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It’s official everyone! I’ve switched to a new hair sponsor – HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING. Not to worry, I’m still in good relations with my previous stylist & he’s fully aware of my switch. Now that I’ve moved, I can try out different hair treatments & see how beneficial they are for my hair. Alright JERRY, I’m counting on you to treat my hair with tender loving care from now on!

Truth be told, I’m really excited to be working with JERRY from HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING! He’s resurrected a couple of my girlfriends hair & my oh my, their hair looks so manageable even without styling I am literally green with envy. Not that my hair is in a hopeless state currently, but I’m really looking to do an intensive hair treatment for longer-lasting results! Let’s get started, shall we?




It’s time to give my hair a new coat of color for my summer vacation! It’s a special concoction because I told JERRY to surprise me! Are we all now excited to see the end result?


He finished it off with this amazing MUCOTA SCENA 3-STEP INTENSIVE. Prior to this, I’ve read up a lot with regards to this treatment & it’s apparently the holy grail of all hair treatments. No matter how much turbulence your hair has gone through in the past, all that would soon be history. This treatment is like god-sent, I can’t wait to wake up to silky smooth hair all day everyday. And the best part is that it lasts for 6 months. SAY WHAT?

My hair ends are fried from constant use of the straightening iron, oops! Let’s see how well this treatment works for me! In fact, JERRY mentioned with religious visits for this treatment, my hair will soon be glorious once again since it helps to prevent further hair damage & banish all those frizz.


CAN I JUST SAY THIS IS THE BEST TREATMENT I’VE DONE IN LIFE SO FAR? No, I ain’t exaggerating. IT IS THAT AMAZING! I haven’t felt such silky smooth hair for such a while, so please don’t mind my countless shameless shots! Oh boy, I just know that I’m gonna be addicted to this MUCOTA SCENA 3-STEP INTENSIVE !


Also, isn’t the hair color that JERRY specially concocted for me looking OH SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m back to my favorite ash tone series! Summer, I’m so ready for you! It’s time to pack my bags & jetset!




Totally can’t stop camwhoring away to such pretty hair! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!



Thank you so much JERRY! To make an appointment with HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING, call them at 6223 3133. Quote my name for 10-15% OFF ALL HAIR SERVICES! For more information, check out HTTP://WWW.HEADLINES.COM.SG .



HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING is located at 10 ANSON ROAD, #03-32, INTERNATIONAL PLAZA, TANJONG PAGAR. Have a good week ahead & stay tuned to my next update!


Finally found the time to drop by BodyPerfect to banish my tummy fats & love handles after what seemed like forever. You have no idea how toxic my recent trip was, I was such a glutton I couldn’t resist all the Shanghai delicacies! To make matters worse, I was practically partying every night, it’s no wonder I’m bloated at all the wrong places! But not to worry, because BodyPerfect always keeps my body in shape. With ULTRASONIC CAVITATION , I can eat however I like without having to step on the treadmill literally. YES IT’S THAT GOOD!


To refresh your memory a lil’, ULTRASONIC CAVITATION is the FASTEST NON-SURGICAL WAY to SCULPT & CONTOUR YOUR BODY in a PAINLESS MANNER with NO DOWNTIME. It’s extremely effective in banishing those stubborn fats which no amount of exercise can help. I’m on my third session currently & that hourglass figure is really starting to emerge! Ooh La La! Let’s take a look at how my tummy looked way before I reached out to BodyPerfect for help! For that skinny frame of mine, that bulging tummy is clearly an issue. So now you know why I preferred loose fitting apparels all these while? Nothing could hide my insecurities better than that! Please don’t cringe! Check out the bulge below the belly button!


Alright, maybe it’s more obvious when taken from the side! Yikes!


Believe me, I wouldn’t be singing praises if this treatment didn’t work wonders for me. As the therapist worked her way through my love handles, I was grinning from ear to ear knowing that as soon as she’s done, I’d be having a more contoured waistline & of course a flatter tummy. Science is amazing baby & nothing can beat that!


Decided to add on the TRIPLE ACTION WRAP for even better results. I’m not usually this greedy, but with the upcoming beach vacation, I need to have a rockin’ hot bod pronto! This TRIPLE DETOXIFICATION & CONTOURING BODY WRAP comprises of a cocktail of detoxifying plants for STRONG LIPOLYTIC ACTIVITY. In addition, the body recovers its energy & vitality, leaving it with a healthy glow!


Unlike the CAVITATION TREATMENT, this TRIPLE ACTION WRAP is 15 minutes of pure cold sensation! I had my doubts too & wasn’t sure how drastically different my body would look after and oh boy do I hate the cold! But seeing the results afterwards, I was completely sold. What on earth is this sorcery? I am definitely doing this at my next session, for vanity’s sake!


With the combination of these two power-packed treatments, am I not one step closer to getting the body shape I’ve always desired? Thank you so much BodyPerfect!


Specially for my readers, BodyPerfect is offering a 20 MINUTES ULTRASONIC CAVITATION (worth $388) ABSOLUTELY FREE! Call 6235 7377 for your free trial! Don’t miss out!

BodyPerfect is located at 541 ORCHARD ROAD, #21-03/04, LIAT TOWERS.


With my birthday coming up real soon, it’s time to get my face camera ready 24/7. And with that, it’s time to visit ASTIQUE CLINIC to get another touch-up session for my under-eyes. I’ve tried multiple eye-creams in the past & splurged on countless treatments, but really nothing worked as well as this!

So what’s this magical treatment that I speak so fondly of? It’s really just UNDER-EYE BOTOX + FILLERS, & my doctor always injects just the right amount to give me youthful-looking eyes. If you’ve followed me long enough on this blog, you’d know I used to suffer from a case of huge eye bags. Of course, if you’re into the Korean trend thinking that eye bags are cute, good for you! But in my case, I hated them so much & would do anything & everything to bid them goodbye!

If you’re afraid of pain, you can always request to have the numbing cream on slightly longer. And not to worry, DR. MATTHEW YAP is really gentle! Here’s a picture of my under-eye area being numbed from a previous session. I usually have them on for about twenty minutes!


So here’s a comparison from way before I started on this treatment two years back & now so that you can really see how drastic the results are. Can you see how my eye condition has improved vastly & no I didn’t get any eye bags surgery done! I really wasn’t joking when I said I was suffering from a really bad case of humongous bags!












I’m at my fourth touch-up today & this is how my eyes look currently. Even on days when I’m so sleep-deprived, there’s no eye bags or dark circles. I love it so much & I owe it all to my awesome doctor!


ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 350 ORCHARD ROAD, SHAW HOUSE, #08-00. To make an appointment, drop them a call at 6732 3801.

Dinner at SEAFOOD PARADISE afterwards! Love the food here so much, especially the creamy butter crab – simply orgasmic.






