon looking at the mirror. Chances are, you’d feel this more upon removing your nose cast. It’s really normal because you’re so swollen & you might not feel good about yourself. Especially when you’ve got your nose tip reduced, your nose will look bigger than your previous nose due to the swelling. But as days go by, your mood starts getting uplifted. Waking up is really a process I look forward to each day because my nose just starts taking its shape each day. I really thank everyone at JW BEAUTY for being so patient with me & Korea for  its good weather.

Let’s take a look at my day-to-day recovery!

//POST-OP DAY  1//

Swollen like a chipmunk but thinking about food as usual.







Nice hair after hair-wash at JW Plastic Surgery Korea finally & my mood is definitely starting to get better.







This is how I look after the cast is removed, feeling so much better because I can wash my face at last.



Stitches are removed today.






Seriously felt like a doll after much of that swelling has gone down.



Check out my Video Part 2.

Here’s a quick update on how my face is looking exactly a month later.


There’d be a final post on my plastic surgery series very soon. Thank you again DR. CHOIDR. SEUL &  DR. SUH for correcting my flaws & making me feel more confident than ever.


Today’s the day I’ve been so excited for I could barely sleep a wink the night before! Also I had to fast the night before because there was a possibility I would be getting my first surgery done. Woke up early morning for consultation at JW Plastic Surgery Korea, which also explains why I had my eye mask on.



Met Emily for the first time in person, we’ve been liaising via email for a couple of months now & it was great to finally meet her! If you must know, she looked after us like a big sister for the entire trip & I’ve never felt more thankful!





This is how the interior of the clinic looks!






Filled out some forms before waiting to see the doctors & we went a lil’ crazy camwhoring today, after all it might be the last time we’d be seeing our old faces, it’s time to keep some memories!







First up, I went to see Dr. Seul for fat grafting consultation. Prior to this trip, I’ve been really eating a lot more than usual so that there’d be more than enough fats to extract from my thighs. According to Dr.Seul, the fats quality from the thigh is better than the tummy. He told me the areas where he’d be injecting the fats & honestly, I couldn’t wait to get started!


Next, I went to see Dr.Choi for eye surgery consultation. I had addressed to him that I’m looking to achieve deep-set looking eyes & to make them look less tired. I was initially advised to get Incision Ptosis Correction/Double Eyelid Surgery to even out + open up both my eyes but upon hearing that I have to lay off contact lens/glasses for a month, I decided this procedure might not be for me since I’m a blind bat without contacts.

Dr. Choi then suggested I did a Sub-brow Incision Eyelid-Lift Surgery together with a Forehead Lift so that my eyelids wouldn’t look droopy anymore & I thought an eyebrow lift would do wonders for me. Decided to put the forehead lift on hold for the moment since I haven’t hit the big 30 yet!



Lastly, I went to see Dr. Suh for nose surgery consultation. I already like my side profile of my nose but I believe it could be further improved without the droopy tip. From the side view, my nose looks hooked & it makes me look older than I am. I am looking to achieve a super straight nose bridge, more equivalent to a man’s nose, because I notice a girl’s nose bridge from the side is more curved.

From the frontal view, my nose tip is bulbous & is not proportionate to my other facial features. He assured me he’d do his best to give me the nose that I desire (straight nose-bridge,less bulbous nose, no droopy tip) & I believe in him because I’ve heard so much about Dr.Suh having magical hands when it comes to sculpting a beautiful nose.

Did a CT Scan & realized all that nose fillers I’ve done over the years measure up to 5mm! I had to get jabbed again to dissolve all the fillers that was left in my nose. Goodbye to you fillers, I’m really to go for the real deal.


Strip off all that makeup (leaving just the eyeliner on) & with all the nose fillers dissolved, this is what you get. Told you my face was in desperate need of some fats to regain my youth & my eyes were really sleepy-looking without eyeliner no matter how big. Also, you can tell that my face is not symmetrical.











Here’s a clearer idea of all the procedures I’d be going for.


Here Dr.Choi is making his final markings on my new eyebrow position.


Two hours after the surgery, doesn’t it look like I just got an eyebrow embroidery done? The stitching was so refined you’d barely notice I got anything done. I took a quick rest on the comfortable heater bed before raiding Myeong Dong to get my year’s supply of masks. I really wasn’t feeling weak one bit & had no urge to sleep! #thisgirliscrazy







Can you spot the pair of deeper-set looking eyes & the distance between my eyelids & brows are brought closer? Very happy with the results because now my eyes look awake without any makeup! Thank you so much JW Plastic Surgery Korea & Dr.Choi ! I’m still in the swollen stage at the moment, there’s a downtime & I’d be showing you more pictures on the progress & final result in subsequent posts.

