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I must confess, when anyone asks me to whip up a meal, I would break out in cold sweat. Because the last time I did it, my friends told me straight to my face I’m not suited for the kitchen. How disheartening! Of course, I’m not the sort who gives up easily & with much practice, restaurant standard food was no meat feat for this tough cookie! So Agri, how’d you go from total noob to master chef in such a short time-span?


Alright alright, the practice part was far from the truth, & no I didn’t engage a last minute helper nor did I enrol in a cooking crash course. If you’re clueless about the ABC’s of cooking just like me & you’re in need to impress your loved ones pronto, MEAT SAUCERY can solve them all. In short, MEAT SAUCERY offers healthy, high-quality frozen meals that have been prepared with its revolutionary techniques to deliver top-notch quality food to you.


Even pricing-wise, they’re very reasonably priced which is why I keep coming back to purchase the AKETARE WAGYU STEAKS & PROVINCIAL FILLET OF SALMON! Honestly, I was never a fan of cooked salmon until I had the one here! It’s so easy to prepare, all you have to do is remove the contents from the frozen pack & heat it up! My favorite way to eat it is to slightly pan fry it over high heat!


In case you’re wondering, MEAT SAUCERY is not a walk-in restaurant but they however offer PRIVATE CHEF DINING services. The founder is so nice to organize this mini gathering for my girls to try out some the dishes I’ve been raving to them about! Our bellies were very happy at the end of it all, thank you so much! Prepare to feast with your eyes people!





Trust me, it tastes as good as it looks! There’s something about MEAT SAUCERY’S secret marinades that left us wanting for more!





Check out MEAT SAUCERY for easy-to-make-at-home gourmet minus the hefty price tag!

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of the studio photoshoot work I did in KL!




Have a good weekend everyone! Stay tuned to my next update on my HK BIRTHDAY TRIP!


Recently, I’ve been approached by BIOSKIN to try out their treatments & honestly, I was really excited to embark on a journey with them to attain stellar-looking skin. They’ve been around a long time & I’ve heard so much raves about their latest BIO P2x ACNE SKIN TREATMENT.

You know how many beauty salons practice the extraction method & sometimes if not done properly, it leads to scarring. But over here at BIOSKIN, big hurray to no extraction because the BIO P2X does an even better job minus the pain. I admit I’m guilty of picking on my blackheads/whiteheads at my nose sometimes up to twice a week (I know it’s such a bad habit), but in all honesty, after seeing what the BIO P2X can do, I’m quitting this habit slowly but surely.


Long story short, it works like a vacuum & sucks out all the skin impurities. I can assure you it’s painless. Believe me, I was disgusted & impressed at the same time. Imagine witnessing your blackheads & whiteheads come off one by one, major eew! But I’m not complaining because my face is squeaky clean it’s unbelievable.


I’ve previously tried out a similar machine at the doctor’s office & found it really effective in regulating my skin’s condition (lesser breakouts) + tightening my pores. This also meant you have to do a lot of maintenance (mask everyday) at home because this treatment might be a lil’ drying, But of course over at BIOSKIN, they complete this treatment with a rejuvenating facial so that your skin is fully hydrated. I felt truly relaxed during the treatment & even fell asleep halfway through the face massage!


When it comes to facial treatments, results matter a lot. You’d be happy to know there’s no downtime for the BIO P2X. With all the impurities drawn out, it makes makeup application so at ease & much longer-lasting. I’m glad the BIO P2X really does make a significant difference & looking forward to more sessions to attain Korean-looking skin. Thank you so much BIOSKIN!

Good news everyone! BIOSKIN is extending a SPECIAL PROMOTION specially for my readers! SMS < Agri_P2X> to 8288 1133 & enjoy BIO P2X + SCALP & SHOULDER MASSAGE + CELL RENEWAL CREAM (30ML) @ $38. (T & C APPLIES)

Also, I’ve started on a detox regime as of late. Don’t be mistaken, my main purpose is not to lose weight but rather to promote good health because of all the toxins I’ve been eating. Sometimes I do face the problems of over-eating & ending up with a bloated stomach. Super unglam I know! That’s when detox really helps! Also, I know for a fact that consuming red meat in large quantities is not good.


