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With my birthday coming up real soon, it’s time to get my face camera ready 24/7. And with that, it’s time to visit ASTIQUE CLINIC to get another touch-up session for my under-eyes. I’ve tried multiple eye-creams in the past & splurged on countless treatments, but really nothing worked as well as this!

So what’s this magical treatment that I speak so fondly of? It’s really just UNDER-EYE BOTOX + FILLERS, & my doctor always injects just the right amount to give me youthful-looking eyes. If you’ve followed me long enough on this blog, you’d know I used to suffer from a case of huge eye bags. Of course, if you’re into the Korean trend thinking that eye bags are cute, good for you! But in my case, I hated them so much & would do anything & everything to bid them goodbye!

If you’re afraid of pain, you can always request to have the numbing cream on slightly longer. And not to worry, DR. MATTHEW YAP is really gentle! Here’s a picture of my under-eye area being numbed from a previous session. I usually have them on for about twenty minutes!


So here’s a comparison from way before I started on this treatment two years back & now so that you can really see how drastic the results are. Can you see how my eye condition has improved vastly & no I didn’t get any eye bags surgery done! I really wasn’t joking when I said I was suffering from a really bad case of humongous bags!












I’m at my fourth touch-up today & this is how my eyes look currently. Even on days when I’m so sleep-deprived, there’s no eye bags or dark circles. I love it so much & I owe it all to my awesome doctor!


ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 350 ORCHARD ROAD, SHAW HOUSE, #08-00. To make an appointment, drop them a call at 6732 3801.

Dinner at SEAFOOD PARADISE afterwards! Love the food here so much, especially the creamy butter crab – simply orgasmic.






Stay tuned to my next update on my HAIR VISUALS! I’m loving my new hair colour & I can’t wait to blog about it! Meanwhile, have a great mid-week!

Face Fabulosity with ASTIQUE CLINIC

I was back at ASTIQUE CLINIC two weeks back for some nip & tuck. Okay just kidding! They’re more like minor touch-ups. A girl’s gotta do all that she can to make her feel happy about herself & in my case, having all my problem areas fixed would make me a more confident individual. Vanity is not a crime.

sideview   sideview2

My face may appear small to many, but it’s certainly not symmetrical. These pictures are not tweaked & you can see how different my right & left profiles look because of the way my jaw is structured. The left side is much wider & also seems a lil’ puffy. Time to get some serious help on this area!

During my last visit, I had some fillers done to my left under-eye to fix the depression line. Hitting the big 25 has its pros & cons. My clock is ticking but thank goodness I have ASTIQUE CLINIC to delay the signs of aging. You’d probably be puzzled. What depression line could I possibly have? I thank the best invention to date – Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer. So good I wish I could wear it to sleep. Definitely not a long-term solution, hence I decided to give Restylane a chance.



First signs of aging, as many doctors have told me, would start showing around my eye area. I don’t blame it on the genetics, but if I can do something to revive tired-looking eyes, why would I not?

The previous time I did just a minimal amount cause I wasn’t really sure how it’d turn out & wasn’t sure how effective it was. Since I saw a visible improvement with that little amount & realized how much I loved the results, I decided to go back for a full touch-up.




Upon consultation, Dr Matthew Yap decided to raise my nose bridge a lil’ higher too. In all honesty, my bulbous tip has been bothering me for quite a while now. A higher nose bridge + some good makeup skills would definitely give the illusion of a smaller nose tip.



Alright, less talk & let’s get down to the process! Dr Matthew Yap is one of the friendliest doctors I’ve ever encountered. I feel so at home at ASTIQUE CLINIC everytime because the doctor & the nurses are always so attentive to my needs. Plus, they always ensure you feel comfortable during your treatment. Don’t mind me going cray cray while on the numbing cream!



Just two more procedures before I start to embrace my newly enhanced face! Fill them depression lines Restylane, beautiful & rejuvenated eyes you shall be mine! Lastly, Botox to the rescue, to soften my masculine left profile.



Two weeks later, look at how the Botox takes effect & settles nicely. My face shape is looking feminine from every angle. Even my nose is free from humps & looks visibly better in person now. Thank you ASTIQUE CLINIC for not letting me down with each visit!

Here’s how it looks with flash.



Now, let’s see how it looks without flash & simply natural daylight!



When it comes to aesthetic procedures, I know I can always count on Dr Matthew Yap’s magic fingers. ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Please call 6732 3801 to make an appointment.

Picture Perfect with ASTIQUE CLINIC

Remember the last time I visited ASTIQUE CLINIC for a couple procedures? I loved the after results from the jaw slimming Botox & chin fillers so much! I’ve finally attained the ideal V-shaped face that’s sought after by most women!