Stay tuned to my next update on my HAIR VISUALS! I’m loving my new hair colour & I can’t wait to blog about it! Meanwhile, have a great mid-week!


Recently, I have a growing obsession with cropped tops & we all know to look good in that, one needs to have a flat tummy. Oh boy, you have no idea how tiring it is to suck in your tummy for hours especially when you’re out & about! Are you guilty of that too? I love to eat, but I’m not looking forward to a prosperous belly look. That’d be a nightmare!


That’s me sucking in my tummy right there under the scorching sun!

Yes the sad truth is, with age, my metabolism rate has slowed down & all I’m left with is a bulging tummy. It’s not overly humongous, but for my petite frame, people sometimes mistake it for a mini baby bump. Even with that, I’m not willing to quit my sinful diet, I’m really as stubborn as a mule. I’ve also tried exercising regularly, but that too didn’t help me. Is there any other way ever to combat those fats?

Been doing quite a bit of research online & saw that Hollywood celebrities were raving about this ULTRASONIC CAVITATION to blast off unsightly fats right before a red carpet event. Imagine how excited I was after knowing this machine is available in Singapore too! Honestly, I was very skeptical at the start, how could it be that with one session, you’d be able to see instant results? I NEED TO TRY IT!


Decided to make a trip down to BodyPerfect after a girlfriend of mine recommended me. She has attained a svelte figure after weeks of treatments with them & I can’t wait to achieve the same results too! I got a better understanding of the ULTRASONIC CAVITATION upon consultation. Doctors too have this machine but of course they charge an exorbitant price for that!


Basically, ULTRASONIC CAVITATION is a non-surgical fat reduction therapy minus the blood & sweat. The treatment targets inflexible fat deposits that you’re unable to lose through diet or exercise (perfect for someone like me). BODYPERFECT’S 50K ULTRASONIC CAVITATION offers a contouring solution to get your body in shape with no downtime & no scarring.

For my treatment, BODYPERFECT will be working on my tummy & love handles (yes I had no idea that was the real problem until they pointed it out) all at once. Let’s get started, shall we? They’d first put some markings on the areas to be worked on & in my case, those stubborn love handles.





The treatment itself was very comfortable, the therapist was very gentle with me. I’m not gonna lie, I was wishing it lasted even longer, because it really felt like a massage! In twenty minutes, I witnessed a more contoured waistline. Oh wow, I am never underestimating the power of science anymore. I think I’d be tossing out that gym membership very soon! Thank you BodyPerfect for restoring my confidence back! I definitely can’t wait to undergo more sessions & show you my final result!


Specially for my readers, BodyPerfect is offering a 20 MINUTES ULTRASONIC CAVITATION (worth $388) ABSOLUTELY FREE! You really have to try it to believe it! Call 6235 7377 for this awesome promo!

BodyPerfect is located at 541 ORCHARD ROAD, #21-03/04, LIAT TOWERS.

Dine Away with Tien Garden

Snippets of the past weeks. Sorry I haven’t been too active on this space as of late, my schedule’s been jam packed with shoots & the AFF. If you’d like real time updates, do follow me on instagram @agrivelt .


Anyhow, I came across this cute online store selling some quirky accessories. I’m wearing their Birdy Necklace & they took notice of it & made me this incredibly adorable collage! Thanks Clairine & Gabriella, you girls are so sweet! Check out Electicco today!

IMG_9962c  IMG_9948b


If you haven’t already known, I’m open to shoot for blogshops these days, it’s a whole new experience altogether. You can drop me an enquiry at ! Okay back to the topic, I really emjoy shooting for TagStyle. I feel like Barbie wearing all the pretty clothes!

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures on set. The lady boss is a real sweetie pie she gets me my daily dose of latte before I suntan in her apparels.




Then there’s the 7-course dinner at Tien Garden with Estelle & Esther. For the first time ever, I was the first to arrive & because my tummy was growling so bad, I had the Black Pepper Venison Meat all to myself. Totally oblivious to everyone’s arrival afterwards since I kept myself busy licking my platter clean.


The Almond Coffee Pork Ribs comes up next. Honestly, I’m not quite into pork ribs, but after giving this dish a chance, I was sold. It was unlike any other pork rib dish I’ve tried. The meat was very succulent & rich in flavour. What a surprise! This is one dish I highly recommend. It was so good we had it wiped out within minutes!



Even though I strike off veggies completely, I incorporate plenty of tofu into my diet. Who dare says I’m full of toxins now? This Braised Bean Curd With Minced Pork definitely didn’t disappoint. I even drenched the gravy all over my rice.


Oh my goodness, every dish just keeps getting better! I’ve always had a big heart & appetite, so it’s impossible for me to settle for one favourite. Let’s see how the Sauteed Prawn with Pumpkin Sauce fares!

The only thing that I’m unhappy about is that serving size might be a lil’ too small for someone like me. I eat quite a substantial amount, & now that my platter’s clean, I sit here yearning for more. Oh why do you torture me this way? Yikes my gluttony behaviour is starting to emerge.


Here comes the highlight of the dinner! Hello Tien Garden Special Salted Egg Crab, where have you been all my life?



My first attempt at prying open the crab, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever done it before in life. Usually my lover would do the dirty for me, but since today I’m all alone, I’ve decided to get the work done! I’m such a newbie at this, even Estelle kept a distance for fear of things flying towards her direction!



Om Nom Nom Nom, please don’t drool on your keyboards while you watch us eat! 



Next up, we have the Specialty Preserved Eggs With Spinach. I had the other girls wiping out this dish for me since I refuse to befriend the greens. According to them, it was pretty good & it’s such a shame I missed out!


Last dish for the night – Tien Garden Braised Seafood Bee Hoon. Wow Tien Garden, you have truly impressed me with your culinary skills. Seems like this won’t be my one & only visit. As the saying goes, if one restaurant is splendid enough, it doesn’t matter where it is, because I will travel across the sea to get a piece of it.


Thank you Erik & Sharon for the invite & being such gracious hosts. I know I’m not one customer easy to please but everything today has gone beyond my expectations! 



Tien Garden is located at 351 Changi Road, Lor Marzuki. Quote ‘Agri Velt’ for a 5% discount off your total bill. Please call 9388 5398 to make a reservation!

The Apartment Style Edition On Channel 5

Guess what made its way to my doorstep earlier on? This definitely dissipated my initial dampened mood & brought a smile upon my face. Thank you Vanity Trove , you’re awesome beyond words!



The queue to get into Paul’s during the weekend is pretty insane & we were starving by the time we got seats!




Here I am all smiles at The Apartment Live Show at Ngee Ann City despite almost being murdered by the scorching sun. Singapore’s weather is starting to make me crumble, someone please whisk me off for a retreat! Thank goodness for a trusty sunblock which doubles up as a miracle healer.





