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You know how ever since I’ve been jet-setting around, I always feel so sleep-deprived the moment I get to Singapore. Despite being all weary-eyed, here I am at EQUILIBRIUM just for my babe Vil’s birthday! Can’t believe we’ve known each other for 10 years now, oh boy how time flies!

Alright, I shall not bore you with my ramblings. Are you ready for some food porn? Believe me, it tasted as good as it looked! Especially the risotto balls we had for starters, it was SO YUMMY I can see myself coming back for it.





On to the main course! When it comes to steak, I simply can’t share & this one right here was just done to perfection in medium rare, served the very way I like.



Dessert time! Don’t be deceived by its looks – this is not a cold cut platter. It is seriously one of the most interesting dessert platter I’ve had in my life EVER. You can mix & match yourself but my favourite combination has got to be the BACON JAM paired with the WHISKEY CARAMEL JELLY. I highly recommend this DELI DOLCE PLATTER!


Thank you Vil for such an amazing dinner! Let’s head back again soon pretty please!

EQUILIBRIUM is located at CAPITOL PIAZZA, #01-86.

I hope you enjoyed this short update! Stay tuned to my next post on my brow touch-up session with BROWTISAN! Have a good week ahead everyone!

you knock me off my feet

Some snippets of the week before.

Late breakkie at Robertson Quay, reason being I’ve kinda swung back to my old habits & am not that much of an early riser at the moment.



Dinner at Cocotte with my sweetie-pie, oh my this place is so amazing! I didn’t realize how caught up I’ve been at work these days I barely have the time to sit down for a proper meal with my girls other than Rah Rah who has turned herself into a resident in my humble abode.


DSC02791b   DSC05285b


It’s time to dedicate a day a week for proper dining with my loved ones. Work can wait since my tummy doesn’t exactly have the best temper. If you thought this was food overload, think again! I’m like a monster when it comes to food & I’d wipe your plates clean, provided it’s solely meat.





So stuffed at the end of it all there was no way we could budge. Despite a bulging tummy, it didn’t stop me from getting dessert. Sometimes I wonder why I need to eat THAT much.

DSC02804b   IMG_4167b

There was also the impromptu visit to Universal Studios. We literally covered the entire place from day to night. Man was I proud of myself for waking up earlier than expected & battling it out with the sun despite  having a terrible heat rash. Good job Agri!


Yes this literally felt like a kid’s excursion. Because for some rides, our belongings had to be stowed in lockers, I almost burst out in tears when our pennies combined wasn’t enough for an ice-cream I was craving for badly. It’s fun to never grow up & feel like you’re twelve forever albeit for a day. If only dreams could last forever!



Seriously dead beat at the end of it all I should have just gone home to pass out. But hunger got in the way!



And so despite all that exhaustion, my feet took me here. So good I’m probably never going to eat anywhere else for a week!



Alright, enough of food already, it’s time to get back to work. I’d better work my ass off before the weekend hits me like a hurricane!

sweet love all over

Sorry I took a while to update! I was shuffling around town all week to complete my errands. I guess turning 25 has made me a whole lot responsible & efficient! Now that everything’s done, I’m back to feed you guys with a gazillion pictures!

And so, my birthday this year kinda seemed like a never-ending one with bouquets aplenty, plus it was the first time ever in my life, to eat so many cakes within a week. Are all my loved ones trying to fatten me up? Even after a week, I was like Hell Yeah, my birthday’s not over yet! PS, thank you Irene for this beautiful bouquet!


First surprise was the birthday countdown at Sky on 57. Was too caught up eating I forgot a shot of the Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao. That dish was freaking awesome!




The second surprise was the dinner at Skyve skilfully planned by my babysaurus. Oh you sly creature, how could I not love you even more?





Here we are at Skyve, can’t believe this was where my secondary school was located in the past! Clarissa & I used to get into all sorts of trouble wherever we went!





I was literally dragged out of bed for this impromptu dinner & I was incredibly cranky at the start. Usually, he’s not the type who’d want to dine out but today he was extremely persistent. There goes my beauty sleep! On a side note, thank you ClubCouture for keeping me casual chic in this Rachell Pink Top. I love it so much!





I thought it was just a normal date – just me & my lover. To my surprise, my dear friends started appearing one by one! Too sweet!





Anyhow, we were so hungry we almost ordered everything on the menu! But really, the starters are so damn delicious we pretty much ended up sharing everything.