If you’re looking to get plastic surgery done, don’t be afraid to ask the doctor about anything you’re unsure of, because ultimately it’s your face & nobody knows it better than you do so it’s important that you understand what procedure you’d be going through so that you’re mentally prepared.

Check out my Video Part 1.

For more information on JW Plastic Surgery Korea :

For online consultation, you may email JW Plastic Surgery Korea at .

Stay tuned to my next post on the nose surgery + fat grafting surgery!



For the first time ever, I’m excited & nervous all at the same time because I’m really no there just for vacation, but to tweak my looks in the hope of fixing my flaws to look like a better version of myself. This is considered a big step in my life, as the thought of travelling out of the country to get nip tuck done gives me butterflies in my stomach.

I’m really thankful that to have found JW Plastic Surgery Clinic & I’m certain I’d be in safe hands because they’ve been very helpful in attending to all my queries. Thank you so much Agnes from Incite Communications for approaching me & quoting me a promotional rate, this is really the best early birthday gift ever.

At some point of your life, there’s bound to be something you’re unhappy with & wanting to fix. And I’m the sort who’d correct thigs when I’m not satisfied instead of sulking & hating on others. In the blogging world where face matters, I literally need to have my best face forward 24/7, which also explains why I’m not slacking when it comes to improving my complexion.

A lot of my friends have told me there’s no need for me to undergo such drastic procedure, but every girl has their insecurities. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Don’t be fooled by my makeup skills & good camera angles! Yes I’ve got prominent features but I’ve got an equal amount of flaws too all very well-hidden with concealer & contour powder.

Beauty doesn’t last forever & if I can do something to preserve my youth, you bet I will. You see life isn’t a bed of roses, like in my case I was blessed with naturally high eyelids but also without eyeliner, they’re a lil’ on the droopy side. Also the area under my eyes are hollow, making me look tired all the time even when I’m not. People are forever asking me if I’m tired & it’s time to put an end to that.

beforephotoshop  afterphotoshop

Never thought I’d say this but yes I’m secretly self-conscious about my bulbous nose tip, that’s also the reason why you don’t see me smiling with teeth for the cameras. Hence, I always come across as arrogant, but now you know the real reason why! Rest assured after I have a much slimmer nose, you’d be seeing so much smiling with teeth selfies you’d tell me to stop.

It’s sad that people find me intimidating because of the way I look. Oh well, it’s human nature, people are so quick to judge. Please make me look more feminine & I’d forever be indebted to you.

Having addressed all these problems to JW Plastic Surgery Clinic, they recommended levator muscle lift for my upper eyes & tip plasty to achieve smaller-looking nose. Also a full-face graft to eradicate all the hollowness on my face.

Check out JW Plastic Surgery Clinic‘s facebook page HERE.


Goodbye old face, there’s no more turning back. I’m ready for the new you.

AirAsia Takes Me To Bandung Part Deux

Our Bandung trip was so press-packed with activities which made feel extremely productive! I’m the sort who likes to waste no time upon reaching a destination especially when I’m abroad. The rule I live by? Spend all day exploring all the attractions & sleep like a baby at the end of it all.



Happy faces aplenty, trust me, we were not feeling fatigued one bit. The only thing growling was perhaps my tummy, oh well what’s new? It’s always nice to travel with someone who’s got high energy & as enthusiastic as you when it comes to taking photos. Everyone say hello to our very awesome tour-guide Beng Beng!



Beng Beng kept us so entertained on board it was the first time ever we were not sleeping during a bus ride. I’m usually the sort who doze off during history classes, but his presentation was so interesting I was actually listening intently for once!





Got extremely excited upon seeing horses on the streets, I almost wanted to abandon my tour & play with the horses instead. I really wonder how some of my friends deal with my ridiculous thoughts all the time? But Beng Beng reassured me that I will get to play with one before the day ended.





Here we are at our first destination – Floating Market Lembang. Weather here is so amazing you can have nice hair all day & your makeup wouldn’t run, I promise you. A cardigan/jacket is definitely necessary, it wouldn’t be good to catch a chill.





Of course, the glutton in me had to emerge eventually. Just when everyone was doing their toilet rounds, I was sneaking off by myself to get some food.





Being here totally transformed us into overgrown kids & at one point, we were attempting to have a cotton candy battle. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with reliving your childhood days!





Oh what a bummer my period had to strike just when I was about to try out the flying fox! It seemed like a lot of fun & everyone wanted to go over & over again. Bleah!





This was actually a set-up for a wedding proposal & we had no idea & started making this our photoshoot corner! We were wondering for the longest time why this man was giving us the dagger stare from afar? Oops!