Reunited with The Apartment Style Edition Season 2 casts, never been happier to see all these familiar faces! Of course, my secondary school BFF needs no introduction!


What a pleasant surprise it was to bump into Angie! Boy did her dance crew got me screaming for encore! You were THAT awesome girl!





Being pulled on stage for a Q & A segment, also to give tips to the people auditioning for Season 3! Talking about my previous experience in Season 2 made me smile like there’s no tomorrow. Honestly, I was so thankful for the fact that I had the most amazing partner to be with me on the show & also the most fantastic mentors to learn from. It was like a roller-coaster ride for me which I enjoyed highly.


The tug-of-war segment had us wearing gloves once again, something I haven’t done in a long time now. Let’s pull to victory!





And we’re really doing this in our dresses & 6-inch heels, spontaneous or what? That’s Black & Blonde for you. Thank you Leslie for helping me take some pictures during the event!


My partner got hurt real bad & I seriously have no idea how she can still be all gungho & laugh it off! Respect.





Hellooo Per, I’m so happy seeing you having a blast at your audition! You nailed it with your spunky hair & personality!


Almost done before we were brought to the stage for the last time to catch up with Jamie Durie !





Alright, it’s time for me to select my wardrobe for the Audi Fashion Festival this week! I’m incredibly excited to experiment with different makeup looks again.


Paula’s kids are way too adorable I just couldn’t resist!



Catch me on The Apartment Style Edition Season 2 airing now on Channel 5 every Thursday 11pm.

Face Fabulosity with ASTIQUE CLINIC

I was back at ASTIQUE CLINIC two weeks back for some nip & tuck. Okay just kidding! They’re more like minor touch-ups. A girl’s gotta do all that she can to make her feel happy about herself & in my case, having all my problem areas fixed would make me a more confident individual. Vanity is not a crime.

sideview   sideview2

My face may appear small to many, but it’s certainly not symmetrical. These pictures are not tweaked & you can see how different my right & left profiles look because of the way my jaw is structured. The left side is much wider & also seems a lil’ puffy. Time to get some serious help on this area!

During my last visit, I had some fillers done to my left under-eye to fix the depression line. Hitting the big 25 has its pros & cons. My clock is ticking but thank goodness I have ASTIQUE CLINIC to delay the signs of aging. You’d probably be puzzled. What depression line could I possibly have? I thank the best invention to date – Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer. So good I wish I could wear it to sleep. Definitely not a long-term solution, hence I decided to give Restylane a chance.



First signs of aging, as many doctors have told me, would start showing around my eye area. I don’t blame it on the genetics, but if I can do something to revive tired-looking eyes, why would I not?

The previous time I did just a minimal amount cause I wasn’t really sure how it’d turn out & wasn’t sure how effective it was. Since I saw a visible improvement with that little amount & realized how much I loved the results, I decided to go back for a full touch-up.




Upon consultation, Dr Matthew Yap decided to raise my nose bridge a lil’ higher too. In all honesty, my bulbous tip has been bothering me for quite a while now. A higher nose bridge + some good makeup skills would definitely give the illusion of a smaller nose tip.



Alright, less talk & let’s get down to the process! Dr Matthew Yap is one of the friendliest doctors I’ve ever encountered. I feel so at home at ASTIQUE CLINIC everytime because the doctor & the nurses are always so attentive to my needs. Plus, they always ensure you feel comfortable during your treatment. Don’t mind me going cray cray while on the numbing cream!



Just two more procedures before I start to embrace my newly enhanced face! Fill them depression lines Restylane, beautiful & rejuvenated eyes you shall be mine! Lastly, Botox to the rescue, to soften my masculine left profile.



Two weeks later, look at how the Botox takes effect & settles nicely. My face shape is looking feminine from every angle. Even my nose is free from humps & looks visibly better in person now. Thank you ASTIQUE CLINIC for not letting me down with each visit!

Here’s how it looks with flash.



Now, let’s see how it looks without flash & simply natural daylight!



When it comes to aesthetic procedures, I know I can always count on Dr Matthew Yap’s magic fingers. ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Please call 6732 3801 to make an appointment.

sweet love all over

Sorry I took a while to update! I was shuffling around town all week to complete my errands. I guess turning 25 has made me a whole lot responsible & efficient! Now that everything’s done, I’m back to feed you guys with a gazillion pictures!

And so, my birthday this year kinda seemed like a never-ending one with bouquets aplenty, plus it was the first time ever in my life, to eat so many cakes within a week. Are all my loved ones trying to fatten me up? Even after a week, I was like Hell Yeah, my birthday’s not over yet! PS, thank you Irene for this beautiful bouquet!


First surprise was the birthday countdown at Sky on 57. Was too caught up eating I forgot a shot of the Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao. That dish was freaking awesome!




The second surprise was the dinner at Skyve skilfully planned by my babysaurus. Oh you sly creature, how could I not love you even more?





Here we are at Skyve, can’t believe this was where my secondary school was located in the past! Clarissa & I used to get into all sorts of trouble wherever we went!





I was literally dragged out of bed for this impromptu dinner & I was incredibly cranky at the start. Usually, he’s not the type who’d want to dine out but today he was extremely persistent. There goes my beauty sleep! On a side note, thank you ClubCouture for keeping me casual chic in this Rachell Pink Top. I love it so much!





I thought it was just a normal date – just me & my lover. To my surprise, my dear friends started appearing one by one! Too sweet!





Anyhow, we were so hungry we almost ordered everything on the menu! But really, the starters are so damn delicious we pretty much ended up sharing everything.

DSC08582b  IMG_8901b

IMG_8779b   DSC08580b

Seems like the lighting over here’s very suitable for pictures after pictures. That explained why all of us couldn’t seem to get enough!





The birthday cake was so meaningful I couldn’t even bear to slice a piece of it! Slicing it would mean slicing us apart, boohoo! Guess who did the dirty deed by disfiguring our faces with the knife? My mischievous sister Rah Rah!

DSC08575b  DSC08588b

DSC08591b  DSC08572b

Thank you everyone for putting aside all your busy schedules & being a part of my 25th birthday celebration. I feel so blessed to have all of you around I want to plant kisses on all your cheeks!





Can’t be any happier with this special birthday gift surprise from Churp Churp too! Aww you make me blush!





Here comes the third surprise over at Pete’s Place.





Honestly, I thought it was just a dinner meet-up & catch-up session. I was not expecting a mini Tiramisu Cake & a birthday song & a bottle of red wine which Dionna ended up finishing! Alcoholic!





Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved! However, that’s not the end of my birthday celebration. Stay tuned for more!

