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Finally found the time to drop by BodyPerfect to banish my tummy fats & love handles after what seemed like forever. You have no idea how toxic my recent trip was, I was such a glutton I couldn’t resist all the Shanghai delicacies! To make matters worse, I was practically partying every night, it’s no wonder I’m bloated at all the wrong places! But not to worry, because BodyPerfect always keeps my body in shape. With ULTRASONIC CAVITATION , I can eat however I like without having to step on the treadmill literally. YES IT’S THAT GOOD!


To refresh your memory a lil’, ULTRASONIC CAVITATION is the FASTEST NON-SURGICAL WAY to SCULPT & CONTOUR YOUR BODY in a PAINLESS MANNER with NO DOWNTIME. It’s extremely effective in banishing those stubborn fats which no amount of exercise can help. I’m on my third session currently & that hourglass figure is really starting to emerge! Ooh La La! Let’s take a look at how my tummy looked way before I reached out to BodyPerfect for help! For that skinny frame of mine, that bulging tummy is clearly an issue. So now you know why I preferred loose fitting apparels all these while? Nothing could hide my insecurities better than that! Please don’t cringe! Check out the bulge below the belly button!


Alright, maybe it’s more obvious when taken from the side! Yikes!


Believe me, I wouldn’t be singing praises if this treatment didn’t work wonders for me. As the therapist worked her way through my love handles, I was grinning from ear to ear knowing that as soon as she’s done, I’d be having a more contoured waistline & of course a flatter tummy. Science is amazing baby & nothing can beat that!


Decided to add on the TRIPLE ACTION WRAP for even better results. I’m not usually this greedy, but with the upcoming beach vacation, I need to have a rockin’ hot bod pronto! This TRIPLE DETOXIFICATION & CONTOURING BODY WRAP comprises of a cocktail of detoxifying plants for STRONG LIPOLYTIC ACTIVITY. In addition, the body recovers its energy & vitality, leaving it with a healthy glow!


Unlike the CAVITATION TREATMENT, this TRIPLE ACTION WRAP is 15 minutes of pure cold sensation! I had my doubts too & wasn’t sure how drastically different my body would look after and oh boy do I hate the cold! But seeing the results afterwards, I was completely sold. What on earth is this sorcery? I am definitely doing this at my next session, for vanity’s sake!


With the combination of these two power-packed treatments, am I not one step closer to getting the body shape I’ve always desired? Thank you so much BodyPerfect!


Specially for my readers, BodyPerfect is offering a 20 MINUTES ULTRASONIC CAVITATION (worth $388) ABSOLUTELY FREE! Call 6235 7377 for your free trial! Don’t miss out!

BodyPerfect is located at 541 ORCHARD ROAD, #21-03/04, LIAT TOWERS.

Japanese Hair Spa at Essensuals Bugis

Back at Essensuals Bugis where it feels like home to get yet another Japanese Hair Spa Treatment done to revive & nourish my excessively bleached hair. Blonde ain’t easy to maintain, firstly you have to deal with the fact that the moment the black roots emerge, it’s time to touch up! Big bummer I tell you especially if your hair grows at a rapid rate like mine.

Secondly, you can’t escape the toning process to achieve that right shade of blonde which could be extremely unbearable. Hello hair, I’m starting to love you I’m gonna give you a break!



Alas the frizz is banished completely. I really like how it creates this airy feel despite how thick my hair is & it’s ridiculously smooth I want to caress it all day long! Don’t you just love my luscious curls?



Tried out this loose bun too, styled by my beautiful stylist Isabel. I felt like a lady in a split second!



Decided on having my hair down ultimately, me & my fickle mind! Despite my tough exterior, sometimes I can be quite a girl at heart!

CIMG1124b  CIMG1128b'

In a span of two weeks, I’ve gone from Barbie Blonde to Light Ash Blonde. I’ve even gotten my extensions removed! Way to go Agri! Anything that doesn’t require any bleaching at the moment keeps me grinning from ear to ear. It’s pretty drastic considering the fact that I’ve lived with the Barbie Blonde for more than a year now & how it made my skin looked so porcelain fair sans makeup! 