DSC08582b  IMG_8901b

IMG_8779b   DSC08580b

Seems like the lighting over here’s very suitable for pictures after pictures. That explained why all of us couldn’t seem to get enough!





The birthday cake was so meaningful I couldn’t even bear to slice a piece of it! Slicing it would mean slicing us apart, boohoo! Guess who did the dirty deed by disfiguring our faces with the knife? My mischievous sister Rah Rah!

DSC08575b  DSC08588b

DSC08591b  DSC08572b

Thank you everyone for putting aside all your busy schedules & being a part of my 25th birthday celebration. I feel so blessed to have all of you around I want to plant kisses on all your cheeks!





Can’t be any happier with this special birthday gift surprise from Churp Churp too! Aww you make me blush!





Here comes the third surprise over at Pete’s Place.





Honestly, I thought it was just a dinner meet-up & catch-up session. I was not expecting a mini Tiramisu Cake & a birthday song & a bottle of red wine which Dionna ended up finishing! Alcoholic!





Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved! However, that’s not the end of my birthday celebration. Stay tuned for more!

Allure Beauty Signature Eyebrow Embroidery

Breakfast of all sorts. What sets your heart racing?

I’ve  tried a couple & I’m still a McDonald’s addict! It’s practically on my speed dial. I can always count on their Breakfast Deluxe Supreme to kickstart a long & strenuous day. Guess what?

New breakfast offerings are now available at McDonald’s & because of that I’m turning into an even bigger glutton! If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s the combination of hot fudge & hotcakes. Eat away folks!

Let’s see what I’m up to right after a hearty breakfast!

Time to redefine my faded embroidered brows! Two years later & I’m back to my trusty eyebrow therapist at Allure Beauty for a fabulous touch-up in preparation of all the upcoming glitz & glamour events.

The newly revamped Allure Beauty is looking so damn sleek! I like. Since  I had to be on the numbing cream for a while, perhaps I could entertain you with more pictures of me & my Santarina brows. Feeling super refreshed these days with the good sleep I’m getting!

My therapist Coco decided we should go for a Chocolate Brown shade this time round to better match my hair colour. As you can see, my previous brows have faded quite a bit, especially the front part, making it look a lil’ barren. I assure you there’s no pain, no bleeding & no swelling. You can see how the process is done HERE.

Voila we’re done with my Allure Signature Eyebrow treatment! Fret not, the therapists here would create a brow shape that brings out the best of your features, hence it differs with every individual. It’s done stroke by stroke with such precision for the most natural-looking set of brows ever best catered for your face. Check out these super closeup shots!

Allure Beauty is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A. Call 6270 8845 to make an appointment!

Ended the night with the best Korean BBQ ever. I’m about to have a 3-hour long food tasting session in a bit, I know it sounds kinda crazy but I’m pretty sure it’d be tons of fun!

dance with me my loves

Birthday dinner at Dozo. Prior to this, I’ve had an oxygen infusion done & even got my puffy eyes rolled.

Thank you Beauti Instinct for making me look so incredibly radiant & flawless! I can’t imagine how my wedding preparation would be.


Thank you everyone for taking time off your busy schedules to make this day happen, I’m touched beyond words. And because it was my day, being fashionably late didn’t result in any black faces. Phew!

My dear friend Junhao even got me some anti-hangover tonic just in case I wake up feeling horrible the day after Better gulp it down fast before I head to the clubs! Nobody’s gonna let me off once I’m there!

Daniel was such a professional photographer as usual, he was so over overwhelmed with snapping photos after photos he barely ate! Drop me an email if you’d like his contact, his works are AMAZEBALLS.



We couldn’t stop gushing about how beautiful the food presentation was & when we finally got to eating it, we literally went to heaven. I’m definitely coming back for more next time!

Hello my dark-haired beauties, you’re both looking so drop dead gorgeous in those red sexy numbers I can’t take my eyes off you!



Damn I just can’t seem to stop munching on small bites even while talking. I thought it only happens in my sleep.

Unwrapping a couple of my presents in excitement while waiting for more food to be served!



Absolutely adore the Karen Walker sunnies! Even though pink wasn’t quite my colour in the past, I’ve slowly grown accustomed to loving it.

With my favourite secondary schoolmates! Can you imagine it’s been THAT long since we’ve known each other! I wonder how our teachers would react seeing us now? I used to get into all sorts of trouble back in those days & Clarissa was my accomplice!

Alright, let’s spread the love & take some group pictures!