Blonde Behaviour at Essensuals Bugis

If you’ve read my recent posts, you’d have noticed my hair is free from unsightly black roots & also looking incredibly silky smooth in a platinum blonde shade.

It should have been damaged by now at the frequency of my bleaching & toning, but Essensuals Bugis knows just how to care for my hair. Let’s take a look at the process of going blonde again!

Arrived at the salon with super greasy hair. Prior to this, I didn’t have my hair washed for 2 days, gross max! But trust me, if you are bent on bleaching your hair, it’s best not to wash it the day before your salon trip, or your scalp’s going to hurt so bad during the process. I learnt it the hard way so I don’t want all you vain beauties to undergo that sort of pain!

Waiting patiently for the bleach to process! Please be kind to me today & let it be less biting!

This is the part which I dislike the most. The toning process is usually done at the basin & it’s that sort of discomfort that leaves you shaking in fear. Trying to be all gungho but really, all I want is for that moment to be over. Here’s how the colour looks before blow-drying & I’m intoxicated already!

Did the Japanese Hair Spa Treatment for Anti-Frizz right after. Smooth hair here I come!

Looking at the end result makes every part of the toning process worth it! Thank you so much Isabel, no words can describe my happiness. If you’re thinking of giving your hair a makeover, be it a drastic or a subtle one, look for my stylist, Isabel. She even gave my super thick hair a really nice trim so that it falls nicely.

Farewell Goldilocks hair, it’s time to embrace Barbie-style Blonde hair! Definitely need to invest in good aftercare products to maintain this tone. Ps, this blue jacket I’m wearing is up for grabs, you can drop me an email at for enquiries.

To make an appointment with Essensuals Bugis, please call 6333 0039 & mention ‘Agri Velt’ to enjoy special rates on all hair services!

More good news for you guys! Essensuals Bugis is turning 3 & to celebrate that, they’re offering this for the entire month of May! Simply make an appointment with them & you stand a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes! Hurry now!


Essensuals Bugis is located at 241-A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King).

The Search for Food Republic Hawker King

Sometime last week, I was able to transform my non-existent belly to a very prosperous-looking one right after a delectable food tasting session at Food Republic Suntec City. But no, I’m not about to complain although some of the dishes could be a lil’ tricky for me since it’s veggie overload. Having food in abundance is never a bad thing, I’m so blessed! Are you ready to feast?

Special Dosa with Masala priced at $4.60 from Saravanaa Bhavan.

Curry Chicken priced at $5.00 from Zhong Hua Curry Rice.

Chicken Rice Set Meal priced at $6.50 from Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice.

No.1 Kway Tiao priced at $6.00 from Gu Zao Mian.

Seafood Tofu Soup priced at $6.80 from Baek Doo San Korean.

Bittergourd Double Fish Bee Hoon Soup priced at $5.00 from Chai’s Original Sliced Fish Soup.

5 Combination Platter (Duck, Char Siew, Pork, Chicken & Sausage) priced at $28.00 from Guan Chee HK Roasted Duck.

Kung Pau Chicken Rice priced at $6.00 from Ya Fu Mini Wok Delights.

Dao Xiao Mian priced at $6.00 from Formosa Delights.

Thunder Tea Brown Rice priced at $5.50 from Thunder Tea Rice.

Kushikatsu 7-Stick Set priced at $24.50 from Shoku Okini.

Chicken Teriyaki & Salmon Bento priced at $6.80 from Miso Japanese.

Chicken Briyani Set priced at $5.50 from What You Do Prata.

Peanut Butter Thick Toast priced at $1.70 from Toast Box.

In actual fact, we attempted 20 stalls, but I’d just put up a couple of my favourites here lest you find it way too overwhelming! Thank you & Food Republic for the invitation, I had a great time pigging out with all the other friendly bloggers.

Okay it’s time to let you in on the secret. The search for ‘Food Republic Hawker Kings’ is back! For the second year running, this campaign will seek to draw out the top three contenders of Food Republic best hawkers through stages of voting & judges’ final taste test.

Vote for your favourite hawker now & proper them to the top 10 list from May 8th-26th 2013Voter will be rewarded with instant privileges & can also stand a chance to win up to $8,000 worth of prizes.

Click HERE & HERE for more details.

feels like forever twenty-one

And we decided to cut the princess cake back at home. It was such an impromptu decision I didn’t have enough time to clean up my place. That   explains the mess, but the company I had didn’t seem to mind one bit!

The idea to wear sky high heels at home was the best idea I ever thought of. Now we’re the same height as the guys or maybe even taller.  All in the name of glam, the sad thing is I have an insane amount of sweeping to do afterwards though.



Doesn’t my birthday cake look incredibly beautiful? Plus it goes so well with my bouquet, man I feel like a real princess. It’s funny how as I age each year, I want a cake that reminds me I’m still a child at heart.

So overwhelmed with love! I couldn’t be happier that everyone’s here to celebrate with me & so appropriately dressed for once. Trust me, all of us have gotten too close for comfort, it’s actually super refreshing to be in anything other than casual wear. It’s almost like I’m seeing new faces!



Oh shucks this cake was such a challenge, it’s so pretty I couldn’t bear to destroy it. Where should I position my knife?

Way too much fun seeing the guys posing with their heart-shaped sticks, especially when they clearly dislike pink. Evil!



Everyone else helped in dismantling the cake eventually, phew what a relief!

Rah Rah decided to do a sneak attack on me & we all ended up bursting in laughter!

Yes my hair’s gotten blonder than ever & I can’t describe how much I love it! I’d share with you how its kept in such good condition despite letting it go through so much trauma. Stay tuned!

Firmer & Fuller with Tokyo Bust Express

The road to growing up was not such a smooth-sailing one, just when all my friends were blessed with natural big bosoms, here I was, relying on a shelf full of push-up bras. I wouldn’t lie though, these babies do their jobs pretty damn well in giving you that desired oomph. Then again, once you’ve taken it off, you’re back to square one. I want to be able to look better in clothes all the time.

Don’t you wish that effect was permanent? Surgery was not an option because I was afraid of the complications it might bring about & the scarring too. If only if only there was an alternative that required no surgery…

A couple months later, I’m so thankful Tokyo Bust Express came into my life! Trust me, I was equally skeptical at the start, but having read so many good reviews on different blogs, I decided to give it a try. Let me take you through the process!

Here I am at their Square 2 (Novena) Branch. Knowing it’s my birthday, they surprised me with such pretty flowers. Why so sweet you guys!

During the consultation with your specialist, you’d have to change into a robe for a personalized bust analysis. I think what drew me to Tokyo Bust Express was the ingredients used in every treatment. They’re all natural & I can be rest assured that this is 100% risk free.