Doesn’t Estelle look incredibly adorable in pink? Prior to this trip, I had no clue she actually embraced bright colours! Welcome to the club my dear, I can officially call you my sister now!





I’m turning into another person altogether here & I’m loving this transformation. Let me sit by the lake all day & bask in the sunshine while I have my afternoon nap! 





Thank you so much AirAsia for making this trip happen! This ain’t the end of it, stay tuned to my third post on Bandung coming soon!

AirAsia Takes Me To Bandung

Woke up feeling incredibly excited despite the obvious zombie-looking eyes which of course I decided to mask with oversized sunnies. Yes I was anticipating this much-deserved break so much I survived with 3-hours of sleep!

Picture volcano trekking & tea plantations. We’re about to find out if I’d crumble in another land altogether, friends of mine are alarmed by the fact that I’m giving nature a chance considering the fact that I was so against it in the past. Seriously Agri?



I’m ready for you now Bandung, of course not without my awesome girlfriend Estelle Kiora. Let’s see if bubbly personality goes hand in hand with this serious split personality me? Don’t flake on me now my dear, you know we’re about to have a roller-coaster ride, just me & you, together forever.



Helloo AirAsia take us to wonderland right now! Oh what a perfect timing to escape the haze! I’ve flown with AirAsia a couple of times & it’s a hot favourite with my me & my friends since it’s got uber cheap deals to many destinations. Who doesnt’ love red hot deals?


PS, have you heard about the Red Carpet Service? With just a top up of $55.00 online, you’d get to enjoy a swift check-in process at a dedicated counter check in, a 2 hour access to the Skyview Premium Lounge at Terminal 1, priority boarding + priority check-in baggage & tagging. This is absolutely perfect for Estelle & I. Beat the queue & travel in VIP style, hurray!




Girls would always be girls. What’s a plane ride without camwhoring & itsy bitsy chats about boys?



Not a hungry monster anymore now that I have my inflight meal! So glad I pre-booked my Indonesian Fried Rice with Chicken Satay online because I wouldn’t be suffering in agony should I take a whiff of my neighbour’s inflight meal. I’m sure you know how it feels to be food-deprived!

A quick tip? Always pre-book your meals, they’re a lot more affordable online than purchasing on the spot! Plus, there’s quite a bit of selection, so pick whatever your tummy desires!

Airplane food is the bomb, the fried rice was so rich in flavour I helped myself to big mouthfuls each time! And the chicken satay was so succulent I actually resorted to stealing Estelle’s portion. I’m the most ultimate greedy pig you can ever find in the universe. 




Thank you & AirAsia for making this trip possible & one of the best I’ve had to date! Stay tuned to my next post on the attractions we visited!



It was literally the best of times, I’ve never seen such beauty in my life & I wouldn’t mind staying there for awhile. Don’t forget to check out AirAsia for awesome flight deals & plan your next holiday destination!

let’s get out of here

Dinner at Il Cielo.

Craving desserts at The Cut afterwards. I’m so random like that & I’d go all out just to get my cravings satisfied even if it’s clearly not on the way. Oh well, me & my guilty pleasures. When in doubt, just order all that your heart desires!

Also headed to Pangaea with some of my favourite people from The Apartment Style Edition. Had so much fun we stayed till closing!

Super short trip to Jakarta with my girls, pure relaxation & strictly no partying. This was one hell of a crazy trip, it involved a lot of shopping, non-stop eating & ridiculously cheap but good massages. We had a 6 hour intense massage with no break in between we KO-ed immediately as soon as we went back to the hotel.

Battling the jams with Fried Banana Fritters to munch on made it easier. The roadside stalls make them way better than the restaurants! I assure you.

Yes I admit, my hair’s at its most dishevelled state! Would it not be after that much massage? I didn’t even bother to drag myself to the bathroom to wash all that oil off, major yikes!

All that aside, I pretty much just spend 3/4 of the day eating away. There’s just too many delicacies out there, I don’t want to be worrying about health issues at the moment. I eat whatever I feel like, anytime & anywhere.

Super hearty breakfast at Pullman Central Park, I made it alone while everyone was still in dreamland.

Here’s some of my favourite local food! I’m actually dying to take the lover here for a visit, but I’m quite sure the food won’t be to his liking. We’re entirely different when it comes to food choices. The amount of spicy hotpot he eats in a day is enough to kill me & the amount of meat I eat in a day still leaves him startled.

Dinner at HKC. I love how the interior looks we should totally do a mini photoshoot right here.

Time to tuck in, the hungry monster’s about to erupt!

A brand new day starts with yet another filling breakfast before heading out. Decided on room service since I was glued to the television.

