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Jetsetting 24/7 does stress out my skin, that I gotta admit. However, these days, being a frequent traveler has made me smart enough to pack the correct skincare for the correct climate & destination.


I brought along the BIOSKIN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE for my month-long trip. Like many other women, I care about pampering my skin especially even more while abroad, hence I always end up having the problem of over-packing my skincare. If you looked at my vanity bag in the past, you’d bawl your eyeballs out. Some days I need to treat my dehydrated skin, some days I need to firm up my skin. Well you know, women and their 101 woes. That’s why this came at the right time! Could I seriously say no to an ALL-IN-ONE SERUM that brings about such GREAT CONVENIENCE for women like me who’s flying constantly?


Thank you MATHILDA for sending over this amazing product just in time for my Europe trip. Do follow MATHILDA on IG @mathildakoh so that you won’t miss out on the latest promotions for BIOSKIN!


This HIGH-PERFORMING SERUM is the ultimate solution for RENEWED & SMOOTHER-LOOKING SKIN. Having used it religiously throughout my trip, I can assure you, you start to notice results one week into using it. However, if you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend you to use it once every two days. I really love how it clears away my dead cells day by day to REVEAL GLOWING SKIN in the morning when I wake up.


Prior to the trip, I even popped by BIOSKIN for their CELL FUSION FACE TREATMENT. The therapist mentioned that the combination of the facial treatment & the essence would give even better results. Thank you so much BIOSKIN for constantly showering my skin with tender loving care!


Alright, so going back to the ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE, the reason why it’s so highly-raved is because it contains VITAMIN A to TARGET DEEP WRINKLES/ENLARGED PORES & all sorts of skin concerns. Perfect for someone like me who’s constantly under the sun & piling on makeup everyday. I don’t even want to think about having to deal with clogged pores & sun-damaged skin. Oh yes miracles do exist if you’re diligent enough to care for your skin!


In addition to that, with the VEGICAPS® UNIT DOSE TECHNOLOGY, each anti aging serum capsule keeps BIOSKIN’S ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE stabilized until it is opened and controls the amount used per application, ensuring the properties of all the ingredients are kept intact and high-performing for the most optimum results.


It’s time to pamper your skin to the fullest & restore your youthful appearance! Grab your very own ABSOLUTE MIRACLE ESSENCE from BIOSKIN to experience the difference. It retails for $280 for a bottle of 50 CAPSULES.

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Recently, I’ve been approached by BIOSKIN to try out their treatments & honestly, I was really excited to embark on a journey with them to attain stellar-looking skin. They’ve been around a long time & I’ve heard so much raves about their latest BIO P2x ACNE SKIN TREATMENT.

You know how many beauty salons practice the extraction method & sometimes if not done properly, it leads to scarring. But over here at BIOSKIN, big hurray to no extraction because the BIO P2X does an even better job minus the pain. I admit I’m guilty of picking on my blackheads/whiteheads at my nose sometimes up to twice a week (I know it’s such a bad habit), but in all honesty, after seeing what the BIO P2X can do, I’m quitting this habit slowly but surely.


Long story short, it works like a vacuum & sucks out all the skin impurities. I can assure you it’s painless. Believe me, I was disgusted & impressed at the same time. Imagine witnessing your blackheads & whiteheads come off one by one, major eew! But I’m not complaining because my face is squeaky clean it’s unbelievable.


I’ve previously tried out a similar machine at the doctor’s office & found it really effective in regulating my skin’s condition (lesser breakouts) + tightening my pores. This also meant you have to do a lot of maintenance (mask everyday) at home because this treatment might be a lil’ drying, But of course over at BIOSKIN, they complete this treatment with a rejuvenating facial so that your skin is fully hydrated. I felt truly relaxed during the treatment & even fell asleep halfway through the face massage!


When it comes to facial treatments, results matter a lot. You’d be happy to know there’s no downtime for the BIO P2X. With all the impurities drawn out, it makes makeup application so at ease & much longer-lasting. I’m glad the BIO P2X really does make a significant difference & looking forward to more sessions to attain Korean-looking skin. Thank you so much BIOSKIN!

Good news everyone! BIOSKIN is extending a SPECIAL PROMOTION specially for my readers! SMS < Agri_P2X> to 8288 1133 & enjoy BIO P2X + SCALP & SHOULDER MASSAGE + CELL RENEWAL CREAM (30ML) @ $38. (T & C APPLIES)

Also, I’ve started on a detox regime as of late. Don’t be mistaken, my main purpose is not to lose weight but rather to promote good health because of all the toxins I’ve been eating. Sometimes I do face the problems of over-eating & ending up with a bloated stomach. Super unglam I know! That’s when detox really helps! Also, I know for a fact that consuming red meat in large quantities is not good.


I’ve been trying out this KOGEN DETOX TEA by BIOSKIN for 5 days.When you go on full detox, your system clears out your body’s toxins effectively. And that’s exactly what I need because honestly, I’m full of poison inside.


KOGEN DETOX TEA is a FERMENTED HERBAL TEA ENZYME POWDER that HELPS IN DETOXIFICATION, STOMACH GAS REDUCTION & CONSTIPATION. It is made from 54 types of organic vegetables, fruits, weeds & yeast. Basically all the healthy stuff I definitely won’t put inside my mouth, but in powder form, I can accept.


I usually take this right before bedtime. Actually, due to my petite frame & also because my main purpose is not to lose weight drastically, I’m not required to complete a pack a day. Hence I always just do half sachet each time. See, it’s really easy to make!

I’d be heading to the toilet to let it all out (of course not like diarrhea don’t worry). So far, I haven’t experienced any tummy ache & really loving how my tummy is getting flatter day by day. I no longer have to feel so conscious in tiny cropped tops for my advertorial shoots!


Thank goodness for KOGEN DETOX TEA, I don’t have to worry about having a dragon’s appetite. Alright now, have a good week ahead & stay tuned to my next update on MEAT SAUCERY!