Upon proper measurement, I was told that my bosoms were not proportionate with one another, with my left being a B+ & my right being a B-. Goodness gracious! My specialist, Evonne could also feel that my mammary glands on the left were definitely more than the right. With the personalized treatment created for me, we’re aiming to create a fuller looking bust for the right side & also an overall lifting effect.


Here’s the list of treatments I’d be doing today.

1) Collagen Scrub

2) Bust Up Therapy

3) Phyto-Nutrient Therapy

4) Suction Therapy


Waiting patiently for the therapist for come into my cozy VIP room with flower petals aplenty. I felt like a little girl about to be transformed into a fair lady! I was ready to be pampered like I’ve never been before.

The treatment took about 2 hours, and in that duration I was in complete relaxation mode. Of course I can’t post all the pictures here! The lymphatic drainage massage could feel a lil’ awkward at the start, but once you get past that, it feels really good. There was no pain at all, but I felt tickled & ended up giggling like a school girl.

I was extremely satisfied with the after result, seeing how my right bust obviously looks fuller & more proportionate with my left bust. The equivalent of a push-up effect, except this was done without a wonder bra.

Thank you Tokyo Bust Express for the impeccable service & giving me on the best spa experience I’ve ever had. I never would have imagined that this was possible, all my worries were gone with the wind. Through one treatment, I was already able to see such good results, can you imagine what subsequent visits would do? Please lead me closer to the road of femininity!

Exclusive to my readers, Tokyo Bust is offering this to all you beautiful ladies!


Q : Tokyo Bust Express’ Bust Treatments are 100% safe, natural & non-invasive.

True or False?


All entries will receive :

– Personalized Bust Analysis


Bust Enhancement Kit worth $488


Here’s the instructions you have to follow.

1) Leave details HERE.

2) Sms AVT_FULLName_NRIC_Answer to 85330226

3) Call 6262 6161


Terms & Conditions

Females 18 years old & above only

Strictly by appointment only

Promotion valid for 2 months


Tokyo Bust Express can be found at :

City Square Mall #B2-39

Park Mall #11-06

Nex Mall #03-32

Novena Square 2 #B1-111

Allure Beauty Signature Eyebrow Embroidery

Breakfast of all sorts. What sets your heart racing?

I’ve  tried a couple & I’m still a McDonald’s addict! It’s practically on my speed dial. I can always count on their Breakfast Deluxe Supreme to kickstart a long & strenuous day. Guess what?

New breakfast offerings are now available at McDonald’s & because of that I’m turning into an even bigger glutton! If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s the combination of hot fudge & hotcakes. Eat away folks!

Let’s see what I’m up to right after a hearty breakfast!

Time to redefine my faded embroidered brows! Two years later & I’m back to my trusty eyebrow therapist at Allure Beauty for a fabulous touch-up in preparation of all the upcoming glitz & glamour events.

The newly revamped Allure Beauty is looking so damn sleek! I like. Since  I had to be on the numbing cream for a while, perhaps I could entertain you with more pictures of me & my Santarina brows. Feeling super refreshed these days with the good sleep I’m getting!

My therapist Coco decided we should go for a Chocolate Brown shade this time round to better match my hair colour. As you can see, my previous brows have faded quite a bit, especially the front part, making it look a lil’ barren. I assure you there’s no pain, no bleeding & no swelling. You can see how the process is done HERE.

Voila we’re done with my Allure Signature Eyebrow treatment! Fret not, the therapists here would create a brow shape that brings out the best of your features, hence it differs with every individual. It’s done stroke by stroke with such precision for the most natural-looking set of brows ever best catered for your face. Check out these super closeup shots!

Allure Beauty is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A. Call 6270 8845 to make an appointment!

Ended the night with the best Korean BBQ ever. I’m about to have a 3-hour long food tasting session in a bit, I know it sounds kinda crazy but I’m pretty sure it’d be tons of fun!

dance with me my loves

Birthday dinner at Dozo. Prior to this, I’ve had an oxygen infusion done & even got my puffy eyes rolled.

Thank you Beauti Instinct for making me look so incredibly radiant & flawless! I can’t imagine how my wedding preparation would be.


Thank you everyone for taking time off your busy schedules to make this day happen, I’m touched beyond words. And because it was my day, being fashionably late didn’t result in any black faces. Phew!

My dear friend Junhao even got me some anti-hangover tonic just in case I wake up feeling horrible the day after Better gulp it down fast before I head to the clubs! Nobody’s gonna let me off once I’m there!

Daniel was such a professional photographer as usual, he was so over overwhelmed with snapping photos after photos he barely ate! Drop me an email if you’d like his contact, his works are AMAZEBALLS.



We couldn’t stop gushing about how beautiful the food presentation was & when we finally got to eating it, we literally went to heaven. I’m definitely coming back for more next time!

Hello my dark-haired beauties, you’re both looking so drop dead gorgeous in those red sexy numbers I can’t take my eyes off you!



Damn I just can’t seem to stop munching on small bites even while talking. I thought it only happens in my sleep.

Unwrapping a couple of my presents in excitement while waiting for more food to be served!



Absolutely adore the Karen Walker sunnies! Even though pink wasn’t quite my colour in the past, I’ve slowly grown accustomed to loving it.

With my favourite secondary schoolmates! Can you imagine it’s been THAT long since we’ve known each other! I wonder how our teachers would react seeing us now? I used to get into all sorts of trouble back in those days & Clarissa was my accomplice!

Alright, let’s spread the love & take some group pictures!

Way too many photos & I haven’t even gone to the cake-cutting part. Promise you in two days, meanwhile I need to work on some blog advertorials!

let’s do this one more time

And so I just turned 25, hitting the mid-twenties wasn’t as scary as I thought. How time flies! I felt like a queen on my birthday last year, celebrated for an entire 5 days & ended up hungover in the most glamorous state at the end of it all. My dear friends fed me like a premium cow only to drench me in alcohol afterwards. It’s finally time to gather with the loved ones again this year, hurray! And to think I forgot that pictures of last year’s celebration were left in the closet, oops my bad.

I warn you though, this post is so image-heavy it’s gonna be hard to not drool over your keyboards.

Birthday treat at Hyang To Gol with my primary school BFF. This woman’s probably the only one who knows me inside out, especially when I’m up to no good!

Dinner at The Cut. Nothing keeps me happier than a plate of True Japanese Wagyu Beef done Medium Rare. I know my diet scares you, but once you’ve turned into a true blue carnivore, there’s no going back.

Counting down to the strike of midnight to a new chapter! Thanks for the unexpected surprise, it was the best ever!

Dinner at Guy Savoy.

Each dish that’s served here tasted as good as it looked. Oh boy I’m starting to feel hungry all over again!

Making room for dessert is a top priority for me! Sometimes, when the presentation gets overly beautiful, I feel like a sinner savouring it!

