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Recently, I’ve been approached by BIOSKIN to try out their treatments & honestly, I was really excited to embark on a journey with them to attain stellar-looking skin. They’ve been around a long time & I’ve heard so much raves about their latest BIO P2x ACNE SKIN TREATMENT.

You know how many beauty salons practice the extraction method & sometimes if not done properly, it leads to scarring. But over here at BIOSKIN, big hurray to no extraction because the BIO P2X does an even better job minus the pain. I admit I’m guilty of picking on my blackheads/whiteheads at my nose sometimes up to twice a week (I know it’s such a bad habit), but in all honesty, after seeing what the BIO P2X can do, I’m quitting this habit slowly but surely.


Long story short, it works like a vacuum & sucks out all the skin impurities. I can assure you it’s painless. Believe me, I was disgusted & impressed at the same time. Imagine witnessing your blackheads & whiteheads come off one by one, major eew! But I’m not complaining because my face is squeaky clean it’s unbelievable.


I’ve previously tried out a similar machine at the doctor’s office & found it really effective in regulating my skin’s condition (lesser breakouts) + tightening my pores. This also meant you have to do a lot of maintenance (mask everyday) at home because this treatment might be a lil’ drying, But of course over at BIOSKIN, they complete this treatment with a rejuvenating facial so that your skin is fully hydrated. I felt truly relaxed during the treatment & even fell asleep halfway through the face massage!


When it comes to facial treatments, results matter a lot. You’d be happy to know there’s no downtime for the BIO P2X. With all the impurities drawn out, it makes makeup application so at ease & much longer-lasting. I’m glad the BIO P2X really does make a significant difference & looking forward to more sessions to attain Korean-looking skin. Thank you so much BIOSKIN!

Good news everyone! BIOSKIN is extending a SPECIAL PROMOTION specially for my readers! SMS < Agri_P2X> to 8288 1133 & enjoy BIO P2X + SCALP & SHOULDER MASSAGE + CELL RENEWAL CREAM (30ML) @ $38. (T & C APPLIES)

Also, I’ve started on a detox regime as of late. Don’t be mistaken, my main purpose is not to lose weight but rather to promote good health because of all the toxins I’ve been eating. Sometimes I do face the problems of over-eating & ending up with a bloated stomach. Super unglam I know! That’s when detox really helps! Also, I know for a fact that consuming red meat in large quantities is not good.


I’ve been trying out this KOGEN DETOX TEA by BIOSKIN for 5 days.When you go on full detox, your system clears out your body’s toxins effectively. And that’s exactly what I need because honestly, I’m full of poison inside.


KOGEN DETOX TEA is a FERMENTED HERBAL TEA ENZYME POWDER that HELPS IN DETOXIFICATION, STOMACH GAS REDUCTION & CONSTIPATION. It is made from 54 types of organic vegetables, fruits, weeds & yeast. Basically all the healthy stuff I definitely won’t put inside my mouth, but in powder form, I can accept.


I usually take this right before bedtime. Actually, due to my petite frame & also because my main purpose is not to lose weight drastically, I’m not required to complete a pack a day. Hence I always just do half sachet each time. See, it’s really easy to make!

I’d be heading to the toilet to let it all out (of course not like diarrhea don’t worry). So far, I haven’t experienced any tummy ache & really loving how my tummy is getting flatter day by day. I no longer have to feel so conscious in tiny cropped tops for my advertorial shoots!


Thank goodness for KOGEN DETOX TEA, I don’t have to worry about having a dragon’s appetite. Alright now, have a good week ahead & stay tuned to my next update on MEAT SAUCERY!

Brilliant Skin with Estetica

My busy schedule might lead me to my grave at this rate I’m going, picture intensive 6am call times & I’m expected to look my best all through the day.

I couldn’t even afford a lil’ me time for myself & here comes the horror bit. My face’s moisture levels has hit rock bottom & my body’s feeling so tense due to my serious lack of sleep. SOS! I still want to look impeccably good under any condition!



Now that the busy period is clear for a day, this is a sign that I should spoil myself silly. Estetica here I come! Frankly, I’m quite excited since it’d been awhile since I did a proper facial.

I’ve grown so accustomed to quick fixes like peels & lasers. Those work like magic if you want results in 15 minutes max & don’t mind the heftier price tag, but today I just want to lie back & relax while my face is being pampered with all the goodness by the therapist’s nimble fingers.




Upon consultation, we’ve come to realize my skin was at a dehydrated state & what I wanted to achieve was restoring that radiance & moisture that’s clearly disappeared. With the huge selection of treatments available here, let’s leave it to the professionals to analyze your current skin condition & specially assign the most suited treatment to target the problem area.

I was about to undergo Estetica’s signature 3D Skin Tech Brillage Radiance Facial – clinically proven to fix skin problems like mine (enlarged pores, dehydrated skin) & also to awaken dull skin. Let’s get started & see if this facial gives the exceptional results like it promised!

DSC00015b  DSC00017b

DSC00024b  DSC00020b

Just lying on Estetica’s ergonomic friendly treatment beds made me feel like royalty. Designed to enable each customer to adjust the preferred height & angles for the area around the back & knee regions, this is perfect for the fatigued souls like myself.

No more stiff beds that I feel uncomfortable lying on & no more standard pillows that give me a stiff neck after. I am now in a perfectly relaxed posture I’m more than ready to be pampered like a queen. Estetica cares so much for the comfort of its customer! Oh my goodness, I’m falling in love with this place already!


I used to have so much hate for any extraction process, I’d skip this process altogether due to the pain & fear of scarring. But today I decided maybe it’s time to do the full monty & clear the accumulated dirt so that I can have an extremely smooth canvas.

