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You know how ever since I’ve been jet-setting around, I always feel so sleep-deprived the moment I get to Singapore. Despite being all weary-eyed, here I am at EQUILIBRIUM just for my babe Vil’s birthday! Can’t believe we’ve known each other for 10 years now, oh boy how time flies!

Alright, I shall not bore you with my ramblings. Are you ready for some food porn? Believe me, it tasted as good as it looked! Especially the risotto balls we had for starters, it was SO YUMMY I can see myself coming back for it.





On to the main course! When it comes to steak, I simply can’t share & this one right here was just done to perfection in medium rare, served the very way I like.



Dessert time! Don’t be deceived by its looks – this is not a cold cut platter. It is seriously one of the most interesting dessert platter I’ve had in my life EVER. You can mix & match yourself but my favourite combination has got to be the BACON JAM paired with the WHISKEY CARAMEL JELLY. I highly recommend this DELI DOLCE PLATTER!


Thank you Vil for such an amazing dinner! Let’s head back again soon pretty please!

EQUILIBRIUM is located at CAPITOL PIAZZA, #01-86.

I hope you enjoyed this short update! Stay tuned to my next post on my brow touch-up session with BROWTISAN! Have a good week ahead everyone!

let’s do this one more time

And so I just turned 25, hitting the mid-twenties wasn’t as scary as I thought. How time flies! I felt like a queen on my birthday last year, celebrated for an entire 5 days & ended up hungover in the most glamorous state at the end of it all. My dear friends fed me like a premium cow only to drench me in alcohol afterwards. It’s finally time to gather with the loved ones again this year, hurray! And to think I forgot that pictures of last year’s celebration were left in the closet, oops my bad.

I warn you though, this post is so image-heavy it’s gonna be hard to not drool over your keyboards.

Birthday treat at Hyang To Gol with my primary school BFF. This woman’s probably the only one who knows me inside out, especially when I’m up to no good!

Dinner at The Cut. Nothing keeps me happier than a plate of True Japanese Wagyu Beef done Medium Rare. I know my diet scares you, but once you’ve turned into a true blue carnivore, there’s no going back.

Counting down to the strike of midnight to a new chapter! Thanks for the unexpected surprise, it was the best ever!

Dinner at Guy Savoy.

Each dish that’s served here tasted as good as it looked. Oh boy I’m starting to feel hungry all over again!

Making room for dessert is a top priority for me! Sometimes, when the presentation gets overly beautiful, I feel like a sinner savouring it!

Dinner with my almost twin-sister Rah Rah. I’m about to get very smashed after we’re done, it’s all in preparation for some nasty birthday shots!

Loving how the entire table is flooded with food I can’t quite decide where to start. Oh boy you people spoil me so bad on my birthday!

I’ve never been more ready to embrace the crazy night! Bring on the patron, I fear you not. An hour later, I was drunk like a cow at Pangaea. I was up above the sofa barefoot & in an entire different world altogether.

Sorry it’s not possible for me to fit all in one post, it’s gonna take forever to load. Here’s a sneak peek though!

I’d continue with the final birthday dinner & party installment in the next post. Have a great weekend everyone! It’s party time!

Shopping Wonderland At TagStyle

Headed out early for a quick lunch at PS Cafe before I do some serious retail therapy.

Finally found the time to drop by TagStyle’s standing store at Orchard Central over the week. Boy was I booming with excitement to play mix & match with the beautiful apparels available here! It’s also such a joy to catch up with the founder of TagStyle, Marlene. She’s such a sweet lady with a figure I’d literally die for.

Doesn’t her store look oh so amazing? It’s done up in such a way that makes me feel like I’m transported to a different world altogether. And the longer I stayed, the more outfits caught my eyes! Please bless my pockets!

Shopping here turns me into a happy soul, especially with all that vibrant colours surrounding me. For the first time ever, my grumbling tummy is of second priority! Not to worry, it shall be rewarded handsomely afterwards.

Just in case you’d like to see my hot pick items upclose, here you go!

Skull Floral Shift Dress

Printed Mustard Top & Colour Burst Skirt

Huge Cross Thermal Top & All-Over Cross Skirt

Toga Style Chiffon Top & Salon Fitted Skirt

Printed Monochrome Leggings

I’d show you the purchases I got from here in another post right after I’ve got them nicely steamed! TagStyle is at Orchard Central #05-K3.