Dinner with my almost twin-sister Rah Rah. I’m about to get very smashed after we’re done, it’s all in preparation for some nasty birthday shots!

Loving how the entire table is flooded with food I can’t quite decide where to start. Oh boy you people spoil me so bad on my birthday!

I’ve never been more ready to embrace the crazy night! Bring on the patron, I fear you not. An hour later, I was drunk like a cow at Pangaea. I was up above the sofa barefoot & in an entire different world altogether.

Sorry it’s not possible for me to fit all in one post, it’s gonna take forever to load. Here’s a sneak peek though!

I’d continue with the final birthday dinner & party installment in the next post. Have a great weekend everyone! It’s party time!

Going Pore-Less with FREIA

 Excessive partying together with my all-meat diet has proven to be very toxic for any human body. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase ‘You are what you eat’! If you really must know, I haven’t touched the greens for twenty three years. Although health-wise it hasn’t seemed to take a toll on me, complexion-wise it can be quite an issue every now & then. When it’s clear, it’s crystal clear. But when it decides to hit me, it comes in flocks & refuses to budge.

Then again, my job requires me to put my best face forward at all times, meaning even the minor imperfections had to be kept at bay. I have to restore it back to its tip top state before the problem starts to aggravate. Save me please!

I decided to book an appointment with Dr Harold Ma from FREIA MEDICAL AESTHETICS to see what could be done to attain beautiful skin again. At different stages in life, you’re faced with different skin woes. It used to be acne in the teenage years, then the scarring issues, followed by the occasional uneven skin tone. Thank goodness I’ve gotten all that under control for now.

Now it seems that enlarged pores have found their way to my face, particularly on the left cheek. Why oh why!

Upon consultation, Dr Harold Ma recommended the Medlite Laser Toning for my first visit. It’s proven to be very effective for pore refinement & pigment reduction. He said it’d help to clear my leftover acne scarring too. With my condition, it’d take about 5 treatments for the best results. I cross my fingers that the unsightly pores would look significantly better with each visit. Let’s get me all cleansed up & get that tinted sunblock off me!

Alright, let’s get started! Numbing cream was applied & left on for ten minutes. After which, my face went through a second cleanse before the treatment begins.

The whole process was painless aside from a slightly warm sensation that’s perfectly normal at some points. The thought of how much better my skin would look right after puts me at ease. I am SUPER BRAVE.


And we’re done in less than ten minutes! A calming mask is used right after to soothe my skin.

Look at how significantly smaller my pores look in just one session! Can you imagine what a couple more sessions would do? Boy do I love this Medlite Laser Toning treatment! Amazing how this makes my skin radiant too. Thank you Dr Harold Ma for giving me the skin I desire!

Check out these raw images with no makeup aside from a dash of mascara & liner. Here’s the left side!

And now the right side!

The first signs of aging differ with every individual,other than fine lines, enlarged pores could also be a tell-tale sign. The wonders of makeup’s undeniable, but using it to conceal all the time would just lead to super clogged pores. I don’t want to be over reliant on makeup.


FREIA MEDICAL AESTHETICS is located at 77-79 East Coast Road #01-01. To make an appointment or if you have any enquiries, please call 6346 7752.

let’s get out of here

Dinner at Il Cielo.

Craving desserts at The Cut afterwards. I’m so random like that & I’d go all out just to get my cravings satisfied even if it’s clearly not on the way. Oh well, me & my guilty pleasures. When in doubt, just order all that your heart desires!

Also headed to Pangaea with some of my favourite people from The Apartment Style Edition. Had so much fun we stayed till closing!

Super short trip to Jakarta with my girls, pure relaxation & strictly no partying. This was one hell of a crazy trip, it involved a lot of shopping, non-stop eating & ridiculously cheap but good massages. We had a 6 hour intense massage with no break in between we KO-ed immediately as soon as we went back to the hotel.

Battling the jams with Fried Banana Fritters to munch on made it easier. The roadside stalls make them way better than the restaurants! I assure you.

Yes I admit, my hair’s at its most dishevelled state! Would it not be after that much massage? I didn’t even bother to drag myself to the bathroom to wash all that oil off, major yikes!

All that aside, I pretty much just spend 3/4 of the day eating away. There’s just too many delicacies out there, I don’t want to be worrying about health issues at the moment. I eat whatever I feel like, anytime & anywhere.

Super hearty breakfast at Pullman Central Park, I made it alone while everyone was still in dreamland.

Here’s some of my favourite local food! I’m actually dying to take the lover here for a visit, but I’m quite sure the food won’t be to his liking. We’re entirely different when it comes to food choices. The amount of spicy hotpot he eats in a day is enough to kill me & the amount of meat I eat in a day still leaves him startled.

Dinner at HKC. I love how the interior looks we should totally do a mini photoshoot right here.

Time to tuck in, the hungry monster’s about to erupt!

A brand new day starts with yet another filling breakfast before heading out. Decided on room service since I was glued to the television.

Quick coffee with the girls right before a three hour body massage madness.

Back at the hotel where we start prepping for dinner extremely early. We run on a really strict timeline here due to the unbearable jams, it’s literally impossible to explore so many places in one day. Ps, doesn’t Dionna look oh so demure in her beautiful dress?

Dinner at Potato Head. We were caught in a three-hour jam on the way here we finished watching 2 movies in the car. Can you imagine how starved we were by the time we got to the restaurant?

I was in a state of euphoria the minute I got here, going slightly cray cray with the food. But hurray to finishing everything on the platter yet again! My stomach is really a bottomless pit.

Let’s not forget to leave some room for desserts too!

To think Dionna & I almost missed our flight AGAIN the next day! Even at the airport, while everyone else were resting at the airport lounges or grabbing a latte, we had to spend our very last penny on a foot reflexology. These two massage queens, tsk tsk!

Goodbye Jakarta, till next time! Oh boy I’m so exhausted I need to crash.

The Apartment Style Edition

Reminiscing over the times in KL with Clarissa, we lived there together for a month & a half in our kickass pad which we designed from scratch although we could go back to the hotel if we preferred to.

We did some of the craziest things together, we got on each other’s nerves, we teared, we had the cold wars. No we’re not enemies despite all that never-ending drama, in fact we’ve gotten closer than we could ever imagine.

Check out the trailer shoot which we had so much fun doing especially during the pillow fight scene!

We did really enjoy being Black & Blonde despite looking all exhausted & greasy at the end of it all. You have no idea how many times I’ve knocked out on the bed before even making it to the shower, with shoes & makeup intact! Gross max.

We’re no interior designers but we learnt a lot throughout the journey from our mentors & had lots of fun goofing around with the crew especially Mark Arbitrario, my all-time favourite producer who’s like a big brother I never had. Let’s take a look at our everyday essentials!