I’ve been trying out this KOGEN DETOX TEA by BIOSKIN for 5 days.When you go on full detox, your system clears out your body’s toxins effectively. And that’s exactly what I need because honestly, I’m full of poison inside.


KOGEN DETOX TEA is a FERMENTED HERBAL TEA ENZYME POWDER that HELPS IN DETOXIFICATION, STOMACH GAS REDUCTION & CONSTIPATION. It is made from 54 types of organic vegetables, fruits, weeds & yeast. Basically all the healthy stuff I definitely won’t put inside my mouth, but in powder form, I can accept.


I usually take this right before bedtime. Actually, due to my petite frame & also because my main purpose is not to lose weight drastically, I’m not required to complete a pack a day. Hence I always just do half sachet each time. See, it’s really easy to make!

I’d be heading to the toilet to let it all out (of course not like diarrhea don’t worry). So far, I haven’t experienced any tummy ache & really loving how my tummy is getting flatter day by day. I no longer have to feel so conscious in tiny cropped tops for my advertorial shoots!


Thank goodness for KOGEN DETOX TEA, I don’t have to worry about having a dragon’s appetite. Alright now, have a good week ahead & stay tuned to my next update on MEAT SAUCERY!


Recently people have been telling me ‘Oh Agri, your brows are so on point, tell us your secret!’ & it’s been making me grin from ear to ear! No it’s not that I’ve changed the way I drew my brows. As you all already know, I’ve gotten eyebrow tattoo done previously months back & the color has more or less faded because I haven’t gone back for a touch-up. I didn’t hate it, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’m always open for different types of treatments (spoken like a lab rat), because you never know which one suits you best until you’ve tried it all.

I’m all about looking younger than my real age, & fuller-looking brows’ the way to go for a more youthful outlook. Unfortunately, with eyebrow tattoo, the result is not as ideal if you decide to have a thicker design especially close to your eye sockets since it penetrates deep into the dermis. Hence, EYEBROW EMBROIDERY is the way to go for STROKE BY STROKE PRECISION! So there you go, my secret is revealed! Don’t say I never share!


Here I am at BROWTISAN – also my favorite go-to place for sexy cat-eyed lashes. Don’t you love how luxurious the interior is, you can’t help but feel like an ultimate princess right here! Let’s take a look at my brows with no makeup on them!


Here’s a clearer visual taken with my Iphone 6! Aren’t they a lil’ thin & sparse-looking towards the end? Not forgetting what a messy state they’re in!


Alright let’s get started & get those brows numbed for a good ol’ 20 minutes! If you’re afraid of pain, you can have it on slightly longer! Fret not my dears, COCO is extremely gentle. If at any point you feel discomfort during the embroidery session, she will apply more numbing cream for you!


Check out my brows with one side drawn on & one side sans makeup! What a difference it makes!


And this is the customized brow design COCO created specially for me!


The very first time the founder COCO drew on my brows, I was so tempted to never wash them for a week. Just take a look at this, you’d feel me. I really don’t know how she does it, but I want those magic hands! In fact I’m not the only one who has this thought! She really is the MAESTRO OF BROWS! With above two decades of experience in the brow industry, I know I’m in complete safe hands!



When it comes to matters of the brows, she’s 101% attentive & will analyze your features before creating a design suited for you. Can’t wait for her to enhance my brows & make them look alluring! I opted for a dark brown colour so that I can just go over with brow mascara should I dye my hair in a lighter shade.



You’d think the process is pain, but it’s zero pain honestly. In fact, I was sleeping pretty soundly throughout the whole thing, & if you heard snores, that’s probably me!

