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It’s official everyone! I’ve switched to a new hair sponsor – HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING. Not to worry, I’m still in good relations with my previous stylist & he’s fully aware of my switch. Now that I’ve moved, I can try out different hair treatments & see how beneficial they are for my hair. Alright JERRY, I’m counting on you to treat my hair with tender loving care from now on!

Truth be told, I’m really excited to be working with JERRY from HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING! He’s resurrected a couple of my girlfriends hair & my oh my, their hair looks so manageable even without styling I am literally green with envy. Not that my hair is in a hopeless state currently, but I’m really looking to do an intensive hair treatment for longer-lasting results! Let’s get started, shall we?




It’s time to give my hair a new coat of color for my summer vacation! It’s a special concoction because I told JERRY to surprise me! Are we all now excited to see the end result?


He finished it off with this amazing MUCOTA SCENA 3-STEP INTENSIVE. Prior to this, I’ve read up a lot with regards to this treatment & it’s apparently the holy grail of all hair treatments. No matter how much turbulence your hair has gone through in the past, all that would soon be history. This treatment is like god-sent, I can’t wait to wake up to silky smooth hair all day everyday. And the best part is that it lasts for 6 months. SAY WHAT?

My hair ends are fried from constant use of the straightening iron, oops! Let’s see how well this treatment works for me! In fact, JERRY mentioned with religious visits for this treatment, my hair will soon be glorious once again since it helps to prevent further hair damage & banish all those frizz.


CAN I JUST SAY THIS IS THE BEST TREATMENT I’VE DONE IN LIFE SO FAR? No, I ain’t exaggerating. IT IS THAT AMAZING! I haven’t felt such silky smooth hair for such a while, so please don’t mind my countless shameless shots! Oh boy, I just know that I’m gonna be addicted to this MUCOTA SCENA 3-STEP INTENSIVE !


Also, isn’t the hair color that JERRY specially concocted for me looking OH SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m back to my favorite ash tone series! Summer, I’m so ready for you! It’s time to pack my bags & jetset!




Totally can’t stop camwhoring away to such pretty hair! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!



Thank you so much JERRY! To make an appointment with HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING, call them at 6223 3133. Quote my name for 10-15% OFF ALL HAIR SERVICES! For more information, check out HTTP://WWW.HEADLINES.COM.SG .



HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING is located at 10 ANSON ROAD, #03-32, INTERNATIONAL PLAZA, TANJONG PAGAR. Have a good week ahead & stay tuned to my next update!

Japanese Hair Spa at Essensuals Bugis

Back at Essensuals Bugis where it feels like home to get yet another Japanese Hair Spa Treatment done to revive & nourish my excessively bleached hair. Blonde ain’t easy to maintain, firstly you have to deal with the fact that the moment the black roots emerge, it’s time to touch up! Big bummer I tell you especially if your hair grows at a rapid rate like mine.

Secondly, you can’t escape the toning process to achieve that right shade of blonde which could be extremely unbearable. Hello hair, I’m starting to love you I’m gonna give you a break!



Alas the frizz is banished completely. I really like how it creates this airy feel despite how thick my hair is & it’s ridiculously smooth I want to caress it all day long! Don’t you just love my luscious curls?



Tried out this loose bun too, styled by my beautiful stylist Isabel. I felt like a lady in a split second!



Decided on having my hair down ultimately, me & my fickle mind! Despite my tough exterior, sometimes I can be quite a girl at heart!

CIMG1124b  CIMG1128b'

In a span of two weeks, I’ve gone from Barbie Blonde to Light Ash Blonde. I’ve even gotten my extensions removed! Way to go Agri! Anything that doesn’t require any bleaching at the moment keeps me grinning from ear to ear. It’s pretty drastic considering the fact that I’ve lived with the Barbie Blonde for more than a year now & how it made my skin looked so porcelain fair sans makeup! 

CIMG1139b  CIMG1145b

Yes I’ve the habit of wearing my eye masks for my salon visits, never mind the weird stares! Extremely effective in getting rid all signs of fatigue right after. Thank you Princess D for keeping me company!

CIMG1149b  CIMG1153b

CIMG1154b  CIMG1155b

Alright guys, enough of the suspense already! If this isn’t quite the big change, I don’t know what is! It’s so demure I can’t even recognize the reflection in the mirror. I meant it in a good way though!


I can’t thank you enough Isabel for reassuring me I wouldn’t dislike this colour & grow to love it! You know how I can be such a stubborn-headed creature & when I say no, I’m dead serious.


Don’t miss out on this incredibly good promo that’s ending 31st August, that’s right in just TWO DAYS! Fix that appointment RIGHT NOW & get that colour on!


CIMG1158b  CIMG1157c

Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King). Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment!

Touch Em Up Roots with Essensuals Bugis

Back at Essensuals Bugis to get a touch-up on those gross-looking roots, seriously it’s insane how fast it grows. Being the perfectionist that I am, the black kills the whole look. I like it 100% platinum blonde, thank goodness my stylist Isabelle has been nothing but patient towards me!



I ain’t gonna lie, sometimes I’m so hesitant to do a touch-up because the toning part can be extremely unbearable. Yes that despite my high threshold for pain. I usually can’t go any longer than 10 minutes. Sometimes I salute myself for the pain I put myself through for vanity’s sake.



This is always followed by my highly raved Japanese Hair Spa Treatment to tame out all the frizz & leaving my hair incredibly smooth like it was never damaged.



Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King). Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment!

Japanese Hair Spa Treatment at Essensuals Bugis

My hair condition’s starting to turn a lil’ frizzy at the moment with the harsh treatment I put it through, 7 days of straightening iron all for the sake of beauty! Someone needs to confiscate that tool from me!

Plus, I have the horrible habit of tying my hair when it’s semi-wet! My hair is naturally wavy & thick like a lion’s mane, when it starts to get unruly, I know it’s time to make an appointment with Essensuals Bugis! I ain’t the type to roll out of bed with gorgeous-looking hair unlike some lucky girls!



Happy to be reunited with my stylist, Isabel again for my monthly Japanese Hair Spa Treatment. Don’t ask why I haven’t gotten my roots touched up, the pain is just something I wouldn’t want to experience ever again even though I’ve bleached & toned my hair countless times! I’m seriously contemplating taking a break & going with light brown hair for a while, should I?



Loving how fast this treatment takes in exchange for gorgeous-looking hair! There’s a few types of treatments available at Essensuals Bugis, but so far this Japanese Hair Spa Treatment works like magic for my damaged hair. It gives you hair an airy feel too instead of weighing it down. You know how some treatments provide you with extremely silky touch but has a flat finish, that’s not what I’m looking for. What I want is healthy-looking hair with good movement & the Japanese Hair Spa Treatment gives that desired effect!



Caring for your hair is a neccessity & Essensuals Bugis knows just how to cater the right treatments for your hair type! Thank you Essensuals Bugis for keeping my hair with a feather-like texture! I can’t stop obsessing about how silky smooth it feels right now!

If someone like me who puts her hair through so much turbulence can still have frizz-free hair at the end of it, so can you! Here’s the good news people, Essensuals Bugis is extending their promotion due to overwhelming response! All hair treatments are now at 50% off till June 30th 2013.



Time for you to rescue & revive that hair and give it the lavish treatment it deserves! Beautiful hair should be everyone’s reality. Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment. Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King).