Way too many photos & I haven’t even gone to the cake-cutting part. Promise you in two days, meanwhile I need to work on some blog advertorials!

let’s do this one more time

And so I just turned 25, hitting the mid-twenties wasn’t as scary as I thought. How time flies! I felt like a queen on my birthday last year, celebrated for an entire 5 days & ended up hungover in the most glamorous state at the end of it all. My dear friends fed me like a premium cow only to drench me in alcohol afterwards. It’s finally time to gather with the loved ones again this year, hurray! And to think I forgot that pictures of last year’s celebration were left in the closet, oops my bad.

I warn you though, this post is so image-heavy it’s gonna be hard to not drool over your keyboards.

Birthday treat at Hyang To Gol with my primary school BFF. This woman’s probably the only one who knows me inside out, especially when I’m up to no good!

Dinner at The Cut. Nothing keeps me happier than a plate of True Japanese Wagyu Beef done Medium Rare. I know my diet scares you, but once you’ve turned into a true blue carnivore, there’s no going back.

Counting down to the strike of midnight to a new chapter! Thanks for the unexpected surprise, it was the best ever!

Dinner at Guy Savoy.

Each dish that’s served here tasted as good as it looked. Oh boy I’m starting to feel hungry all over again!

Making room for dessert is a top priority for me! Sometimes, when the presentation gets overly beautiful, I feel like a sinner savouring it!

Dinner with my almost twin-sister Rah Rah. I’m about to get very smashed after we’re done, it’s all in preparation for some nasty birthday shots!

Loving how the entire table is flooded with food I can’t quite decide where to start. Oh boy you people spoil me so bad on my birthday!

I’ve never been more ready to embrace the crazy night! Bring on the patron, I fear you not. An hour later, I was drunk like a cow at Pangaea. I was up above the sofa barefoot & in an entire different world altogether.

Sorry it’s not possible for me to fit all in one post, it’s gonna take forever to load. Here’s a sneak peek though!

I’d continue with the final birthday dinner & party installment in the next post. Have a great weekend everyone! It’s party time!

let’s get out of here

Dinner at Il Cielo.

Craving desserts at The Cut afterwards. I’m so random like that & I’d go all out just to get my cravings satisfied even if it’s clearly not on the way. Oh well, me & my guilty pleasures. When in doubt, just order all that your heart desires!

Also headed to Pangaea with some of my favourite people from The Apartment Style Edition. Had so much fun we stayed till closing!

Super short trip to Jakarta with my girls, pure relaxation & strictly no partying. This was one hell of a crazy trip, it involved a lot of shopping, non-stop eating & ridiculously cheap but good massages. We had a 6 hour intense massage with no break in between we KO-ed immediately as soon as we went back to the hotel.

Battling the jams with Fried Banana Fritters to munch on made it easier. The roadside stalls make them way better than the restaurants! I assure you.

Yes I admit, my hair’s at its most dishevelled state! Would it not be after that much massage? I didn’t even bother to drag myself to the bathroom to wash all that oil off, major yikes!

All that aside, I pretty much just spend 3/4 of the day eating away. There’s just too many delicacies out there, I don’t want to be worrying about health issues at the moment. I eat whatever I feel like, anytime & anywhere.

Super hearty breakfast at Pullman Central Park, I made it alone while everyone was still in dreamland.

Here’s some of my favourite local food! I’m actually dying to take the lover here for a visit, but I’m quite sure the food won’t be to his liking. We’re entirely different when it comes to food choices. The amount of spicy hotpot he eats in a day is enough to kill me & the amount of meat I eat in a day still leaves him startled.

Dinner at HKC. I love how the interior looks we should totally do a mini photoshoot right here.

Time to tuck in, the hungry monster’s about to erupt!

A brand new day starts with yet another filling breakfast before heading out. Decided on room service since I was glued to the television.

Quick coffee with the girls right before a three hour body massage madness.

Back at the hotel where we start prepping for dinner extremely early. We run on a really strict timeline here due to the unbearable jams, it’s literally impossible to explore so many places in one day. Ps, doesn’t Dionna look oh so demure in her beautiful dress?

Dinner at Potato Head. We were caught in a three-hour jam on the way here we finished watching 2 movies in the car. Can you imagine how starved we were by the time we got to the restaurant?

I was in a state of euphoria the minute I got here, going slightly cray cray with the food. But hurray to finishing everything on the platter yet again! My stomach is really a bottomless pit.

Let’s not forget to leave some room for desserts too!