Check out the final result! Done meticulously stroke by stroke to mimick real hair! Oh boy I love it already! Thank you so much COCO & BROWTISAN! My newly embroidered brows frame my face perfectly, I look awake even when I feel like a zombie inside. Now you know the wonders of perfectly sculpted brows! It’s totally normal for your brows to look darker than usual, but it’d slowly turn natural in a week’s time!


Here’s a closeup of my newly-done brows! Crafted with perfection- just the way I like it! Aftercare is extremely important if you want to have good results! You can purchase TEGADERM FILMS at WATSONS/GUARDIAN to protect your brows from touching water. BROWTISAN will also provide you with an AFTER-CARE KIT to apply over your brows thrice a day!


Here’s how my brows look 3 days later. No more eyebrow pencil needed, I’m ready to toss it away!


One week has gone by & my brows are looking even more natural than ever! Looking forward to getting them touched-up in two weeks time for a more lasting effect!


I don’t know about you, but I definitely like my mornings to be hassle-free! With BROWTISAN’S EYEBROW EMBROIDERY & EYELASH EXTENSION, I literally wake up looking 3/4 made-up! All I need is powder & lipstick before I head out. Easy peasy!

Yes EYEBROW EMBROIDERY may be considered a lil’ pricey to some, but it’s a really good investment especially if you’re the type who’d like to spend lesser time on makeup before work each day. Don’t you want to sleep a lil’ more? Plus it lasts about 3 years, so if you do the math, it’s pretty worth it! I have recommended a couple of friends here & they’re extremely satisfied with the results too. Thank you once again COCO & BROWTISAN for my beautiful set of brows!


BROWTISAN is located at 402 ORCHARD ROAD, DELFI ORCHARD, #03-17.

To make an appointment, call 6235 2355! Also, do check out BROWTISAN’S facebook page HERE.


Always excited to visit my stylist KEVIN because he’s extremely meticulous when it comes to caring for my hair. I make it a point to visit at least once a month to keep those split ends at bay! Can’t complain because I’m in ultimate relaxation mode every time I’m under his care! The ANTI-FRIZZ MILK TREATMENT is my holy grail & it makes my hair so incredibly smooth & smelling good!


Decided to have a different set of colour this time round too, staying away from ash-tones for the time-being! This SUMMER BROWN is looking oh so fine, thank you so much KEVIN! He even did such a feminine blowout for me, I can’t help but feel beautiful all day!


Also, I’m glad my hair’s finally starting to grow out quickly recently. Long luscious locks, here I come!





To make an appointment with my stylist, drop him a whatsapp at 9729 7081. Quote ‘AGRI’ to get 20% OFF ALL HAIR SERVICES!

Dinner at ROLAND RESTAURANT afterwards. Pardon my never-ending cravings for crabs of all sorts lately, just can’t seem to get enough of them!






Time for me to get back to a full day of meetings! Work has been pretty productive as of late & I’ve never felt more contented! PS, for the month of April, I’d be opening up my INSTAGRAM SLOTS at PROMOTIONAL RATES (because it’s my birthday month yay!) & if you’d like me to feature your blogshop, drop me an email at !


With my birthday coming up real soon, it’s time to get my face camera ready 24/7. And with that, it’s time to visit ASTIQUE CLINIC to get another touch-up session for my under-eyes. I’ve tried multiple eye-creams in the past & splurged on countless treatments, but really nothing worked as well as this!

So what’s this magical treatment that I speak so fondly of? It’s really just UNDER-EYE BOTOX + FILLERS, & my doctor always injects just the right amount to give me youthful-looking eyes. If you’ve followed me long enough on this blog, you’d know I used to suffer from a case of huge eye bags. Of course, if you’re into the Korean trend thinking that eye bags are cute, good for you! But in my case, I hated them so much & would do anything & everything to bid them goodbye!