Quick coffee with the girls right before a three hour body massage madness.

Back at the hotel where we start prepping for dinner extremely early. We run on a really strict timeline here due to the unbearable jams, it’s literally impossible to explore so many places in one day. Ps, doesn’t Dionna look oh so demure in her beautiful dress?

Dinner at Potato Head. We were caught in a three-hour jam on the way here we finished watching 2 movies in the car. Can you imagine how starved we were by the time we got to the restaurant?

I was in a state of euphoria the minute I got here, going slightly cray cray with the food. But hurray to finishing everything on the platter yet again! My stomach is really a bottomless pit.

Let’s not forget to leave some room for desserts too!

To think Dionna & I almost missed our flight AGAIN the next day! Even at the airport, while everyone else were resting at the airport lounges or grabbing a latte, we had to spend our very last penny on a foot reflexology. These two massage queens, tsk tsk!

Goodbye Jakarta, till next time! Oh boy I’m so exhausted I need to crash.

goodbye gloomy days

I’ve been feeling very enthusiastic in updating on a daily basis, wow what has gotten into me? Way too many pictures in my laptop & it’s probably a sign to keep my blog filled with them instead of tossing them into the recycle bin. Here’s some recent happenings!

Morning Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh Cravings straight after a full night of crazy partying. No sleep but nonetheless booming with energy I think my lover has thoughts of killing me sometimes.

Daytime at work where it feels like winter every single day! Not even thermal wear could help me, I think I need a fireplace instead.

Daphne’s Birthday at Gunther’s. Fourteen years & counting, I love you babe. Now I’m just waiting to be your bridesmaid. I promise you I’d turn up with decent hair, not blonde, not purple or pink. Dark brown just for you, sweet or not?

Weekend getaway with Princess D despite feeling a lil’ sickly. Didn’t take as many pictures this time as my hands were either way too preoccupied with shopping bags or I was passed out during the three-hour long massages. Yes I was THAT tired.

Possibly one of my laziest trips ever, the everyday routine was just a slab of sunscreen + eyeliner & I’m ready to go. But I did manage to eat everything I felt like having. Plus I really loved how our room had two queen-sized beds! Next time we’re taking more friends along.

Just had to stop by here to get my daily dose of Iced HK Milk Tea. Way too addictive!

Some cool finds while shopping! Can we patronize Baby Cafe on our next trip pretty please?

Dinner at Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine, this was definitely the highlight of my trip. Thanks for taking us here! Never felt so satisfied from eating way too much meat, in fact I’d love to have this everyday & I won’t get sick of it.

I’m such a tyrant when it comes to eating I forbid everyone from touching the greens! Eating red meat always keeps me so happy I don’t think I could ever go vegan no matter what happens.

Headed for drinks at Cafe Gray afterwards.I requested for a special concoction! Isn’t the view from Upper House so breathtaking?

Dionna took me here too where I ate durian pancakes like nobody’s business, never mind if it gave me such a horrible sore throat afterwards. It was worth it!

Combed the entire Harbour City to get these ‘Too Cool For School’ goodies for my face & how could I resist this MCM uber cute backpack. Question is, where & when am I gonna use it? It’s okay, I’d figure it out later.

Off to complete my never-ending chores! Thank goodness Friday is coming soon, I am so in need of a break.

the weekend getaway

The incredibly spontaneous trip had us getting coach tickets one hour before & packing twenty minutes prior to departure. All weary-eyed from no sleep the night before, oh why did we decide to put ourselves through this!

The good ol’ nap got us almost fully-recharged & ready to take on KL. If only I had my camera when we were munching on local food, but someone’s too busy devouring it all! You know how cranky one gets when food-deprived!

Explored the areas around the hotel for a bit before we need to prep for the night! Went abit overboard at Sephora since I left 3/4 of my neccessities back in Singapore. Told you I don’t work too well with last minute packing!

Finally found time to catch up with our friends from here! First time at Zouk KL and I had a blast. Way too much fun that I slept with makeup on, kill me already!

Okay so this was the real reason why we’re in KL! The Challenger Muay Thai Live Finale combines the elements of reality & drama! Plus, what’s not to love when you get to see sweaty men in action during their elimination fights?

Since cameras weren’t allowed on set, I didn’t manage to capture the fighters in action! These men are fearless, I’d love to have one as my knight in shining armour. Check out the amount of blood shed, brutal much!

With Riaz, President of Imagine Group, otherwise known as a Reality TV extraordinaire. The Challenger Season 1 was a huge success, I’m so proud of you BFF!

Goofing around in between breaks had us braving the rain to eat some beef patties & truth be told I really have no clue how these roses magically appeared in a stadium! I was in high spirits!