Here’s our master bedroom challenge which we absolutely love. We learnt how to assemble a bed, learnt how to paint (I still suck at it), learnt how to sprint up the never-ending stairs at least a hundred times. I even mopped & swept the floors first time ever in my life, you should have seen how Clarissa stared at me in disbelief!

Yes we had to carry every single furniture by ourselves, with no helpers & no lift. A king-size mattress is NOT AS LIGHT AS IT LOOKS, this I not kid you. Climbing up four storeys non-stop almost killed us! And our bedside lamps are insanely heavy too we had to take multiple breaks to take a deep breath before carrying them again.

Here we are engulfed in a pool of dust from all the plastic wraps & so exhausted beyond words we can’t reach out for hand sanitizers. But it’s all worth it, for we adore the end result of our humble abode after the massive cleaning! Not forgetting how fit & toned we’ve become from all the heavy lifting & running! Let’s live here forever shall we?

More work-in-progress pictures!

Seriously the whole place was in such a chaotic mess we weren’t looking  forward to all that massive cleaning ever. Plus I have paint all over me which not even four long showers could fix. Thank you Clarissa for allowing me to serenade you with my love!

In-between breaks with The Strangerz & Design Divas.

Here we are almost done with cleaning up the mess!

Dining area’s now done too with our choice of theme being an engagement party. I was never quite the fan of purple until I started flipping through the Dulux Colour Chart. It’s such a beautiful colour!

Damn do we really love our sweet treats & chips! I came here not adapting well to junk food & ended up being such a huge fan of Chachos. I blame you Clarissa!

We’re guilty of fooling around on set all the time, especially right after we’ve completed our tasks. That’s Black & Blonde for you!

Even our favourite producer decided to participate in our crazy antics. That’s why we love him so much. How can we not forget to send love to Kelly Vaughn too! She’s always there to look out for us!

We actually felt so greasy in reality, having not slept in 24 hours, rushing through the challenge. A quick shower later & I seriously felt like collapsing on the bed. Exhausted beyond words but we had to get our game faces on & prepare for judging!

That pretty much sums up our AMAZING time during The Apartment days!

Since we were in KL, a catch up session with BFF Riaz Mehta & our mentor Jamie Durie was necessary! Decided to get my daily ice-cream fix before heading to dinner at Delucca The Italian Restaurant.

Auditions for The Apartment Style Edition Season 3 are now open! Don’t miss your chance to win your dream home! Look out for more details HERE.

Shopping Wonderland At TagStyle

Headed out early for a quick lunch at PS Cafe before I do some serious retail therapy.

Finally found the time to drop by TagStyle’s standing store at Orchard Central over the week. Boy was I booming with excitement to play mix & match with the beautiful apparels available here! It’s also such a joy to catch up with the founder of TagStyle, Marlene. She’s such a sweet lady with a figure I’d literally die for.

Doesn’t her store look oh so amazing? It’s done up in such a way that makes me feel like I’m transported to a different world altogether. And the longer I stayed, the more outfits caught my eyes! Please bless my pockets!

Shopping here turns me into a happy soul, especially with all that vibrant colours surrounding me. For the first time ever, my grumbling tummy is of second priority! Not to worry, it shall be rewarded handsomely afterwards.

Just in case you’d like to see my hot pick items upclose, here you go!

Skull Floral Shift Dress

Printed Mustard Top & Colour Burst Skirt

Huge Cross Thermal Top & All-Over Cross Skirt

Toga Style Chiffon Top & Salon Fitted Skirt

Printed Monochrome Leggings

I’d show you the purchases I got from here in another post right after I’ve got them nicely steamed! TagStyle is at Orchard Central #05-K3.

Ended with some very juicy steak at Porterhouse to put an end to my hunger. Yummy!

Hair Begone with Datsumo Labo

Feeling a lil’ on the sweet side today & decided to braid my hair proper for a change instead of having them all up. Damn my bangs grow out real quick it’s time for a trim! Guess where I’m excited to go today right after lunch at Shokudo? PS, on a side note, I’m glad to restore the music player back here while you scroll through the posts even though it might take a while longer to load!


Hurray here I come to Datsumo Labo, thank you Yuichiro Ohno! Truth be told, I’ve tried a couple of hair removal methods before & a lot of them were just not quite suitable for my sensitive skin. But I decided to give  this a try because I read plenty of good reviews about this place. 100% Pain-free & Silky Smooth skin & Super Affordable Pricings. I pinky promise you this won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

The only preparation you need to make back at home is to shave the body area to be treated at least one day before treatment which in my case is the lower leg. Then just lie back & relax as the therapist applies a cold gel over the targeted area.

You’d feel a slightly warm sensation as soon as the treatment begins. With both legs done, a cold towel is placed  over them immediately to tighten up the pores!

Done in under fifteen minutes, super quick & totally pain-free! The result is utterly smooth skin which I now have troubles taking my hands off! pardon the sudden narcissistic behaviour, but you’d probably be doing the same thing right after a treatment here.

Furniture & interior decor might be kept to its minimal here but Datsumo Labo’s hair removal machine is of world’s premier quality hence you can be rest assured that you’re only receiving the best form of treatment. It can easily go up to a five figure sum for full body hair removal at any other salons but over here at Datsumo Labo the price you pay puts your mind at ease!

No more shaving, tweezing or waxing for me! Datsumo Labo is located at 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #01-13. Call 6836 2140 to make an appointment today! Quote ‘Agri Velt’ to get 10% off!

Ended the night with a satisfied meal at Ambush. Goodnight world, I’ve to get started on packing for my KL trip with Rah Rah now!

the never-ending dream

Feeling this surge of productivity these days, with the severe mood swings under control at the moment. That’s a good start, it actually feels good to start facing the computer on daily basis again with in-between breaks here & there. On a side note, it was so much fun doing a shoot with my sweetheart in twin outfits! The shoot ended up taking way longer than expected because we took way too many random shots all in the name of fun. Now it’s time to shop!

Photography by .

$39.00 (neon yellow top)


 let’s catch the beat.

$45.00 (white floral pants)


 time to take a glance.

$39.00 (neon pink top)


 the way things go.

$45.00 (light blue floral pants)


 planting the seeds of love.

$45.00 (blue knit-style cardi)


keep you real close.

$45.00 (orange knit-style cardi)


 daydream on a hill.

$29.00 (sleeveless denim shirt)


 shut down to a whisper.

$39.00 (blue floral shorts)

the way back home.

$45.00(cut-out denim shirt)


 the weekend stroll.

$39.00 (yellow floral shorts)

 not just a minor detail.

$49.00 (neon yellow studded top)


i can’t catch my breath.

$59.00 (metallic silver jeans in S)


 make it last forever.

$49.00 (midnight blue studded top)


 beautiful & dysfunctional at once.