If you’re afraid of pain, you can always request to have the numbing cream on slightly longer. And not to worry, DR. MATTHEW YAP is really gentle! Here’s a picture of my under-eye area being numbed from a previous session. I usually have them on for about twenty minutes!


So here’s a comparison from way before I started on this treatment two years back & now so that you can really see how drastic the results are. Can you see how my eye condition has improved vastly & no I didn’t get any eye bags surgery done! I really wasn’t joking when I said I was suffering from a really bad case of humongous bags!












I’m at my fourth touch-up today & this is how my eyes look currently. Even on days when I’m so sleep-deprived, there’s no eye bags or dark circles. I love it so much & I owe it all to my awesome doctor!


ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 350 ORCHARD ROAD, SHAW HOUSE, #08-00. To make an appointment, drop them a call at 6732 3801.

Dinner at SEAFOOD PARADISE afterwards! Love the food here so much, especially the creamy butter crab – simply orgasmic.






Stay tuned to my next update on my HAIR VISUALS! I’m loving my new hair colour & I can’t wait to blog about it! Meanwhile, have a great mid-week!


Recently, I have a growing obsession with cropped tops & we all know to look good in that, one needs to have a flat tummy. Oh boy, you have no idea how tiring it is to suck in your tummy for hours especially when you’re out & about! Are you guilty of that too? I love to eat, but I’m not looking forward to a prosperous belly look. That’d be a nightmare!


That’s me sucking in my tummy right there under the scorching sun!

Yes the sad truth is, with age, my metabolism rate has slowed down & all I’m left with is a bulging tummy. It’s not overly humongous, but for my petite frame, people sometimes mistake it for a mini baby bump. Even with that, I’m not willing to quit my sinful diet, I’m really as stubborn as a mule. I’ve also tried exercising regularly, but that too didn’t help me. Is there any other way ever to combat those fats?

Been doing quite a bit of research online & saw that Hollywood celebrities were raving about this ULTRASONIC CAVITATION to blast off unsightly fats right before a red carpet event. Imagine how excited I was after knowing this machine is available in Singapore too! Honestly, I was very skeptical at the start, how could it be that with one session, you’d be able to see instant results? I NEED TO TRY IT!


Decided to make a trip down to BodyPerfect after a girlfriend of mine recommended me. She has attained a svelte figure after weeks of treatments with them & I can’t wait to achieve the same results too! I got a better understanding of the ULTRASONIC CAVITATION upon consultation. Doctors too have this machine but of course they charge an exorbitant price for that!


Basically, ULTRASONIC CAVITATION is a non-surgical fat reduction therapy minus the blood & sweat. The treatment targets inflexible fat deposits that you’re unable to lose through diet or exercise (perfect for someone like me). BODYPERFECT’S 50K ULTRASONIC CAVITATION offers a contouring solution to get your body in shape with no downtime & no scarring.

For my treatment, BODYPERFECT will be working on my tummy & love handles (yes I had no idea that was the real problem until they pointed it out) all at once. Let’s get started, shall we? They’d first put some markings on the areas to be worked on & in my case, those stubborn love handles.





The treatment itself was very comfortable, the therapist was very gentle with me. I’m not gonna lie, I was wishing it lasted even longer, because it really felt like a massage! In twenty minutes, I witnessed a more contoured waistline. Oh wow, I am never underestimating the power of science anymore. I think I’d be tossing out that gym membership very soon! Thank you BodyPerfect for restoring my confidence back! I definitely can’t wait to undergo more sessions & show you my final result!


Specially for my readers, BodyPerfect is offering a 20 MINUTES ULTRASONIC CAVITATION (worth $388) ABSOLUTELY FREE! You really have to try it to believe it! Call 6235 7377 for this awesome promo!

BodyPerfect is located at 541 ORCHARD ROAD, #21-03/04, LIAT TOWERS.