Partied the night through again afterwards! So glad our dearest Dionna made it down in time, partying with her always ends in good fun! It’s been proven.


Lunch at Ben’s – the perfect cure to a nasty hangover. It’s such a pity we’re kinda rushed for time & couldn’t feast like how we normally do. Big boohoo!

Next time I’m here, I’d make sure I attempt all the desserts! There’s no such thing as ‘overly sinful’ in my dictionary.


We’ve already missed the first & second coach, we’re not about to miss the third one! It’s almost unbelievable how we lose track of time constantly!

Now that I’m back in Singapore, I’m kinda missing KL already. Looks like I might need to plan a trip back there soon! 

i’m all things unthinkable

When there’s no end to shopping, where pigging out goes on till the wee hours of the morning! Hello Hong Kong, here we come!

The most impromptu trip ever had me getting tickets one day before departure, it was pure madness! The last minute decision to stay at Harbour Grand Hong Kong I definitely didn’t regret despite the high season rate.

Alas, a bed I could actually pass out on instantly. I bid you goodbye insomniac nights.

I wished Singapore had such cool weather even without rain. We could literally wrap ourselves in fur coars & strut down the sidewalk in skyhigh boots without a trickle of sweat. Decided to take the Star Ferry to cross to the other side, total tourist moment! Oh well, we’re not to blame, we’re on a holiday!

Gonna miss waking up proper & actually having lunch at decent timings. Plus, desserts here are so good we need more than just one serving! And the best part being, every food place you step foot into serves mouthwatering dishes, how rare!

Took the ferry back to the other side, boy were we blown away by the breathtaking sight! It looked even better in the night than in the day! No more taking the MTR’s, we’d rather view lovely scenery anytime & be intoxicated.

There’s also the dinner at Xi Yan! Despite the place being highly inaccessible, I like it’s exclusivity. I love how all the dishes were executed with precision. Thank you Ben!

Next up, Apple & I decided to have our very own photobooth moment. Don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand, it’s gonna be a massive picture post! But first, I must keep myself full with my favourite streetfood, yummy!

Korean food afterwards to replenish all energy lost from all that running about, teehee! Just when our tummies grumbled, talk about perfect timing. Yay!

Stayed at The Mira over at Kowloon too, I just had to check out how it looked newly renovated! Gotta love all things in shades of grey, way more mellow.

That’s when reality hit me & I’m back in Singapore. I miss all that streetfood & unlimited shopping already! I think I might just do a round two in January, teehee!


So dead beat right now, it’s time to snooze. Have a great week ahead to all!

too hard to decipher

My favourite place on earth with babyvell. Nothing beats a weekend escapade like this one & we’ve discovered the perfect way to conquer the massive jams.

Here we spent each day sourcing for glorious food & indulging in massages to nurse our poor feet from excessive partying.

The two must-have dishes each time I’m at ITC Mangga Dua. That place itself is like a maze, but good food worth’s finding!

Nothing spells home like Blowfish does! There’s a reason why we keep coming back.

The after effects of way too many jaggerbombs. Thank god for 24 hour dim sum places!

Barely recovering from the night before, out & about at nine in the morning! Each time we’re on holiday, we love being up when the sun beckons us to. Truth be told, I’m the devilish one who wakes the entire entourage at the sound of my growling stomach,teehee.

The hunger deprived before a full day’s shopping, and this was only lunch, mind you! My fascination with ox tail soup leaves babyvell speechless.


Once night falls, there comes the rise of ravenous appetites at Potato Head. Do not belittle me! Desserts here are exceptionally good, and knowing me, one’s never enough.

Dragonfly afterwards where B52s did their jobs and eventually got us dancing on the couches! Too much fun we forgot to capture the moments,teehee.

Breakfast at seven in the morning with no sleep, & probably one of the best I’ve had, straight from all that partying. Dearest jaggerbomb, sometimes I hate you so very much.

What’s a weekend with my loveliest if we didn’t complete it with Sour Sally? If you think we overdid the amount, you’ve probably haven’t tried the best yoghurt yet! Time to hit the sacks now,goodnight!

love in LAX part three

Pacific Park with the lover fills me with all sorts of flutter. Who knew a simple stroll on the beach could reset the butterflies in my stomach! Funny how I seem to embrace the sun here better too!

A pity I wasn’t in proper footwear or I’d be prancing all over the sand! Next time I must! 

My current fascination over corn dogs, boy was it good! We were about to grab a few more, but to our disappointment, they were sold out, big boohoo!

Don’t we all love how theme parks are so colourful! There’s this instant happiness that we get just upon entering!

On board the Ferris Wheel & the view from the top was splendid. How nice if everything could move at slower rate once in a while!

