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Weekends don’t have to be mundane especially when it’s been awhile since you & your girlfriends hung out. Don’t be a couch potato , you’ve been working all week, it’s time to let loose & dance the night away & meet some new people. So happy to have caught up with my two babes – Naomi & Reiee. It’s been SO LONG, I MISS YOU BOTH SO MUCH!


Decided to check out CLUB TWO over the weekend & as you can tell, we’re simply obsessed with the art wall & this freshly hand-painted REMY MARTIN wall. Since we’re all dressed up, we might as well take some OOTD shots right here!



Thank you so much CLUB TWO for having us & making us happy tipsy from the drinks! We sure had a helluva good night! Alright now, before I sign off, you’d be happy to to know there’s




$218 1 X MARTELL

$548 3 X MARTELL








SHAWN 90119055 / IVAN 83888177






The Heineken Revelation Party

With the Heineken Revelation Party at Mink to kickstart my crazy weekend, I knew I was in for an exciting ride! Bumped into so many familiar faces at the event & was having such fun I decided to forgo my Cinderella idea & headed home only when the sun rose. That’s what Heineken does to you!



Yes it’s official! The Heineken Bottle has arrived in Singapore BIGGER & BOLDER this time round! It has a secret design visible only under UV light, it comes in so handy in clubs & definitely makes real good conversation starter!

IMG_4959b  DSC09864b

Also, there was this body/face UV paint station which we literally hogged because it was incredibly fun!




Lastly, I’ve found out my True Profile.




Spot on like a bull’s eye! Have you discovered yours? Check it out at ! Thank you Heineken for giving me one of the most ultimate night! Your very existence has made my life much more complete!

Heineken True Profile App

Look what came in the mailer a few days ago!


Oh wow someone seems to know that my workload all week’s been driving me cray cray & I’m in need of a quick remedy! People need to stop spoiling me incessantly. Shall we unwrap this already & see what lies beneath?


Time to embrace the brand new Heineken Club Bottle, perfect for avid party creatures like you & me! So lucky to have my hands on it! Designed by artist Matt Moore, famous for his digital abstract work, its bold graphic aesthetics & vector lines come to life only under UV light, how cool is that? This bottle is designed for the night, & like you, it surprises with a secret profile that not many can see.


Are you ready to discover your true profile? Because I am. The Heineken True Profile App is LIVE! A total of 19 profiles, ranging from Style Guru & Social Addict & I Heart Me, let’s check out the facebook app HERE to find out who you really are!


I could be an Instagrammer for I just can’t get enough of taking photos & sharing them with the world. Then again, I’m a lot of other things too. Enough of the suspense, I shall let the Heineken True Profile tell me who I am!


You know how nobody does parties quite like Heineken, their approach is simply A-MAA-ZING! Eye candies aplenty & Heineken haven for a guaranteed good time.


Give yourself a chance to win tickets to this invite-only Heineken Revelation Party!


Let’s get it started & head on to
to find out more!

let’s do this one more time

And so I just turned 25, hitting the mid-twenties wasn’t as scary as I thought. How time flies! I felt like a queen on my birthday last year, celebrated for an entire 5 days & ended up hungover in the most glamorous state at the end of it all. My dear friends fed me like a premium cow only to drench me in alcohol afterwards. It’s finally time to gather with the loved ones again this year, hurray! And to think I forgot that pictures of last year’s celebration were left in the closet, oops my bad.

I warn you though, this post is so image-heavy it’s gonna be hard to not drool over your keyboards.

Birthday treat at Hyang To Gol with my primary school BFF. This woman’s probably the only one who knows me inside out, especially when I’m up to no good!

Dinner at The Cut. Nothing keeps me happier than a plate of True Japanese Wagyu Beef done Medium Rare. I know my diet scares you, but once you’ve turned into a true blue carnivore, there’s no going back.

Counting down to the strike of midnight to a new chapter! Thanks for the unexpected surprise, it was the best ever!

Dinner at Guy Savoy.

Each dish that’s served here tasted as good as it looked. Oh boy I’m starting to feel hungry all over again!

Making room for dessert is a top priority for me! Sometimes, when the presentation gets overly beautiful, I feel like a sinner savouring it!

Dinner with my almost twin-sister Rah Rah. I’m about to get very smashed after we’re done, it’s all in preparation for some nasty birthday shots!

Loving how the entire table is flooded with food I can’t quite decide where to start. Oh boy you people spoil me so bad on my birthday!

I’ve never been more ready to embrace the crazy night! Bring on the patron, I fear you not. An hour later, I was drunk like a cow at Pangaea. I was up above the sofa barefoot & in an entire different world altogether.

Sorry it’s not possible for me to fit all in one post, it’s gonna take forever to load. Here’s a sneak peek though!

I’d continue with the final birthday dinner & party installment in the next post. Have a great weekend everyone! It’s party time!

Future Music Festival Asia 2013

Guess who’s making a trip down to KL two weekends from now? It’s been a long time & thank god my body hasn’t reached automatic shutdown yet. I’m all game for Future Music Festival Asia 2013! Together with my fanatic party sisters Dawn Yang & Estelle Kiora, we’re ready to party like it’s TOMORROWLAND two days straight. SWEET!