To my surprise, it didn’t hurt one bit & upon extracting on one area, a cold cotton pad is immediately placed over which I felt was very hygienic! This apparently was very effective in soothing the area & would diminish any redness. I wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with a tomato-red face post-facial & everyone can just keep on guessing why I’m looking so incredibly radiant.

DSC00037c  DSC00044b

A serum is then applied together with a machine so that you can be ensured your skin is receiving all things good. Don’t be alarmed by the device, it’s zero pain & has a cooling sensation over your skin.

DSC00056b  DSC00053b

Next comes everyone’s favourite part! Face acupressure, neck & shoulder massage time! As the therapist knead my knots away skilfully, I fell into a deep therapeutic sleep. You have no idea how much I enjoy getting my temples massaged!


Lastly, the treatment is completed with a VitaLift A+ Brillage Mask which is on par with my favourite CO2 Mask. Hence, I decided to take home a pack to review. Stay tuned to my post on that!


Results don’t lie. I actually look like I have make-up on right after my facial, when I’ve had none. You can see for yourself!


Just take a look at my skin! Wow it takes only one half hour to achieve crystal-clear & almost porcelain-like. Don’t be astounded by how good the effect is, because you’re about to get some lovely skin too since I love this treatment so much!


Specially for my readers, Estetica is offering their 3D Skin Tech Brillage Radiance Facial at only $33 (U.P $168). Valid for customers above 21 years old only. You can access this special deal HERE.

Cast away your dullness & shine like a star. Let’s treat all the problem areas & you can thank me later! Estetica has 8 outlets located conveniently throughout the island. Check out to find out more or join their Facebook page HERE for regular updates & promotions!

My new-found Confidence, I found it at Beauti Instinct

My partying habits ain’t foreign to anyone around, in fact my energy level’s on high all the time it can be quite puzzling to some. Everytime the weekend’s here, I’d be out without fail doing shots after shots and  it’s really quite taxing to keep up with me.

You know how they say excessive partying takes a toll on your skin, well it used to affect me real bad a long long time ago but not anymore. In fact it’s kinda unbelievable that I’m looking all radiant despite all those late nights. Well, that’s just because the results of the Roller Treatment’s too good to be true!



Today I thought I’d share with you my personal story on how I overcome my bad complexion. It used to be so ridiculously bad I’d plaster multiple layers of foundation & concealer over thinking it would hide everything. That was such a stupid idea because it’s so pore clogging & it didn’t help that I was such a lazy creature I removed my makeup without proper cleansing routine. Late nights + Studio Makeup + Alcohol + Bad Cleansing Routine = A Big Disaster.

I thought I was destined to rely on makeup to cover up my imperfections for a lifetime, then one day I was introduced to Beauti Instinct. Trust me, at the start, I was a lil’ apprehensive because I’ve attempted way too many treatments I’ve almost given up hope. What difference would one more treatment make seriously?


Hence, I decided to give this one last chance. I went on with the Silk Peel Treatment for pore refining & to clear out all the impurities. This really gives a polished finish & your skin feels squeaky clean right after with all the dead skin begone. I followed up with the Honey Oxygenating Treatment & Oxygen Infusion to treat my majorly dehydrated skin due too excess alcohol intake.

If you have uneven skin tone like me, you’d love how this treatment is really helpful in giving an even finish and unlike chemical peel, this has no downtime. As you can tell, my complexion was really a trainwreck & I’m the sort who comes back for treatment if I see visible results. When it comes to matters of the face, the slightest improvement would make me more enthusiastic in treating it. Each time I went, the better my skin got despite how much I loathe the extractions still. Take a look at how my complexion improved after my 4th Silk Peel Treatment.

This was also after the Snow White Whitening Treatment. Apparently, it’s highly effective in treating dull skin, as well as lightening superficial scars caused by the leftover acne. I can see my skin getting better with each visit, even my friends were very impressed with the results. I used to be so lazy in making my facial appointments in the past, but now it’s become my number one priority.


With my breakouts under control now, I got started on my first Roller Treatment to treat the deep scarring. Now this I must say is my ultimate favourite treatment to date, it works WONDERS for me. There’s a huge range of cocktails to treat different skin concerns, from acne scarring to whitening to anti-aging. Upon consultation, Rita would suggest what works best for your skin condition.

Even my friends and the people around me commented on how my skin improved vastly over a span of 6 months. Now that I’ve got my skin under strict supervision, I do my monthly Oxygen Infusion + Roller Treatment over at Beauti Instinct to maintain its tip top condition. Check out this photo where I headed to Astique totally foundation/concealer free. The texture of my skin has taken a 360-degrees turn from how it was previously before I started on my first Roller Treatment.

I never thought the day for me to leave the house with just moisturizer, lil’ eyeliner & some lipstick would eventually come my way. The better your skin gets, the more you want to lay off foundation/powder. Plus, I’m really embracing how radiant my skin looks right now. It feels really good to let your skin breathe.

In case you’re wondering, here’s how my skin looks with makeup on. When your skin texture is refined, makeup glides on so smoothly over it. It’s a perfect picture moment each time.

Good skin can become everyone’s reality with proper professional help. I’m really thankful to Beauti Instinct for saving me from my agony & giving me the confidence to step out during daytime with just sunscreen & eyeliner. Even my friends have started going there for treatment after they’ve seen what a job well done Beauti Instinct has done to my face.

I’m not paid to do this, but I’m sharing this with you guys in case you’re a party animal just like me & all that late nights have taken a toll on your skin. If you’re looking for a new revolution for your skin, call 6733 9149 to find out more.