Ended the night off with some scrumptious potatoes!

Rock Sugar.

The Grove.

I’m dead sleepy right now & so in need of a shut-eye. Pardon the sudden abruption! I’d be back to fill in the words & the rest of the pictures! Have a great day ahead!

love in LAX part two

Out & about at nine in the morning, how rare! I love how I’ve become such a day person here! Plus, Jack in the Box breakfast on the road’s heavenly. Universal Studios here we come! 

A true blue glutton I was, finishing up the babyboy’s portion was nowhere near absurd! Why oh why are the burritos here so sinful!

Gotta love theme parks on a weekday where we could sit rides over & over without never-ending queues! And no, we didn’t feel dizzy once!

There’s something magical about theme parks don’t you think? Suddenly it’s perfectly excusable if you take a million photos or prance around with your other half like there’s no tomorrow.

And the best part being, you don’t sweat one bit despite running around like a child. That’s how perfect the weather is here!

Next up, I think we went a lil’ overboard in the candy store! When you’re so spoilt for choice, you literally wipe out everything!

If my dearest babyvell was here, she’d literally go insane! It’s all sugar! She’s the ultimate candy freak who knows everything about all things sweet.

Today felt like the childhood days, where everything was so carefree. Even the littlest things never failed to fascinate me!

Just when he thought I was about to take a shot next to the shark just like everyone else, I did the unbelievable & climbed right in, teehee!

And we absolutely love the Jurrasic ride, it’s all about the plunge! The ride attendant was so nice to tell us to keep to the middle seats if we don’t wanna get wet! True enough!

With Lil’ Niqo who’s so incredibly cute! And once he had that mike, the crowd was on fire! Check out his music at .


Ended the night off with some Yogurtland & some crazy toppings! Alright now, time to catch up on more sleep.

love in LAX part one

The three-week long summer loving in a place away from home. My heart takes me to one of the best cities in the world – Los Angeles. There I take on a retreat armed with a fistful of dreams, feast on some of the best cuisines, satisfy all my shopping needs & fall in love all over again.

A quick change later, wandered off to Little Tokyo. Daikokuya for yummilicious ramen! Be prepared for a long wait though, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Good things are worth waiting for!

Waking up early morning has become has such a breeze, apparently my messed up sleeping pattern in Singapore works perfect for me here! Plus, not having to deal with humidity or the scorching sun, it makes dressing up such a fun activity every single day. LA really does have the perfect weather.

Downtown LA for some shopping.

Staples Centre.

Rock & Fish for dinner.

Third Street Promenade with my honey – Michelle Phan. We go way back & she’s awesome fun to be with! Boy do I love this place! Our passion for food takes us to greater heights of satisfaction.

Be back later to fill in the words & more pictures! I’m running late for dinner plans. Till then, have a great week ahead!

when i wish upon a star

The spontaneous trip which almost landed us in jeopardy. We missed our flight back by the way, first time ever! Despite all the running about & lack of sleep, I think for once, this can be regarded as the time of our lives! 


Sweet Julie picked us from the airport despite her tight schedule! First stop, lunch at Table 8. So spoilt for choice, we literally ordered everything & anything that was available!

Buffet spread here is way too amazing, but I particularly loved the shark’s bone soup here! 

Somerset Berlian as our humble abode, we decided on a two bedroom layout complete with a dining area & living room!

A five minute walk around the area, and we uncovered this spa haven. Pampered to the fullest in three hours with signature massage + body scrub + body masque + steam bath . All that for only 35SGD!

Thrilled customers who made it a pact to come here on a daily basis! A quick nap late, dinner at Zhuma awaits us.

Belittle us you shall not, for eating keeps us more than just sane!

Karaoke at Sun City where we almost died from some excessive screaming & mike hoggers. Dragonfly was a lot better where ‘sex on the beach’ & ‘B52’ shots came in trays after trays!

Finally we managed to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for some time now! Ps, you have no idea how much we value power naps here! Not when you hit the sack at eleven in the morning & have to be out & about by two in the noon!

Seribu Rasa right after a fabolous foot reflexology session.

Better stuff ourselves full before we head over to Blowfish for Round two of partying! They said never to mix durians with alcohol, and I’m pretty sure I did just that! Bless me!


You know for sure you’re having a blast when your night ends at seven in the morning. Correction! Two nights in a row & no signs of hangover.

And we bid Jakarta goodbye eventually, but we’d be back in a month without a doubt!

the start of the weekend

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa for the weekend, you’d think yet another spontaneous trip! Well I guess we’re just being ourselves! And we almost never made it, talk about fashionably late.