CIMG1139b  CIMG1145b

Yes I’ve the habit of wearing my eye masks for my salon visits, never mind the weird stares! Extremely effective in getting rid all signs of fatigue right after. Thank you Princess D for keeping me company!

CIMG1149b  CIMG1153b

CIMG1154b  CIMG1155b

Alright guys, enough of the suspense already! If this isn’t quite the big change, I don’t know what is! It’s so demure I can’t even recognize the reflection in the mirror. I meant it in a good way though!


I can’t thank you enough Isabel for reassuring me I wouldn’t dislike this colour & grow to love it! You know how I can be such a stubborn-headed creature & when I say no, I’m dead serious.


Don’t miss out on this incredibly good promo that’s ending 31st August, that’s right in just TWO DAYS! Fix that appointment RIGHT NOW & get that colour on!


CIMG1158b  CIMG1157c

Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King). Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment!

Touch Em Up Roots with Essensuals Bugis

Back at Essensuals Bugis to get a touch-up on those gross-looking roots, seriously it’s insane how fast it grows. Being the perfectionist that I am, the black kills the whole look. I like it 100% platinum blonde, thank goodness my stylist Isabelle has been nothing but patient towards me!



I ain’t gonna lie, sometimes I’m so hesitant to do a touch-up because the toning part can be extremely unbearable. Yes that despite my high threshold for pain. I usually can’t go any longer than 10 minutes. Sometimes I salute myself for the pain I put myself through for vanity’s sake.



This is always followed by my highly raved Japanese Hair Spa Treatment to tame out all the frizz & leaving my hair incredibly smooth like it was never damaged.



Essensuals Bugis is located at 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King). Call 6333 0039 to fix an appointment!

Blonde Behaviour at Essensuals Bugis

If you’ve read my recent posts, you’d have noticed my hair is free from unsightly black roots & also looking incredibly silky smooth in a platinum blonde shade.

It should have been damaged by now at the frequency of my bleaching & toning, but Essensuals Bugis knows just how to care for my hair. Let’s take a look at the process of going blonde again!

Arrived at the salon with super greasy hair. Prior to this, I didn’t have my hair washed for 2 days, gross max! But trust me, if you are bent on bleaching your hair, it’s best not to wash it the day before your salon trip, or your scalp’s going to hurt so bad during the process. I learnt it the hard way so I don’t want all you vain beauties to undergo that sort of pain!

Waiting patiently for the bleach to process! Please be kind to me today & let it be less biting!

This is the part which I dislike the most. The toning process is usually done at the basin & it’s that sort of discomfort that leaves you shaking in fear. Trying to be all gungho but really, all I want is for that moment to be over. Here’s how the colour looks before blow-drying & I’m intoxicated already!

Did the Japanese Hair Spa Treatment for Anti-Frizz right after. Smooth hair here I come!

Looking at the end result makes every part of the toning process worth it! Thank you so much Isabel, no words can describe my happiness. If you’re thinking of giving your hair a makeover, be it a drastic or a subtle one, look for my stylist, Isabel. She even gave my super thick hair a really nice trim so that it falls nicely.

Farewell Goldilocks hair, it’s time to embrace Barbie-style Blonde hair! Definitely need to invest in good aftercare products to maintain this tone. Ps, this blue jacket I’m wearing is up for grabs, you can drop me an email at for enquiries.

To make an appointment with Essensuals Bugis, please call 6333 0039 & mention ‘Agri Velt’ to enjoy special rates on all hair services!

More good news for you guys! Essensuals Bugis is turning 3 & to celebrate that, they’re offering this for the entire month of May! Simply make an appointment with them & you stand a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes! Hurry now!


Essensuals Bugis is located at 241-A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (right above Burger King).