To think Dionna & I almost missed our flight AGAIN the next day! Even at the airport, while everyone else were resting at the airport lounges or grabbing a latte, we had to spend our very last penny on a foot reflexology. These two massage queens, tsk tsk!

Goodbye Jakarta, till next time! Oh boy I’m so exhausted I need to crash.

goodbye gloomy days

I’ve been feeling very enthusiastic in updating on a daily basis, wow what has gotten into me? Way too many pictures in my laptop & it’s probably a sign to keep my blog filled with them instead of tossing them into the recycle bin. Here’s some recent happenings!

Morning Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh Cravings straight after a full night of crazy partying. No sleep but nonetheless booming with energy I think my lover has thoughts of killing me sometimes.

Daytime at work where it feels like winter every single day! Not even thermal wear could help me, I think I need a fireplace instead.

Daphne’s Birthday at Gunther’s. Fourteen years & counting, I love you babe. Now I’m just waiting to be your bridesmaid. I promise you I’d turn up with decent hair, not blonde, not purple or pink. Dark brown just for you, sweet or not?

Weekend getaway with Princess D despite feeling a lil’ sickly. Didn’t take as many pictures this time as my hands were either way too preoccupied with shopping bags or I was passed out during the three-hour long massages. Yes I was THAT tired.

Possibly one of my laziest trips ever, the everyday routine was just a slab of sunscreen + eyeliner & I’m ready to go. But I did manage to eat everything I felt like having. Plus I really loved how our room had two queen-sized beds! Next time we’re taking more friends along.

Just had to stop by here to get my daily dose of Iced HK Milk Tea. Way too addictive!

Some cool finds while shopping! Can we patronize Baby Cafe on our next trip pretty please?

Dinner at Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine, this was definitely the highlight of my trip. Thanks for taking us here! Never felt so satisfied from eating way too much meat, in fact I’d love to have this everyday & I won’t get sick of it.

I’m such a tyrant when it comes to eating I forbid everyone from touching the greens! Eating red meat always keeps me so happy I don’t think I could ever go vegan no matter what happens.

Headed for drinks at Cafe Gray afterwards.I requested for a special concoction! Isn’t the view from Upper House so breathtaking?

Dionna took me here too where I ate durian pancakes like nobody’s business, never mind if it gave me such a horrible sore throat afterwards. It was worth it!

Combed the entire Harbour City to get these ‘Too Cool For School’ goodies for my face & how could I resist this MCM uber cute backpack. Question is, where & when am I gonna use it? It’s okay, I’d figure it out later.

Off to complete my never-ending chores! Thank goodness Friday is coming soon, I am so in need of a break.

Shopping Wonderland At TagStyle

Headed out early for a quick lunch at PS Cafe before I do some serious retail therapy.

Finally found the time to drop by TagStyle’s standing store at Orchard Central over the week. Boy was I booming with excitement to play mix & match with the beautiful apparels available here! It’s also such a joy to catch up with the founder of TagStyle, Marlene. She’s such a sweet lady with a figure I’d literally die for.

Doesn’t her store look oh so amazing? It’s done up in such a way that makes me feel like I’m transported to a different world altogether. And the longer I stayed, the more outfits caught my eyes! Please bless my pockets!

Shopping here turns me into a happy soul, especially with all that vibrant colours surrounding me. For the first time ever, my grumbling tummy is of second priority! Not to worry, it shall be rewarded handsomely afterwards.

Just in case you’d like to see my hot pick items upclose, here you go!

Skull Floral Shift Dress

Printed Mustard Top & Colour Burst Skirt

Huge Cross Thermal Top & All-Over Cross Skirt

Toga Style Chiffon Top & Salon Fitted Skirt

Printed Monochrome Leggings

I’d show you the purchases I got from here in another post right after I’ve got them nicely steamed! TagStyle is at Orchard Central #05-K3.

Ended with some very juicy steak at Porterhouse to put an end to my hunger. Yummy!

Hair Begone with Datsumo Labo

Feeling a lil’ on the sweet side today & decided to braid my hair proper for a change instead of having them all up. Damn my bangs grow out real quick it’s time for a trim! Guess where I’m excited to go today right after lunch at Shokudo? PS, on a side note, I’m glad to restore the music player back here while you scroll through the posts even though it might take a while longer to load!


Hurray here I come to Datsumo Labo, thank you Yuichiro Ohno! Truth be told, I’ve tried a couple of hair removal methods before & a lot of them were just not quite suitable for my sensitive skin. But I decided to give  this a try because I read plenty of good reviews about this place. 100% Pain-free & Silky Smooth skin & Super Affordable Pricings. I pinky promise you this won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

The only preparation you need to make back at home is to shave the body area to be treated at least one day before treatment which in my case is the lower leg. Then just lie back & relax as the therapist applies a cold gel over the targeted area.