Are you a fan of trance music? Don’t worry if you’re not. This is one HUGE festival that features everything from electro to everything that’s gonna get you fist-pumping till the sun comes up together with 40,000 fans! Never mind the sweats aplenty, we’re all here to be a part of this musical madness & form some unexpected friendship. This WILL BE one EPIC party, let’s gather our friends, pack our suitcases & jetset!

Word has it that the lineup is FREAKING AMAZING! We have Armin Van Buuren, Ben Gold, Cosmic Gate, The Prodigy, Rita Ora, PSY & Temper Trap to name a few. My heart is already pounding with excitement this very second! It’s all happening at Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur!

Mark your dates guys! 15th & 16th March. There’s no other place you should be at other than the Future Music Festival Asia 2013. If you still aren’t convinced, check out this video of the Future Music Festival 2012. It was such a huge success we have people flying over to Asia this year to be a part of it!

Roll with us & forget about the hangover that’s likely to hit you once Sunday comes! Get your tickets HERE today. Are you game?

To prep you guys for this exciting festival that’s about to hit Asia by storm, let’s warm it up at MINK tonight with one of Australia’s most prolific DJ, Andy Murphy as we enter his world of award-winning electronica tracks. Don’t be lazy now & put your best face forward. I’d see you there tonight!

set me on fire

Let’s see what I’ve been up to ever since I got back from China. I brought so much memories back here I can’t wait to share them with you guys. In all honesty, China was incredibly amazing & I think I coul seriously migrate there. My folks won’t be too pleased to hear that I’m planning my next visit there already in the coming month.

One visit was just not enough to explore all the places I’m dying to see. Sorry for keeping this space empty for so long, I promise it’s unintentional. Let me make it up to you by doing a power picture post.

Moluccas Room Dinner at Marina Bay Sands.

Now that I’m back, I’ve gotten a tad domesticated & did a stay home weekend working on Word Search. My friends are desperately trying to get the party animal out of me again. I’m beyond cure.

Where has this hyperactive night owl gone? Here I was at Zouk KL with my girl Chels & my lover Rah Rah. Weirdly, just looking at these pictures makes me miss those badass days. Oh gosh, age is catching up on me!

Magosaburou Japanese BBQ Dinner with Rye Rye.

Our habit of ordering way too much never ends, despite that I’m so glad we’re no victims of food wastage. When it comes to meat, I lick my plates real clean.

Check out all that amount of meat we’re consuming! I think my friends secretly hate me, because I forbid any of them to diet. Most of my time is spent eating I hardly have time to exercise!

Goofing around with Per on set. This woman is crazier than I am & I love it. The perks of having a Redbull minibar right smack in the living room.

Lunch at Magosaburou Japanese BBQ again later in the week. This is seriously my favourite place to eat right now. I just can’t get enough.

No time to change my attire & I’m off to dinner at Bar’75 with my sweetheart. We’re about to sink our teeth into some good ol’ Oktoberfest Menu. Think traditional German Cuisine deconstructed & put together with a hint of contemporary flair for the bar-goer with a discerning palate. My tummy is in for a treat!

I’m keeping the Trilogy of ‘Wurst’ Platter all to myself. It’s a platter consisting of three types of German Sausages : Spicy, Smoked & Herbs ‘Wursts’. And the best way to enjoy it? Alongside with mustard plus a side of sauerkrauts & mash potatoes! Today nobody shall complain about food overload!

I also loved the Bacon & Beef Roulade. It’s a traditional German dish which is essentially ‘citrus’ Sauerkrauts wrapped with beautifully browned Pork Bacon & Thin Beef Slives. Crispy Pork Knuckle with Sauerkrauts is also a crowd’s favourite. It’s my first attempt at it & I must say it’s incredibly tasty.

Bar’75 is located at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Level 2. Call 6823 5355 for reservations.

time to start afresh

Vanity is neccessity & I haven’t thanked Allure Beauty Saloon enough for entering my life. I now wake up to fantastic-looking lashes each morning I wake up! The 3D Eyelash Perm rocks! See how nicely permed they are here I don’t even require a lash curler anymore. Just a coat of mascara & I’m ready to hustle.

With the eyelash matter done, it’s time to also touch up on my brows since they are such crucial parts of the face. Which better place to get them done? Having led the beauty market & specializing in the art of eyebrow grooming for ten years, Allure Beauty’s the perfect place to solve your beauty woes!

Check out Allure’s new branch at West Mall Bukit Batok #04-10. Do call 68982242 to make an appointment!

Quick dinner at Hide Yamamoto, such a shame I didn’t have the luxury of time. My BFF would slaughter me big time if I was late for her birthday!


Daphne’s Birthday at Mink where BFF’s reunite! Together we’re the ultimate three musketeers!

It’s always massive murder time for birthday girl! Tiffany’s busy getting the patron & I’m busy getting the vodka. Time check 5.00am & Daphne’s still standing strong. She might be superhuman after all!

Back on the road once the sun rises yet again. This cycle repeats itself way too often, then again bad habits die hard. I better snuggle into bed & rest up for my upcoming crazy birthday weekend! Goodnight!