The view from the room was picturesque, but really we’ve got bigger issues to deal with, a growling tummy is the biggest deal of all,teehee! Wasted no time in some local streetfood. Dig in everybody!

Nobody wanted to try my favourite beef tongue soup, all the better! Gotta love the burning sensation on the tastebuds, and I used to hate all things spicy. See the sacrifices I make for delicious food!

Woke up at 7 in the morning, how miraculous! Encountered the most ridiculous taxi driver.

Agri: You know Finas Studios? Use meter.

Taxi Driver: Yes I know. 60RM ah?

Agri: No 60RM. The exterior of your taxi says ‘Haggling is prohibited’. Do you know that?

Taxi Driver: Yes I know miss, is jam. So 60RM ok ya? How much you want?

Agri: No! I want meter! (proceeded to board another cab)

Taxi Driver: Eh miss you must follow the queue!

Agri: Eh mister, you follow the ‘haggling is prohibited’ rule first!

Over to Finas studios for The Biggest Loser Asia Finale. Now, this is really the reason why we’re in KL. Could you even believe how my friends were betting that we’d arrive later than the scheduled time! Too bad no one placed their bets on us reaching early, or he’d be rich by now.


Families & relatives of David Gurnani flew here all the way from Jakarta for massive support, how sweet of them! Of course I’m rooting for David, after all we’re from the same place. Dawnie’s favourite was Carlo Miguel from the Phillipines! There’s no before pictures of the contestants here though, but you really have to check them out at .

Such a shame cameras were not allowed whilst the filming started! I could have captured so many nice shots. One part of the show even left us tearing when a contestant, Garry Holden went on his knees & proposed to his loved one!

Another shocking moment was when the final four emerged. The amount of weight loss was incredible! Seeing is believing!

Hurray! And the one who lost an astounding 83kg was David Gurnani! He walks away with USD $100 000 & a brand new car!

Had some Mr. Teppanyaki afterwards. In all honesty, I wished we had Pizza Hut instead, we might have been happier!

And we thought an hour of power nap would do us good & guess what? We overslept & to make matters worse, I woke up to a bloodshot plus swollen left eye, must have traumatized my dearest! It took an hour for the swelling to dissapear. And we were extremely late already! Least I didn’t forget to slip on the outfit by ClubCouture.

Indochine for the after party.

Met Martha Lai for the first time & I like her already! Also one of the final contestants for Biggest Loser Asia, her sweetness is contagious! It’s funny how we’re trying to down the shots, but took forever to get the fire on it!

No night’s complete without supper! Was in bed finally close to five in the morning & we were actually contemplating to stay awake for breakfast brunch! That obviously didn’t happen!

Bumped into Carlo on our last day here!

 Remember to check out You’d be extremely amazed by their physique now & then! They’re on the lookout for Season 2’s contestants already.

Had such a blast this time round & next weekend we’re ready to rock Jakarta! All that glorious food, plentiful shopping & crazy partying!

hello jakarta part two

My Lioni Putri’s house is equivalent to a love palace! Anywhere I wandered, I couldn’t help but feel intoxicated.



Love is such a splendid thing, oh what are we to do without love?

Makes me chuckle with delight at the sight of a Hello Kitty Wonderland!And just before you mistake this for an amusement park….





Say hello to Happy Puppy Karaoke, where each room is of a different concept! Everything here seems way more advanced with that touch screen surface, why oh why do we still rely on a pathetic remote control in Singapore!

Dinner at Kihana.







No, you cannot ban me from having Japanese cuisine. It’s the next thing I’m so in love with alongside with the babyboy. Besides the food in Jakarta does not disappoint-another reason to never diet.


Having turned up for dinner so fashionably late, our loveliest friends took into consideration that Sour Sally closes at ten thirty & surprised us with these at the dinner table!

Blowfish with Babyvell.






I could go here a hundred times & not get sick of it! Totally dig the music & crowd here, aside from one horrendous irritant who kept cutting into what could have been a fabolous conversation.


Still alive & kicking at six in the morning. A quick shower later & a deserving in-room-dinging, I was out for a shoot at seven without any sleep.





The morning sky has never seemed this beautiful, and I’ve learnt better to appreciate the wonders of nature.



Back in Sunny Singapore now, and we already have a new destination in mind for next week!

hello jakarta

ClubCouture gives everyone a reason to smile! Due to past great collaboration with them, boy am I glad to be part of the team now!


Make A Wish with ClubCouture offer has been extended to 31st Dec 2009!

Is that good news or what!


ClubCouture apparels ooze versatility & flexibility! Even attempting a split is of no constraint!

Hurry visit

today for exclusive offers & a chance to win up to $100 worth of products!