With Chinese New Year, everywhere is jam packed with people rushing to get their festive goodies and new clothes. This is the time to pig out on all that unhealthy pineapple tarts & whatnots (the list goes on). I am definitely a sucker for all these yummy snacks, so can you picture how delighted I was when I was shopping at CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL & spotted all these interesting Chinese New Year snacks? Needless to say, I had to stock up. Thank goodness for my beautiful babe Sheena, I could barely manage on my own!



The sight of food always gets me distracted, but really we’re here to check out the CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL FUKUBUKURO BAG (LUCKY BAG). I was immediately drawn to it because I simply love the colour red, duh! And now, it’s time to take a selfie or two!




300 MALL FUKUBUKURO BAGS will be sold during this event at a price of $21.40 with a minimum spend of $58. The contents in the FUKUBUKURO BAG will be randomized & is guaranteed 3x the bag’s value. I had such a tough time picking & even tried to take a peek in each bag! Really like how this reminds me of Christmas gift exchange sessions & the whole suspense of what’s in the chosen bag!



Aside from that, CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL will also be featuring their first ever TENANT FUKUBUKURO BAG. I had the privilege to check out one store’s very own FUKUBUKURO BAG & like the former, it’s also guaranteed 3x the bag’s value with different contents. Purchase a TENANT FUKUBUKURO BAG & you’d be entitled to a GOLDEN FUKUBUKURO BAG SCRATCHCARD TICKET of your choice. Each ticket has a unique serial number & there are ONLY 12 LUCKY GOLDEN FUKUBUKURO BAG WINNING TICKET. Ready to hear some of the PRIZES that’d be given out? LED TVTRAVEL VOUCHERS & SURFACE PRO LAPTOP! I WANT!!


Without further ado, let’s take a look at the FUKUBUKURO BAG SELECTION from SKYROOM!






This store is so full of quirky items I feel right at home instantly! Ranging from accessories to apparels to lifestyle, it’s truly a shopping haven right here. No wonder I turned the store into my very own playground, it really unleashed the kid in me!

Of course it doesn’t all just end here! To reward shoppers even more ($28,000 WORTH OF CASH VOUCHERS), there will be a FUKUBUKURO GAME on Facebook. Click HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CLARKEQUAYCENTRAL to start playing! The user will be given 1 CHANCE PER DAY to open a bag. You’d be entitled to 2 more additional chances for every invitation to a Facebook friend. PRIZES include cash vouchers from MISS EMPIRE, BIOSKIN, BLISSHOUSE THEME RESTAURANT & more.

Look at Sheena & I all engrossed in the game, hoping to win BIG.


Head on down to CLARKE QUAY CENTRAL MALL & indulge in their CHINESE NEW YEAR festivities! It’d go on all through Feb & ENDS MARCH 8TH!


Back at BEAUTI INSTINCT for yet another skin pampering session before Valentine’s Day & the Chinese New Year season. Not so much in need of a skin fix this time round since my problems have been somewhat kept at bay, yes I’ve been good & cutting those late nights down. It’s all about the maintenance now baby!

Time to get reunited with my all time favorite ROLLER TREATMENT. Unlike the past, I didn’t have to go really intense this time round since most of my deep scarring have been treated. Pain-factor wise, it’s really bearable. But of course, if your problem area is pretty severe, I’d say go intense to achieve even better results.


To refresh your memory a little, the ROLLER TREATMENT is really effective in ERADICATING SCARS because it STIMULATES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION. You can always look back at my old posts on BEAUTI INSTINCT to check out how bad my skin used to be & this was one treatment that really turned my life around. I was that girl with a face filled with acne & with BEAUTI INSTINCT’S help over the years, I am now feeling more confident than ever sans makeup.


According to your different skin concerns, the consultant will assign a couple of cocktails to target & treat your skin condition. This time round, I indulged in a mixture of GLYCOLIC ACID, TAURINE, GLUTATHIONE & HYALURONIC ACID.