You’d feel a slightly warm sensation as soon as the treatment begins. With both legs done, a cold towel is placed  over them immediately to tighten up the pores!

Done in under fifteen minutes, super quick & totally pain-free! The result is utterly smooth skin which I now have troubles taking my hands off! pardon the sudden narcissistic behaviour, but you’d probably be doing the same thing right after a treatment here.

Furniture & interior decor might be kept to its minimal here but Datsumo Labo’s hair removal machine is of world’s premier quality hence you can be rest assured that you’re only receiving the best form of treatment. It can easily go up to a five figure sum for full body hair removal at any other salons but over here at Datsumo Labo the price you pay puts your mind at ease!

No more shaving, tweezing or waxing for me! Datsumo Labo is located at 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #01-13. Call 6836 2140 to make an appointment today! Quote ‘Agri Velt’ to get 10% off!

Ended the night with a satisfied meal at Ambush. Goodnight world, I’ve to get started on packing for my KL trip with Rah Rah now!

the little obsessions

Here’s a lil’ update on what I’ve been up to for the past few weeks. My blog is a dead corpse but I’m alive & kicking. With my addiction to Instagram & my recent activation on Facebook, I’ve become way too lazy to keep the posts coming here!

Sorry I know that shouldn’t be an excuse, but really I’ve been having the craziest schedules as of late with outdoor shoots & meetings. Alright, less talk & it’s time to feed you with some photos!

Lunch at Annam with Jay Daniel & Ash. Best Crab Meat Fried Rice I’ve ever had in my life even though it costs a whopping $32.00! So good we had 3 individual portions, insane or what?

I also recently took up this beauty project together with my KL babe Chels which took all afternoon to shoot but was worth braving the sun for! Here’s some snippets from their website & some pictures on set! If you’re a beauty junkie like I am, don’t forget to check out Hermate for its incredible beauty device!

Loving my luminous skin which I must thank ASTIQUE CLINIC for. It’s not a secret anymore, a Glycolic Acid Peel is really a quick solution to erase sun-damaged skin & to sort out unever skin. Literally an instant goodbye to clogged pores with makeup buildup in a single session!

Of course, before you decide to do any form of peel, no matter how mild, it’s best you consult the professionals, because different skin types might not necessarily suit this type of peel. Credits to Kenneth Beltran & Joemel Sanchez for the photography. More pictures for you as soon I receive the full set!

Recently discovered this chill place to just hang with friends over beer & uber yummy wings. It’s been around for a while, I can’t believe it took me this long to find out! Thank you for being such a good host Paul! Wine BOS is located at 787 North Bridge Road.

For advertorial enquiries, please drop me an email at . Happy Monday everyone, let’s chase the blues away!

Healthy Diet at Real Food

After much persuasion from Princess D, I decided to give the greens a shot just for a day. Honestly, my body system is so accustomed to my carnivorous behaviours I’m not quite sure how it’d adapt to the greens. The last thing I’d like is to have massive diarrhoea because she’s taking me on a major detox meal. Oh my, what I have seriously gotten myself into!

This pure wheatgrass shot was so potent I felt like my system reached an automatic shutdown mode. All that toxins I’ve accumulated over the years seemed to be wiped out at one go! Maybe I should cultivate good habits & make this a monthly routine.

Since I’ve finished the shot Dionna specially picked for me, it’s my turn now to choose a special organic juice for her! I can’t even recall what it was, but I did ask the chef to prepare something equally detoxifying for her. Wow someone’s drinking it like water, that’s her face of enjoyment right there!

She’s happily eating her greens since being health-conscious is quite her thing. Today I decided to take it slow because I had a tough time picking  at my food. I tried, but my heart still belongs to meat.The Strawberry Banana Pancake was my only saving grace.

There’s an organic supermarket packed with healthy snacks within the restaurant which we absolutely love. I know going healthy is the right way to go, but right now’s just not my time. Thank you Dionna for trying to change me for a day, but life’s too short for me give up on all my favourite delicacies!

Real Food is located at 110 Killiney Road. Be sure to visit if you’d like something healthy for a change!

Time to restore my system back to its original state after all that detox process. Phew! Having a huge craving for seafood with no rhyme or reason today, Long Beach here I come!