Seems like I just can’t get enough of Jakarta. Week after week, I find myself finding a way back there! Never mind if it meant dragging babyvell with me on a 6am flight!







The humble abode for two troublemakers! Friends of mine have warned me against the place most likely to be bombed for the second time, but what’s a daredevil like me gotta do?


Had to stop by Emporium rightaway! We’re both such yoghurt freaks! So I’ve tried Sour Sally, Smooch & Red Mango now. And my verdict? I’m still very much in love with Sour Sally!

Lunch at Maystar right after with our dearest Lioni Putri.







Would love to ramble further but time doesn’t permit! Feeling so lethargic right now & have yet to start on the piling assignments. More on Jakarta tomorrow!

in and out of town

The early morning flight & we almost missed it. It’s bad enough I’m constantly giving everyone the panic attack.



Barely slept a wink the night before & we’re already wasting no time in a pizza feast. You ought to try the cookies & cream pizza from Pizza Boutique, sinful but delish. It’s funny how after this I could still stuff myself with oxtail soup & tenderloin steak, no pictures however.



The first time I went to a Hot Import Night, and boy I was blown away.





The fast & furious for the daredevils, there’s bound to be something to attract everyone’s attention.



But I’m secretly in love with gigantic cars, they give you that superior feeling.

And speaking of absurd, this was the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen. Who could imagine they’d feature something like that!




Most of the cars here had super lush interiors, you probably wouldn’t step out of your own if it was done up like that! Makes me so tempted to give my car a makeover now, plus the addition of some very good speakers wouldn’t hurt!





And these two are my favourite. I couldn’t believe I passed out for a goof ol’ one hour inside Venom. The music in there was dope. It must have felt so much like my private sanctuary.





Whoever said you could only fall in love with human beings! Coming here today has broadened my horizon already. If only we spent more time & money on our cars, we’d love it like it was our prized possessions.

Still going on strong without ample sleep, we’re on the move for some very scrumptious dinner. Aside from the massive jams in Jakarta, I love everything else about this place.



Over here, you’re so spoilt for choice, there’s no hurry to finish everything all at once. Why oh why has Singapore declined Baskin Robbins!

Dinner at Kiyadon with the newlyweds.





My obsession with Japanese food is overwhelming. I know I should be eating Nasi Padang now that I’m in Jakarta, but that could wait! Besides, Kiyadon serves my favourite ox tongue & the thought of that is sufficient to make me salivate.





My Lioni Putri is looking all radiant from her baby bump, congratulations my dearest!

Sour Sally closed before we could get to it, settling for Smooch was not that bad of an idea after all. I’ve always been into novelty of all sorts, and this was it! Taste-wise, nothing comes close to Sour Sally!




We’re both gluttons without a doubt, you really don’t wanna know the total amount of our room service. Having to deal with the perpetually hungry who places orders four times a day, even the front desk worries.

My healthiest weekend to date, without a drop of alcohol & late night partying. Let’s see how long that’d last, considering the fact that next week I’d be flying over with my babyvell.

jakarta part four

Today’s breakkie.





Someone’s craving for piping hot soup, and she regarded no steam as failure. Babyvell went easy on the sushi & my burger cravings just got insane. Oh well, they’re mini anyway!

Followed by the long-awaited French massage, which rids water retention effectively!


Passed out for a good ol’ two hours, before heading to Grand Indonesia. Everyone had their doubts initially, but trust me, these are actual restaurants. I wished we had better decor for restaurants here.




Blowfish round two- partying here is truly sensational.







Too many jaggerbombs, it’s not surprising at all though. Someone here apparently has been awake for 48 hours straight.

Late night supper/ Early breakfast



We’re gonna miss laughing hysterically over ice-cream & in the wee hours of the morning.

jakarta part three

I have the weirdest habits, which includes breakkies at 545am. Besides, who could resist hotel breakkies which has anything & everything?





Feeling all famished now, after an entire night of partying, we’re all ready to finally get some shut-eye. i think?



Wide awake now for a full 24 hours, someone explain why the sleepy hasn’t made its way to us yet?


Fast forward to the evening- Lioni & Eddy’s wedding.





The decorations were so beautiful, filled with floral fantasies. Even someone as aloof as me can’t help but smile in delight. The bride was at her most enchanting moment in her ball gown & the groom was equally ravishing in his suit.





Wedding portraits, dress fittings, food tastings, rose petals, fabolous song selection & amazing colour scheme, all these months of efforts definitely paid off.





We’re all as elated as the bride, in fact we’ve gone pretty drastic to actually travel to jakarta specially for her big night. Not like an hour’s flight is a biggie, but seriously, if we didn’t love the person enough, we wouldn’t even go to such extremes.



Congratulations my Lioni Putri dearest!