Months have gone by & I can’t thank Dr Matthew Yap enough for keeping my ideal face shape long lasting! In case you’re wondering, the type of fillers chosen for me was Juvederm.

I almost forgot I used to have such a short & wide face shape. Not that I hated how I look back then, but comparing then & now, I love how I look even better now. Such a vast difference in the chin shape & I feel way more feminine.

Sometimes a lil’ fillers could make your face look much more proportionate, I’ve always had a high forehead & with a short chin it doesn’t seem to go quite well together. Notice how the longer chin actually helps in balancing out my features? Oh boy what I am to do without you Dr Matthew Yap!

Today I’m back to straighten the mini hump on my nose bridge, although not too visible in person, but is really visible in pictures! I’ve gotten sick & tired of contouring it every single time before I head out or even having to edit every single photo so I decided this was possibly the best solution for me. At the end of the day, it’s always important to feel good about yourself.


Here’s a couple of snapshots on the filler process! Step 1– The doctor injects the targeted area. Step 2– Filler is injected to create the desired volume. Step 3 – The doctor will then mould the filler into place for a natural-looking finish. Step 4 – Final check to see if you’re happy with the results, if not more fillers can be injected to the area.

Within less than ten minutes, we were done with the procedure. Refined nose I like, no more unsightly hump!

He also suggested injecting some goodness just below my left eye to fill out the hollowness. I never knew that I’m already starting to have a depression line on one side, boy the doctors can see it so clear with their naked eye. Scary!

I really didn’t think much of it until the procedure was done & that area was lifted immediately & suddenly I didn’t look so tired anymore. Sometimes there’s only so much an eye cream can do.

Weeks after, here’s how it looks! I thank you Juvederm & Dr Matthew Yap for keeping the results so natural-looking & long-lasting. Ps, also special thanks to Kenneth Beltran & Joemel Sanchez for the amazing photography! Hit up their facebook to schedule a shoot!

ASTIQUE CLINIC is now located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, #08-00. Do call 6732 3801 to make an appointment! You can also check out their facebook page HERE for more updates.

Make Me Beautiful With ASTIQUE CLINIC

Have you heard how a lil’ something could make a big difference? I was introduced to Juvederm over at ASTIQUE CLINIC for the first time & a lil’ enhancement really doesn’t kill. All decked in full ZALORA, I was more than ready for some transformation.

I’ve always wanted a slightly longer face, otherwise known better as a V-line shaped face to look a tad more feminine. It’s just a personal preference kinda thing.

I’ve always wondered how different I’d look if everything was just toned down & I know lengthening the face could do just that. Isn’t it crazy how even 1cm could change your look subtly for the better? Super fidgety upon consulation because I’m extremely excited too!


My honey bunny’s so nice she accompanied me for moral support. I’ve nothing to fear now that we have each other! She’s one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve known in my life inside out.


You know how girls being girls, we’re all vain creatures, so she thought of doing a lil’ enhancement too! Fuller lips she asked for, fuller lips she shall get!

Let’s get started already! Of course, we’re obviously not as gungho as I thought. We requested to be on the numbing cream a lil’ longer than the assigned time because we really didn’t know what to expect. I’m gonna go first, so let’s take a look at the process!


I decided to give Botox a shot too to make the face more asymmetrical with my newly prominent chin done! My left jaw has always been more chiseled & since I was all for the dainty look, I thought why not?

Next came Sarah’s turn & she’s totally trembling with excitement!

Look at the newly revamped me with perfect V-shaped face & zero bruising! This feels like an immediate confidence booster with absolutely no pain. The outcome was even better than what I expected. I’m definitely sold! Seriously, what am I to do without ASTIQUE CLINIC?

Three weeks later, here’s how the Botox & Chin Fillers settle on my face. So many compliments I’ve heard about how I look I’m starting to blush! It’s pretty damn amazing because you look noticeably better but nobody could quite figure out what you’ve done until you tell them! Thank you so much Dr Matthew Yap!

Let’s also not forget how ravishing my honey looks after the Lip Fillers too! A tad sultry but still very natural-looking!

Looking good can now be achieve in less than fifteen minutes flat without going under the knife & with no downtime. Any minimal bruising can easily be covered with powder, so that’s the least of my worries! Please like ASTIQUE’S facebook page HERE.

ASTIQUE CLINIC is located at 391 Orchard Road #05-35 Ngee Ann City Podium Tower Singapore 238872. Call 6732 3801 for any enquiries!