So nice to catch up with everyone over a meal where we use our hands more than our utensils! Thank you Ziling for peeling my prawns for me. How sweet of you!

Friday’s the day to rejoice, plus my Rah Rah’s back in town now. It’s time for us to get started on patron shots & allow ourselves to let loose to Alleso’s tracks! 

as my appetite grows

Snippets of the previous week. Simple Japanese meal during lunchtime. Nice to get away from the extremely unforgiving air-conditioning at my workplace albeit awhile! Time to defrost.

Was at Absinthe with Pauline at the start of the week for some good food. It’s no surprise that our dinner usually starts really late.

Time to indulge in some white truffle! I had the Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops, White Truffle Shavings, Fava Beans & Hazelnut which was so extremely appetizing I wasn’t quite in the mood to share!

When it comes to eating, I just go all the way not thinking about tomorrow. Pauline’s always such a darling to allow me to meddle with her main course! Needless to say, I’m always the one devouring the steak.

Korean BBQ session at Hyang To Gol with my other half from Black & Blonde. Seems like we’re having an even better bond after the show despite getting on each other’s nerves countless times!

You know it’s funny how every food session with me makes everyone at the dinner table anxious about going to the gym afterwards, teehee! It’s only meat people, you need to chill!

There was also dinner at La Villa with Deb.

Simple chill-out time with Deb whom I haven’t seen in forever. Way too much to catch up on & it could go on & on till the wee hours.

Totally proud of the fact that we didn’t over-order this time round & finished everything to its last bit.

Thank you ClubCouture for keeping me lovingly clothed in your amazing sailor-style romper. It’s such a versatile piece which I could wear from day to night! Not forgetting how incredibly comfy it is!

Took time off to do a shoot with David Fo at The Organic Supermarket sometime past week too. Let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes. This shoot was a lot of fun!

David Fo & I make a good duo on & off work, he’s such a good sport! On set, he goes all serious & professional, just like a headmaster. We decided to go crazy and wear apparels that’s not quite possible with our humid weather! Wheee!

Alright, here’s some of the pics he’s sent over. I can’t wait to receive them all! Also, thank you Zhi Hui for creating a different makeup look for each outfit change. I love you transform me into character.

Heading out to lunch now, I shan’t let the Monday blues get to me today. Maybe I should dress up in a dash of pink to perk myself up!

Meat Overdose With Brotzeit

Black & Blonde reunite for the weekend again, this time round we’re not about to get involved in any crazy antics like on The Apartment Style Edition (boy do we miss that), we’re just taking time off to indulge in some good ol’ German food.

Rainy days can really kill my mood, but being out & about makes me feel way more alive than I am at home. At least dressing up keeps me happy!

First time visit to Brotzeit. We’ve heard how the pork knuckles were to die for & we’re really excited to see if if really lives up to its name! Don’t belittle our tiny frames, we can really eat.

I’ve been alcohol-free for 2 weeks now, no I’ve not gone organic style or turning into a health freak. I’m just taking a short break, but I’d be back to my old ways pretty soon. Old habits like to haunt me! Meanwhile, I’ve gotten addicted to tomato juice! For breakfast, lunch & dinner, I just can’t get enough.

Each time salad is served, I wouldn’t hestitate to put the whole bowl right before Clarissa’s eyes. She really loves her greens & I really love my meat. The sausages were oozing with so much flavour it was hard to stop at one, my favourite being the Weisswurst.

The Bacon Pizza was amazing too albeit a lil’ too spicy for me, but that doesn’t stop me still! I’m determined like that regarding food matters.

When it came to the Pork Knuckles, I was completely blown away. Upon slicing off the crispy crackling skin, the meat that lies inside melts in your mouth & is extremely juicy. Each bite into it feels like perfection when combined with the Sauerkraut & pickles. Damn this is gluttony moment at its best!

Brotzeit is located at Somerset 313 #01-27.

How glad am I that Friday’s finally here! What’s a weekend without some playtime at my place which involves messing with my wardrobe & taking nonsensical photos? Time to replenish on sleep now & party the night away with my girls!

Twice The Surprise With Pizza Hut

Christmas comes to us early this year, with our very first mini celebration at Pizza Hut. Thank you so much for inviting us to your Christmas Pizza Pre-Launch Party! This is in fact my first time dining in their restaurant, I’m usually quite the couch potato & settle for Pizza Hut Delivery, hence I’m extremely excited!

So it appears we’ve got a very strong team, we really know our Christmas Carols thanks to good search engines & fast fingers. It’s no wonder we came in first place! The competition was so intense there was no room for spelling error! Hurray!