My skin looks pinkish (particularly the cheek areas) & lifted immediately after the treatment. Spot the INSTANT RADIANCE too? The redness goes away in a couple of hours, don’t fret! Also, it’s best to avoid the sun or pile on sunblock for the next couple of days.


Here’s how my skin looks with a thin layer of sunscreen! No foundation or loose powder needed.



Alright now, it’s not a crime to be vain. Let’s love ourselves a lil’ more & give our skin a little boost for the upcoming celebrations! Drop BEAUTI INSTINCT a call at 6733 9149 to make an appointment & quote ‘AV’ for 30% OFF your ROLLER TREATMENT.



Headed to SUSHI KUU for some comfort food afterwards. Japanese cuisine never fails to put a smile to my face & my honey knows best!



Have a good weekend everyone & stay tuned to my next update!


I’ve been waiting to share this personal post with you all for the longest time. I know some of you have been wondering why my chest area looks a lot  more well-endowed in my recent pictures. And no it’s not the works of a wonder bra. If you’ve followed me long enough, you’d be able to tell from my old pictures I wasn’t blessed in that area. It never really did bother me in the past, I used to be quite the tomboy growing up. But now that I’m at my mid-twenties, I want to fill up my fitted clothes (evening gowns in particular) better to feel more feminine & confident about myself.

This is not some rushed decision that I have decided overnight due to societal pressures or anything of that sort, I’ve really thought about it for a long time, I just wasn’t ready in the past but I am now.

I took the step to go for my first breast augmentation surgery five months ago with DR. EDWARD FOO at TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC. Prior to getting this procedure done, I’ve done a lot of research, read countless forums & consulted a lot of doctors. In all honesty, I was feeling scared because even though I had a high tolerance for pain, I wasn’t sure what sort of discomfort I was going to experience after the surgery.





I went to check out TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC for the first time & I was quite blown away by the the view from the VIP waiting area. Plus, the clinic looked very inviting & I felt right at home. I was introduced to their medical director- DR. CHOW YUEN HO. After having a quick chat with him, he referred me to the surgeon DR. EDWARD FOO. It was all very interesting to me playing with the different sized silicone implants, after all I needed to test out just how hardy they were. I squeezed it, threw in against the wall, & no leakage at all. So far so good! I wouldn’t deny, it was really a lot of fun!



Back to serious talk, DR. EDWARD FOO spoke to me about the difference between the tear-drop implants & the round implants. No doubt the tear-drop implants would have a more natural finish, but I’ve read too many horror stories online of the implants moving after a couple of months, resulting in lopsided breasts. I decided to avoid all that drama (better to save the trouble from getting a revision done) & went along with round implants instead. Since I was also lacking in the chest department, I felt a round-implant would be more beneficial for me.


I addressed my concerns to DR. EDWARD FOO.

1) I wasn’t looking to have a very drastic change, I  just wanted a natural-looking size that’s best fit my body proportion.

2) I wanted the best hidden scar possible.

And you thought all you had to decide on was the type of implants. Apparently, ROUND IMPLANTS come in 3 different types (MODERATE/MODERATE PLUS/HIGH PROFILE) & in 2 different textures (SMOOTH & TEXTURED). Decisions decisions!



Since I was so clueless, I changed into their ‘sizer top & tried out the different implants to get a clearer idea of what size I desire. After much consideration, I decided that I would go along with MENTOR 250CC SMOOTH MODERATE PLUS BREAST IMPLANTS to achieve natural-looking cleavage. And my choice of incision was above the muscle via the nipple areola. MENTOR is AMERICAN-MADE & one of the most reputable breast implants brands around, and it’s also comforting to know that they are part of JOHNSON & JOHNSON. Of course if you chose to go ahead with this incision method, the risk of capsular contraction is higher since no muscles coat over the implants.