Ended with some very juicy steak at Porterhouse to put an end to my hunger. Yummy!

as my appetite grows

Snippets of the previous week. Simple Japanese meal during lunchtime. Nice to get away from the extremely unforgiving air-conditioning at my workplace albeit awhile! Time to defrost.

Was at Absinthe with Pauline at the start of the week for some good food. It’s no surprise that our dinner usually starts really late.

Time to indulge in some white truffle! I had the Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops, White Truffle Shavings, Fava Beans & Hazelnut which was so extremely appetizing I wasn’t quite in the mood to share!

When it comes to eating, I just go all the way not thinking about tomorrow. Pauline’s always such a darling to allow me to meddle with her main course! Needless to say, I’m always the one devouring the steak.

Korean BBQ session at Hyang To Gol with my other half from Black & Blonde. Seems like we’re having an even better bond after the show despite getting on each other’s nerves countless times!

You know it’s funny how every food session with me makes everyone at the dinner table anxious about going to the gym afterwards, teehee! It’s only meat people, you need to chill!

There was also dinner at La Villa with Deb.

Simple chill-out time with Deb whom I haven’t seen in forever. Way too much to catch up on & it could go on & on till the wee hours.

Totally proud of the fact that we didn’t over-order this time round & finished everything to its last bit.

Thank you ClubCouture for keeping me lovingly clothed in your amazing sailor-style romper. It’s such a versatile piece which I could wear from day to night! Not forgetting how incredibly comfy it is!

Took time off to do a shoot with David Fo at The Organic Supermarket sometime past week too. Let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes. This shoot was a lot of fun!

David Fo & I make a good duo on & off work, he’s such a good sport! On set, he goes all serious & professional, just like a headmaster. We decided to go crazy and wear apparels that’s not quite possible with our humid weather! Wheee!

Alright, here’s some of the pics he’s sent over. I can’t wait to receive them all! Also, thank you Zhi Hui for creating a different makeup look for each outfit change. I love you transform me into character.

Heading out to lunch now, I shan’t let the Monday blues get to me today. Maybe I should dress up in a dash of pink to perk myself up!

there’s no stopping us all week

A short update on what I’ve been up to before I hop onto the next plane to KL again. Life’s been quite a bliss spent with my loved ones as of late despite all that crazy schedule packed with appointments back to back. I’m loving that kind of busy productivity, although it involves flying over to KL quite a bit.

Late lunch with my partner-in-crime.

Followed by dinner at Mezza9. We had such an amazing sashimi spread we couldn’t ask for more!

There’s also Louis’ birthday dinner at Cotton Bleu Bistro. Well, it’s been a while but I’m still loving this cozy environment & I’m still very much the ultimate hungry monster. Old habits die hard!

Rangoon Road Bah Kut Teh after a night of intense partying with my sweetheart is always highly satisfying. In my drunken state, I still made it here without fail.


Ended the week over at Pepes Restaurant with Rye Rye.

Alright, I better get started on packing that luggage before my honey bunny gets all ballistic on me again for last minute behaviours. Taking the earliest flight out is such a bad idea, there goes my sleep. Have a great weekend everyone!

live like there’s no tomorrow

The past week was jam packed with errands & this week seems even crazier with all my friends from overseas coming over for a visit! I need to plan a list of places to take them to, excited to be eating more than ever & getting champagne showers like never before.

I can only imagine how burnt out I’d be once the weekend’s over not even a lymphatic drainage massage could save me. Anyhow, here’s a couple updates on the week before!

Lately I’m not even bringing my camera much out, Instagram does an equally fab job & it’s majorly addictive! First up, it’s time to catch up with ZL & Ryan over movie at Cineleisure.

With my honey bunny at Maison Ikkoku & China BBQ.

Dinner at The Coffee Bean with Ben.

Incredibly euphoric with the girls at Butter Factory..

Brunch at Baker & Cook.

I love this place so much I’m gonna explore the whole stretch of restaurants along Hillcrest! Thank you Brad for the introduction!

Pre-Mismatch at Shokudo where I stuff myself silly with sweet treats aplenty.

MISMATCH at The Butter Factory.

Ended off with meat fest at Robert Timms. Feels good to be up early today & without a migraine. These days I’ve gone quite obsessed with watching way too many online movies. Let today be rejuvenation day!