A sumptous feast awaits us & honestly we were so overwhelmed by the sight of food we weren’t making much conversation around the table. Guilty! Our forks & knives were going on non-stop in a fast & furious manner. Pizza Hut does make the best Sweet & Spicy Drumlets. It’s been years & I haven’t gotten sick of it.

The highlight of the night was a live demonstration on making the all new Double Sensation Pizza specially designed by Pizza Hut for this festive season. Here’s some snippets of the process! Even the ingredients look so promising already, I’m just waiting impatiently.

Be awed by the Double Sensation Pizza, made with two unique crusts. With an inner crust stuffed with cheesy chicken sausage & an outer crust stuffe with 3-flavour cheese, I’m now blown away.

I sense some cheese overload & I want a piece of that right now! Boy I can’t wait to eat it the minute it’s out of the oven, in its piping hot state!

Let’s keep ourselves occupied with Pizza Hut’s other mouthwatering dishes while we wait! The Roasted Chicken Leg is so succulent I’m glad I have it all to myself. Damn it’s so hard to have a favourite with that big appetite of mine!

Alas it’s time! Surprise your tastebuds with every bite – only possible with the Double Sensation Pizza. Head down to any Pizza Hut outlets today or simply opt for home delivery if you haven’t already tried thie marvellous creation!

It’s the same old Christmas joy, now with twice the surprises this year with Pizza Hut. Merry Christmas everyone, let’s give our loved ones even more love before we wrap up this year!

top of the world

I love my weekends simply because I get to chill out with my favourite people without any time constraints. Plus this weekend’s my Rah Rah’s birthday, the only thing that she needs to be worried about is staying sober till six in the morning! Yes I’m evil.

Hanging out with my sweetheart on Friday night after our cute-esque shoot in twin outfits. It’s been a long time since our feet felt the ultimate comfort in sneakers. Stay tuned to the new collection mid week!




Getting all prepped up for dindin on Saturday & we’re always arriving later than expected because we start rummaging through my stash & taking pictures like there’s no tomorrow. Pauline’s so smart to come over together with Marlene, can you imagine how starved they’d be had they been in the restaurant first?

Decided to give this new eatery located alongside Clarke Quay a shot. Fern & Kiwi here we come!

By the time I got here, my level of hunger has hit its maximum so I literally just felt like ordering everything that’s on the menu. Bad habits die hard, it’s true! Thank goodness for sane friends. Let’s take a look at our choice of mains shall we?

New Zealand Sea Run Salmon Fillet, Chicken Supreme, ‘Pure South’ New Zealand Beef Fillet to share while yours truly had an Otago Loin of Venison all to herself. That’s why I’m always referred to as a glutton, I won’t deny.

No matter how full we are, there’s always room for desserts. The boy & I had the Trio of Mini Ice Cream Cones which I loved so much. We were literally fighting over the flavours. Pauline & Marlene had the Moro Bar & Kahlua Cheesecake. It was pretty unique in my opinion with the ginger syrup & the orange mint salad.

Let’s come back for more next time, there’s still a lot of desserts on the menu I’m dying to try, such a pity they run out so quickly due to popular demand!

Alas, my weekend’s always such a joy with Princess D around even if it means goofing around all day & staying in to eat my Kimchi noodles while fixing crossword puzzles. Off to catch a movie now!

A Great Fun Meal With MooJaa

Had just wrapped up a shoot earlier & was starving by then. We were already grumpy from the lack of food & about to erupt. Definitely not a nice sight to bicker on the streets. MooJaa to our rescue!

Who knew Keong Saik Road was filled with hidden gems? With Moo Ka Ta outlets popping all over the island, we decided to jump on the bandwagon to see what’s the craze all about!Today I’ve got my eyes on MooJaa!

Moo Ka Ta literally means ‘Pork Skillet’ in Thai and refers to the special cooking apparatus created to enjoy both barbecue & hot pot at the same time.

A trough of soup sits on a crock of charcoal, and a dome shaped grill is placed on the trough, allowing the smoke from the charcoal to waft up to the grill, perfuming the meats with some seriously fragrant wok’s breath.

A must-try here is their signature Cheese Balls, crispy at the first bite & subsequently when the warm cheese oozes out, it melts in your mouth slowly. Super awesome to the max!