DR. EDWARD FOO was very honest in telling me the pros and cons for the various incision methods & not once, did he try to hard sell me at all. Incidentally, DR. EDWARD FOO is one of the most prolific breast implants surgeons in Singapore, which explains his great bed side manners & honest approach.

I went for about 5 consultations before picking out a date for my BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY.


Last few shots of my bare face & of course, my non-existent bosoms (yes flatter than you can imagine).




I could barely sleep the night before, I was excited & nervous at the same time. I had questions in my head like : Would I feel like a different person after having boobs? What if I’m unsatisfied with the size? But believe me, all these thoughts would be gone with the wind as soon as the local anesthesia & mild sedation kicked in. The next thing I knew, I woke up to BOOBS 2 hours later. SAY WHAT? I was still in disbelief despite my drowsy state. OH MY GOODNESS, I SUDDENLY HAVE BOOBS & I LOVE IT!


I must say, my new boobs felt extremely firm & they were really high up right after. I felt a really heavy weight on my chest & it took me a while to get used to. My chest area just felt tight for about a week. Other than that, I didn’t experience any pain at all because my implants were placed above muscle hence simple movement was not a problem. I had no bruising at all too! I was even able to shower one day after surgery with waterproof dressing over my areolas.

I even took it a step further by not touching raw food/seafood for a month in case my wound got itchy.

Of course, there were some instructions given by my surgeon that I had to abide by to ensure good recovery.

1) No lifting of heavy stuff or exercising for a month.

2) Take my prescribed antibiotics daily to avoid infection.

3) Sleeping in a straight position to ensure implants are in place.

I’ve heard how some people lose nipple sensation after breast augmentation surgery, but in my case, they feel more sensitive than ever. Phew!

I am really happy with my current cup size & can’t ask for anything more. I’m so glad to have chosen TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC to get my BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY done. I am really satisfied with my current cup size & can’t ask for anything more. Even friends of mine have commented that they look really natural. Thank you DR. CHOW YUEN HODR. EDWARD FOO for being so patient with me throughout the whole journey!

In my next post, look out for my post surgery pictures! But meanwhile, here’s a mini preview & in these shots I’m only wearing nipple tapes! The pushed up effect in a fitted dress is pretty damn impressive yes?




To get in touch with TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC, visit & check out their facebook page at .


If you’re a die-hard Japanese foodie like myself (to the extent of thrice a week), you need to listen up! How many times do you look through your credit card bills and feel the heart pain? The amount I spend on Japanese dining at the end of every month can literally buy me a holiday getaway. Gahh!

Can someone come up with something already to keep my tummy happy minus the hefty price tag I have to pay? And no, I cannot cut down on Japanese food obsession. That would turn me suicidal. But guess what? Seems like my prayers are being answered! A dear friend of mine recently introduced me to JAPAPON & I’m now hooked to it because it’s so easy to use & it’s really beneficial for my thinning wallet.



So basically, JAPAPON is a coined word of JAPAN + COUPON. It is a joint purchase website that deals with PREMIUM COUPON for most JAPANESE-RELATED MERCHANDISE & SERVICES. So if you’ve noticed, JAPAPON’S logo is in red & white. To show my love for it, I’m all dressed & feeling pretty in the same colour scheme. I LOVE YOU JAPAPON!


Of course, you might not be a glutton like me. But you could be a shopaholic or a beauty enthusiast or even a wanderlust lover too. Trust me, JAPAPON covers every aspect of your interests. No way on earth would I miss out on 50% DISCOUNT COUPON at my favorite restaurant!


Here’s a couple of coupons that might appeal to you all! Since my number one love is food, I’d be showing you all the food-related coupons! Yes I’m biased like that. Don’t forget to browse the site for even more amazing deals!











What are you waiting for? Start your journey with JAPAPON right HERE & follow them on their facebook page HERE!


Hope all of you are having a great mid-week & stay tuned to my next post on TCS AESTHETICS CENTRAL CLINIC which will be live tomorrow!