$59.00 (metallic gold jeans in S)


 let’s surrender to the night.

 $45.00 (red collar-studded shirt)


 it feels so real.

$45.00 (bronze metallic sheen skirt)

 you were made for me.

$45.00 (white collar-studded shirt)


small talks & kisses.

$45.00 (red metallic sheen skirt)


 move in the right direction.

$49.00 (gold fitted metallic-print dress)


 it’s of endless possibilities.

$49.00 (silver fitted metallic-print dress)


 high for the weekend.

Ps, if you’re also keen to purchase the shoes/accessories in this post, don’t be afraid to send me an enquiry too!

Also up for grabs though not done in a proper photoshoot way, just with my regular camera! Hence, images of the sold out apparels will be removed!

$39.00 (striped tank with frill detailing)

you drive me insane.

$59.00 (ivory fur & leather-blend vest)


 feels good to be in love.

$59.00 (skirt)

 best weekend escapade ever.

 Drop your enquiries & send those emails to .

Picture Perfect with ASTIQUE CLINIC

Remember the last time I visited ASTIQUE CLINIC for a couple procedures? I loved the after results from the jaw slimming Botox & chin fillers so much! I’ve finally attained the ideal V-shaped face that’s sought after by most women!

Months have gone by & I can’t thank Dr Matthew Yap enough for keeping my ideal face shape long lasting! In case you’re wondering, the type of fillers chosen for me was Juvederm.

I almost forgot I used to have such a short & wide face shape. Not that I hated how I look back then, but comparing then & now, I love how I look even better now. Such a vast difference in the chin shape & I feel way more feminine.

Sometimes a lil’ fillers could make your face look much more proportionate, I’ve always had a high forehead & with a short chin it doesn’t seem to go quite well together. Notice how the longer chin actually helps in balancing out my features? Oh boy what I am to do without you Dr Matthew Yap!

Today I’m back to straighten the mini hump on my nose bridge, although not too visible in person, but is really visible in pictures! I’ve gotten sick & tired of contouring it every single time before I head out or even having to edit every single photo so I decided this was possibly the best solution for me. At the end of the day, it’s always important to feel good about yourself.


Here’s a couple of snapshots on the filler process! Step 1– The doctor injects the targeted area. Step 2– Filler is injected to create the desired volume. Step 3 – The doctor will then mould the filler into place for a natural-looking finish. Step 4 – Final check to see if you’re happy with the results, if not more fillers can be injected to the area.

Within less than ten minutes, we were done with the procedure. Refined nose I like, no more unsightly hump!

He also suggested injecting some goodness just below my left eye to fill out the hollowness. I never knew that I’m already starting to have a depression line on one side, boy the doctors can see it so clear with their naked eye. Scary!

I really didn’t think much of it until the procedure was done & that area was lifted immediately & suddenly I didn’t look so tired anymore. Sometimes there’s only so much an eye cream can do.

Weeks after, here’s how it looks! I thank you Juvederm & Dr Matthew Yap for keeping the results so natural-looking & long-lasting. Ps, also special thanks to Kenneth Beltran & Joemel Sanchez for the amazing photography! Hit up their facebook to schedule a shoot!

ASTIQUE CLINIC is now located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Do call 6732 3801 to make an appointment! You can also check out their facebook page HERE for more updates.

the little obsessions

Here’s a lil’ update on what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. My blog is a dead corpse but I’m alive & kicking. With my addiction to Instagram & my recent activation on Facebook, I’ve become way too lazy to keep the posts coming here!

Sorry I know that shouldn’t be an excuse, but really I’ve been having the craziest schedules as of late with outdoor shoots & meetings. Alright, less talk & it’s time to feed you with some photos!

Lunch at Annam with Jay Daniel & Ash. Best Crab Meat Fried Rice I’ve ever had in my life even though it costs a whopping $32.00! So good we had 3 individual portions, insane or what?

I also recently took up this beauty project together with my KL babe Chels which took all afternoon to shoot but was worth braving the sun for! Here’s some snippets from their website & some pictures on set! If you’re a beauty junkie like I am, don’t forget to check out Hermate for its incredible beauty device!

Loving my luminous skin which I must thank ASTIQUE CLINIC for. It’s not a secret anymore, a Glycolic Acid Peel is really a quick solution to erase sun-damaged skin & to sort out unever skin. Literally an instant goodbye to clogged pores with makeup buildup in a single session!

Of course, before you decide to do any form of peel, no matter how mild, it’s best you consult the professionals, because different skin types might not necessarily suit this type of peel. Credits to Kenneth Beltran & Joemel Sanchez for the photography. More pictures for you as soon I receive the full set!

Recently discovered this chill place to just hang with friends over beer & uber yummy wings. It’s been around for a while, I can’t believe it took me this long to find out! Thank you for being such a good host Paul! Wine BOS is located at 787 North Bridge Road.

For advertorial enquiries, please drop me an email at . Happy Monday everyone, let’s chase the blues away!

Healthy Diet at Real Food

After much persuasion from Princess D, I decided to give the greens a shot just for a day. Honestly, my body system is so accustomed to my carnivorous behaviours I’m not quite sure how it’d adapt to the greens. The last thing I’d like is to have massive diarrhoea because she’s taking me on a major detox meal. Oh my, what I have seriously gotten myself into!

This pure wheatgrass shot was so potent I felt like my system reached an automatic shutdown mode. All that toxins I’ve accumulated over the years seemed to be wiped out at one go! Maybe I should cultivate good habits & make this a monthly routine.

Since I’ve finished the shot Dionna specially picked for me, it’s my turn now to choose a special organic juice for her! I can’t even recall what it was, but I did ask the chef to prepare something equally detoxifying for her. Wow someone’s drinking it like water, that’s her face of enjoyment right there!

She’s happily eating her greens since being health-conscious is quite her thing. Today I decided to take it slow because I had a tough time picking  at my food. I tried, but my heart still belongs to meat.The Strawberry Banana Pancake was my only saving grace.

There’s an organic supermarket packed with healthy snacks within the restaurant which we absolutely love. I know going healthy is the right way to go, but right now’s just not my time. Thank you Dionna for trying to change me for a day, but life’s too short for me give up on all my favourite delicacies!

Real Food is located at 110 Killiney Road. Be sure to visit if you’d like something healthy for a change!

Time to restore my system back to its original state after all that detox process. Phew! Having a huge craving for seafood with no rhyme or reason today, Long Beach here I come!

So nice to catch up with everyone over a meal where we use our hands more than our utensils! Thank you Ziling for peeling my prawns for me. How sweet of you!

Friday’s the day to rejoice, plus my Rah Rah’s back in town now. It’s time for us to get started on patron shots & allow ourselves to let loose to Alleso’s tracks!