If you’re health conscious, you’re gonna love MooJaa. Oxidized, clumpy meat exposed to room temperature should be the least of your concerns! Ingredients here are super fresh because the Head Chef News personally handpicks the seafood & meat every morning & marinates it with her secret recipe that is MSG free.

Aside from that, only quality Binchotan Japanese Charcoal is used here. Let’s not worry about soot getting into our food!

A cube of pork lard is placed at the top of the dome. Whilst waiting for it to melt into unctuous fatty goodness, you can always sip on the homemade Thai Iced Tea, definitely my favourite, with the sweetness done to perfection.

The pork lard step is essential because it adds such great fragrance & crisp to the meat barbecued on the dome. Boy am I excited to sink my teeth into the tender & juicy meat! Don’t you dare steal mine!

Five minutes into my dinner at MooJaa, I actually thought I was enjoying my barbeque & hot-pot in a bustling eatery in one of Bangkok’s many streets. Felt right at home here!

Another must-try is the two popular dipping sauces Head Chef News prepares from scratch with 31 different ingredients. The sauce involves six straight hours of non-stop stirring so that it doesn’t char or burn. Wow I can never have that kind of patience.

Plus, it’s made fresh weekly in small batches so it doesn’t go stale. The Spicy BBQ & Sweet Sour Seafood Sauce are full of tangy, umami flavours that enhances the good quality meat. Definitely no store bought variety for MooJaa’s diners.

Those squeamish about smelling like meat after a night out, don’t fret! MooJaa’s in-table ventilation system prevents the smoke from even reaching your face, perfect for vainpots like me. The fully air-conditioned restaurant also keeps you cool for as long as you like. Hurray to no ugly sweat patches!

MooJaa also offers more upmarket options for those with discerning palates – Kurobuta Pork and Angus Beef are available for you to Moo Ka Ta. No luncheon meat or cheap hot dogs- instead, expect Hokkaido Scallops and Surimi Crab Sticks all of which we had! Eat like a king & make merry like there’s no tomorrow.

We came here as hungry monsters & left as highly satisfied diners! Friends of ours that we’ve recommended here gave the thumbs up too. MooJaa doesn’t disappoint! It’s always a great fun meal with your loved ones when you’re here.

MooJaa is located at 25 Keong Saik Road. Please call 6536 4780 for reservations!

there’s no stopping us all week

A short update on what I’ve been up to before I hop onto the next plane to KL again. Life’s been quite a bliss spent with my loved ones as of late despite all that crazy schedule packed with appointments back to back. I’m loving that kind of busy productivity, although it involves flying over to KL quite a bit.

Late lunch with my partner-in-crime.

Followed by dinner at Mezza9. We had such an amazing sashimi spread we couldn’t ask for more!

There’s also Louis’ birthday dinner at Cotton Bleu Bistro. Well, it’s been a while but I’m still loving this cozy environment & I’m still very much the ultimate hungry monster. Old habits die hard!

Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh after a night of intense partying with my sweetheart is always highly satisfying. In my drunken state, I still made it here without fail.


Ended the week over at Pepes Restaurant with Rye Rye.

Alright, I better get started on packing that luggage before my honey bunny gets all ballistic on me again for last minute behaviours. Taking the earliest flight out is such a bad idea, there goes my sleep. Have a great weekend everyone!

time to start afresh

Vanity is neccessity & I haven’t thanked Allure Beauty Saloon enough for entering my life. I now wake up to fantastic-looking lashes each morning I wake up! The 3D Eyelash Perm rocks! See how nicely permed they are here I don’t even require a lash curler anymore. Just a coat of mascara & I’m ready to hustle.

With the eyelash matter done, it’s time to also touch up on my brows since they are such crucial parts of the face. Which better place to get them done? Having led the beauty market & specializing in the art of eyebrow grooming for ten years, Allure Beauty’s the perfect place to solve your beauty woes!

Check out Allure’s new branch at West Mall Bukit Batok #04-10. Do call 68982242 to make an appointment!

Quick dinner at Hide Yamamoto, such a shame I didn’t have the luxury of time. My BFF would slaughter me big time if I was late for her birthday!


Daphne’s Birthday at Mink where BFF’s reunite! Together we’re the ultimate three musketeers!

It’s always massive murder time for birthday girl! Tiffany’s busy getting the patron & I’m busy getting the vodka. Time check 5.00am & Daphne’s still standing strong. She might be superhuman after all!

Back on the road once the sun rises yet again. This cycle repeats itself way too often, then again bad habits die hard. I better snuggle into bed & rest up for my upcoming crazy birthday weekend! Goodnight!